No-Bake Protein Bars

These No-Bake Protein Bars are a homemade version of your favorite store-bought peanut butter protein bar, without all the crazy ingredients. They’re the perfect snack after a tough workout.

These No-Bake Protein Bars are a homemade version of your favorite store-bought peanut butter protein bar, without all the crazy ingredients. They're the perfect snack after a tough workout.

**Photos updated 11/2/15**

Hi Friends!

As you guys know, I’m not a huge protein powder fan. I don’t drink protein shakes and I only eat protein bars on occasion.

These No-Bake Protein Bars are a homemade version of your favorite store-bought peanut butter protein bar, without all the crazy ingredients. They're the perfect snack after a tough workout.

However, I know that a lot of people swear by it. So, this year I decided to whip up some homemade protein bars to give as Christmas present to some friends at the gym!

A homemade, no-bake version of your favorite store-bought peanut butter protein bar, without all the crazy ingredients

I had several taste testers for the first batch and they got the seal of approval from everyone…so I decided they were worth sharing with you guys!

Here’s how you make them:

Serves 12

No-Bake Protein Bars

An homemade, no-bake version of your favorite store-bought peanut butter protein bar, without all the crazy ingredients

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No-Bake Protein Bars


1.5 cups oat flour (simply grind oats in food processor)
1.5 cups vanilla protein powder (3 heaping scoops)
1.5 cups Rice chex cereal
3 Tbsp chia seeds
3/4 cup peanut butter
1/2 cup milk
1/3 - 1/2 cup honey, depending on sweetness preference
2-4 Tbsp water, if necessary
3 Tbsp chocolate chips, optional


  1. In a large bowl, combine the flour, protein powder, cereal and chia seeds.
  2. In a small bowl, combine the peanut butter, milk and honey.
  3. Microwave if peanut butter is not liquidy.
  4. Add liquid mixture into dry ingredients and stir to combine.
  5. Add water if necessary to make sure all dry ingredients are moistened. (Mixture will be crumbly).
  6. Use parchment paper to press the mixture into a 9x9 pan.
  7. Freeze for 20 minute.
  8. Cut into 12 bars. Top with melted chocolate chips if desired.
  9. Store in an airtight container in the fridge or freezer.


You could use unflavored protein powder but you'd probably need to increase the amount of honey for sweetness and you might need to decrease the milk.[br] You could use other cereals like Rice Krispies instead of the Chex.[br] Use your favorite nut butter if you don't like peanut butter.

Feel free to customize to your liking:

  • Sub your favorite nut butter for the pb.
  • Try Rice Krispies or another crunchy cereal instead of Chex.
  • Eat them plain or just drizzle with chocolate instead of covering the whole top.
  • Use unflavored protein powder instead of vanilla, but you may need to increase the honey and decrease the milk.

These No-Bake Protein Bars are a homemade version of your favorite store-bought peanut butter protein bar, without all the crazy ingredients. They're the perfect snack after a tough workout.

Hope you like them! Be sure to store them in the fridge- or the freezer if you like them a little colder!


A homemade, no-bake version of your favorite store-bought peanut butter protein bar, without all the crazy ingredients

About Lindsay

Lindsay Livingston is a Registered Dietitian and new mom from Columbus, Ohio. On her blog, she shares simple, healthy recipes, nutrition tips, workouts and snapshots of her life. Follow her on Twitter @LeanGrnBeanBlog and Instagram @TheLeanGreenBean and be sure to subscribe via RSS or email so you never miss a post!


  1. I’m not usually a protein bar person either, but the homemade version make them a lot healthier. Another variation is to make them vegan by using a vegan protein powder, almond (or other non-dairy milk), and agave or maple syrup instead of the honey. Thanks for the recipe!
    Debbie @ Live from La Quinta recently posted..Out with the Old…Reviewing 2013 Goals

  2. I LOVE not having to turn on the oven :) These look super easy! Happy New Year Lindsay!
    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted..2014 Looks Pretty Sexy

  3. I don’t eat a lot of protein bars either, mainly because of my allergies and there’s always something that ends of making my mouth itchy, even if everything on the ingredient list is OK. I would eat them if I made my own and could play around with the ingredients.
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Intentions for 2014

  4. Sound delicious! Pinning. A nicely balanced protein bar with the chocolate chips. It IS after all an antioxidant. :)
    Christine @ Oatmeal Bowl recently posted..10 Instagram Yoga Challenges for the New Year!

  5. Those look amazing! I will save this recipe for when I am back to running as a nice little recovery treat.
    misszippy recently posted..Happy new year and happy PRP injection day!

  6. I’ve been looking for a homemade protein bar recipe since they are normally so expensive in the store! Thanks for that!
    HollieisFueledByLOLZ recently posted..2014 Goals

  7. Oh this looks delicious! I am out of protein powder, but as soon as I get more I’m trying these!

  8. Yum!! I want to go to your gym! Lol!
    Fancy Nancy recently posted..Here We Go 2014!

  9. These look so good and easy!
    Madeline @ Food Fitness and Family recently posted..Bryn: One Month

  10. I need to try these. I have some protein powder that needs using and an 8 year old who is super skinny and always hungry…
    MCM Mama recently posted..Closing out my lucky ’13

  11. Yum! I love that these are no bake, and of course that they have nut butter in them :) Thanks for sharing the recipe!
    Alison @ Daily Moves and Grooves recently posted..Quads on Fire Home Workout {VIDEO!}

  12. These look great! I haven’t been a big fan of protein powder either, but I keep seeing all of these great recipes (like your bars) that include it. Perhaps I’ll have to give it a go!
    Deb @ Dietitian Debbie Dishes recently posted..The No-Diet Resolution

  13. these look faaaaantastic!
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted..New Years 2013

  14. These look delicious and super healthy! I also try to get my protein from real food sources, but sometimes I’m to busy and things like this are a lifesaver.
    Erica { } recently posted..New Year; New Home.

  15. I LOVE easy & no bake!!! :)
    Jody – Fit at 56 recently posted..Happy Birthday Brookie!

  16. Love these!
    Brittany @ Delights and Delectables recently posted..Embrace and Be Ready

  17. Awesome – just pinned! Thanks for sharing!! Love how easy these are.
    Heather (Where’s the Beach) recently posted..A Time for New Perspectives

  18. These look awesome! I’m trying to make more protein bars at home, because buying them definitely gets pricey after a while.
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted..Rehashing December.

  19. There’s always something so appealing about ‘no bake’ :)

    Thanks for the delish recipe!
    Kierston @candyfit recently posted..The New Year: Setting Intentions…

  20. I have been looking for some great homemade protein bars because my husband LOVES them but they are pricey! I am going to have to give these a try :)
    Sara @ LovingOnTheRun recently posted..Progression Back to Running

  21. These look great!!! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe….looking forward to trying them!
    Lindsay and Tim @ Fit with Farrar recently posted..Chocolate Milkshakes Without Guilt!

  22. Yum…. these look delicious! I’m not really a fan of protein powders either, but I do love a good bar for a gran-n-go snack.
    Kim @ Hungry Healthy Girl recently posted..Thinking Out Loud

  23. Wow these DO look good! I’m the same way where I’m not huge on protein powders or drinks; I prefer to get my protein from real-food sources. However, there are times when a bar (Especially a homemade one!) comes in handy!!!
    Meredith @ DareYouTo recently posted..Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals!

  24. I’ve cut way back on my consumption of protein powders and have been focusing more on real food sources. However, I love homemade protein bars. You can put all your favorite flavors to make the ultimate bar.
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..Happy New Year!

  25. Do you think it would still come together nicely if I ground my own oats? Some recipes I have tried in past with my own ground oats haven’t worked out.

  26. Yum! I love having a homemade alternative to the powders and packaged bars.
    Jill @ Fitness, Health and Happiness recently posted..2014 #MakeAChange Challenge

  27. Yum those look really good!

    Random question.. I remember a couple months ago you posted something about an online grocery store that you get healthy snacks and baking products from.. I can’t remember which website it is!
    Emily @ The Apron Blog recently posted..Jalapeno-Ginger Butternut Squash Soup

  28. Look forward to trying this recipe! Do you crush up the Rice Chex or leave them whole?
    Steph recently posted..Cooking Comparisons: Making a meal my own

  29. Yummy!! Great recipe!!

  30. I bet these would be absolutely awesome with Barbara’s Peanut Butter Puffins cereal!!
    Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl recently posted..Happy New Year!

  31. Wow. The protein bars look delicious! I love protein bars but it’s nice to make some homemade ones. You can control what goes in them. =)
    Helen recently posted..Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

  32. These look DELISH! I am not a huge protein bar person either but homemade?! sign me up!
    jobo recently posted..Nailed it 2013 (and what to nail in 2014)

  33. My goodness- these look and sound amazing! I’ve pinned them, a must try!

    xx Kait
    Kait @ ChickadeeSays recently posted..Yoga Poses for Stress Relief

  34. I am admittedly a protein bar addict. Can’t wait to try these!
    Melissa @ Freeing Imperfections recently posted..2014: Resolve to Be Your (Imperfect) Self

  35. I can’t stomach protein powder in drinks or pancakes, but maybe in a bar version I could… Because these look delicious!
    Allison @ Life’s a Bowl recently posted..2014 Mantra: Make it happen.

  36. YES! i was awaiting you to post this after seeing it on insta! Stop making so many things, my food prep can only handle so much :p
    Arman @ thebigmansworld recently posted..He thinks/She thinks- Changes Part 1- Careers

  37. Lindsay
    What a great recipe! Simple and nutritious especially after a long run! I’m going to definitely try these out!
    Rushfit recently posted..RUSHFIT Work Out!

  38. I love homemade protein bars! And peanut butter :)

  39. These look good – they would make great after school snacks for my boys!
    Kim recently posted..The FitBit Force

  40. I stopped eating protein bars because of all the weird ingredients! Those look good!
    Andrea @ pencils and pancakes recently posted..Since when is being healthy unhealthy?

  41. Just got some new Vanilla protein powder. Now I can make these!
    Kate @ Coffee with Kate recently’s that sweet potato lovin’

  42. I just made them – they are in the freezer now. Anxious to try them as they smell so yummy!!!! Thanks for the recipe :)

  43. These were fantastic!!! I grounded my own oats, used organic almond butter and used organic dark chocolate protein powder instead of vanilla (that’s all I had). These turned out great! My entire family LOVED them!! Thanks for this amazing recipe!! Loved it! Going to make them all the time. Love your website too!! Happy New Year and thanks again!! :)

  44. Yum, Lindsay! I used to make a similar pb-oat crunch bar… I really need to make these!
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..7 Signs of Sugar Overgrowth in your Gut

  45. Great, another no-bake bar I can try!!! What kind of milk do you use, 2%, 1%, skim or the homo stuff?

  46. I made these and they turned out great! I loved how chewy they are and filling. I used agave instead of honey, almond milk, Nuttzo instead of peanut butter, Cheerios instead of Chex and a mix of almond flour and coconut flour instead of PB. Was very happy with the results.
    Amanda- The Nutritionist Reviews recently posted..District Collection Review

  47. Yummy! They look really good, I have been thinking that I should consume more protein bars (homemade of course) to supplement my training. Thanks for the idea…..I usually agree with you about not liking protein powder, but if you approve…they must be good!
    Tina Muir recently posted..Training Update 12/29/2013-1/4/2014

  48. I will DEF be making these!
    Divya Budhraja recently posted..Polar Vortex and Book Clubs

  49. For the oat flour, do you mean 1 cup of oats ground up or grind up oats and measure out 1 cup?

  50. Do you know the nutitional info on these bars?

  51. These look delicious, Lindsey! I’ve actually never tried using protein powder, but I just might with these. They look like they’d be a great snack to bring along on travels or for my kids when basketball games are during the supper hour and they need something to get them through. Pinning it!
    Marie recently posted..Recipe Round-up and Pin It Party

  52. These bars are fantastic! I made them in a muffin tin for easy measuring. I would be curious about the nutrition info compared to the store protein bars. I did use chocolate protein powder and vanilla soy milk…YUMMY!

  53. Great looking recipe, but if I’m being honest I was completely turned off when it read to use the microwave in order to melt ingredients together. I don’t own one because they are so damn toxic to our health!! When I made this, I just combined the peanut butter honey and almond milk, gave it a quick whir in the blender, and voila!! Great recipe, turned out yummy, I just would adjust the microwaving aspect :)

    • Thanks for sharing your opinion. Great to know that it works in a blender. I’m gonna go ahead and leave the microwave directions in there. If people want to find a way around it, they’re more than welcome to- just like you did!

  54. Making these now. Do you happen to know the nutritional information? Fat, calories, protein and fiber?

  55. These are so yummy! I am giving you a long-distance hug for sharing this recipe. I used Rice Krispies, cut the honey to 1 Tbsp., and added 2 Tbsp. of raisins. They taste like those peanut-butter Rice Krispie bars with the chocolate on top that my grandmother used to make. Oh, I also used 1 scoop of vanilla protein and 1 of chocolate. I think it would be really easy to make these 100 different ways. Never thought of grinding up the oats. I was making another recipe that used dates as the “glue” and sweetner – they are delicious but way too sweet as I am really trying to limit sugar.

  56. Sarah turner says:

    Just made them a second ago they are in freezer as we speak can’t wait to try hoping their awesome xx

  57. Sarah turner says:


  58. added some dried cherries, cocoa nibs and 2 tsp of unsweetened natural cocoa. They’re great.

  59. Delicious. Thanks for sharing. I added some unsweetened flaked coconut and chopped almonds instead of the chocolate. Wonderful!

  60. I just used your recipe as a “base” tonight. I didn’t have chia seeds so I took some almonds and cut them down in the blender. I didn’t have any cereal either, so I used rolled oats. Had plain protein, so I added vanilla to the mixture. I also threw in some ground flax. LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!!

  61. David Butterly says:

    Well usually spend about 20 pound on a box of protein bars…. Just tried this recipe and now converted…..Taste awsome, thanks x

  62. Kathryn Whelan says:

    Does anyone know the calorie count per serving for these? They look yummy.

  63. Caryn Fraziwr says:

    LOVE these!!!! I just made some and instead of running to the store to get Kind bars, I stayed home and made these instead. I used almond milk and pea protein. They are kick a$$!! I need something to keep me going while in college and I think these will do the trick!

  64. How long do these last? like an approximate expiry date??

    • Katrina says:

      Just keep in fridge or freezer and use the same judgment as you would for other foods. I definitely wouldn’t use after 1 week in the fridge.

  65. Hi Lindsay,
    I’m so glad to find a no-bake recipe that looks and sounds so good, although in my book, chocolate chips should never be optional. A healthy, high-protein way for me to satisfy my sweet tooth.

  66. Jim Leary says:

    These can be REALLY varied. I used vanilla almond milk, and I didn’t have any chex so I used chocolate FiberOne. The protein bar tasted like a peanut butter cup! Also, I drizzed chocolate make from coconut oil, agave syrup and cocoa (which hardens in the freezer.) Delicious and a better value than what I can find at the store. And THANK YOU for the oat flour lesson – never thought of that before.

  67. These were so easy to make! My daughters and I pulsed a cup of dark chocolate chips (to make them smaller chunks) and added it to the dry mixture. We also used NAVITAS Naturals Superfood Blend (a protein smoothie mix) with Hemp-Cacao-Maca for the protein powder. So fun and easy to make. They taste amazing!!
    GBeckett recently posted..Cheap Tricks

  68. Hi! These turned out delicious, however mine came out really gooey? I was thinking maybe less honey? What is the texture that these usually turn out like? I was expecting it to be like a cliff bar. I wasn’t able to cut them into squares, we just kinda grabbed pieces and ate them. But, again, very tasty! Thanks!

    • Mine usually turn out a bit sticky, but I’m definitely able to form them to the bottom of the pan and cut into bars. I sometimes cut back on the honey and they still taste fine so that might help for you.

  69. Katrina says:

    *Please don’t rate this recipe until you’ve actually MADE it! In fairness, I’m rating based on an adjusted version, but that’s better than nothing. :)

    I’m a vegetarian with a mild dairy allergy (limited, not entirely cut), so protein powder is necessary to support my heavy weight training and active life.

    I cut the PB to 5 Tbsp., used chocolate protein powder and flax seeds (what I had on hand) in lieu of vanilla and chia, added cinnamon and 2 tsp. cocoa. I attempted to get by with more water instead of the milk to make them less perishable, but I’d already cut the PB, so I ended up needing a Tbsp. of vanilla soy milk to get the mix to stick together (made all the difference!). Rolled into 10 balls and flattened with my palms into protein cookies at roughly 150 cals and 10 g of protein each.

    Best tasting and most forgiving protein bar recipe I’ve made! Thanks so much for sharing!

  70. I love peanut butter and just found another recipe for protella (protein nutella). I may be overdoing it but going to combine your recipe with protella. May just be to sweet for my sweet tooth.

  71. Dave colwell says:

    Allways bought my bars but thought I would try making them ,so easy and great taste I’m converted I’ll allways make my own from now on

  72. Just made these last night. These are YUMMY! Thanks for the recipe! I will keep this one for sure.

  73. any idea of the nutritional breakdown? curious about the macros and the calories.

  74. Julie Gallant says:


    I was wondering if you knew the nutritional value on these protein bars?


  75. A lot of people have said this LOOKS like a good recipe (and I am by no means doubting!) but I haven’t seen anyone who said it actually tastes good. Do we have anyone who has tasted this recipe other than the author? Much appreciated!

    • i made several batches for Christmas presents for folks at my gym and they were well received. i’ve also received good feedback from readers via social media!

  76. I just made these with chocolate protein powder, amazing!! Do they usually keep well in the fridge? I am looking to make these for the week. Do you find they keep for several days to a week? Thank you!!

  77. These are great! Do they normally keep in the fridge for several days to a week? Thank you!!

  78. mneyecatcher says:

    Do you have nutritional info on these bars? Protein? Calories? Carbs? Sugar? etc. Might try these as an after weight lifting boost, but really curious what the numbers are. Thanks.

  79. Is there a protein powder you recommend? Thanks!

  80. I was thinking of trying this with chocolate protein powder since that’s what I have on hand. We’ll see! Cross your fingers!
    Susan recently posted..Pinspire Me Friday – Vol. 28

  81. Thanks for sharing this recipe Lindsay! I’ve just made my second batch using this recipe but this time I tripled the recipe and added shredded coconut, pumpkin seeds, and dried cranberries. My boyfriend loves them and I’m glad he’s eating these rather than pre-packaged store bought bars.

  82. Kristen says:

    Just wondering if you know the nutritional facts on these bars-calories, fat, protein, carbs, ect?

  83. I was wonder who many calories and grams of protien per serving. They look and sound great

  84. How big of a difference would leaving the Chia seeds out make? I don’t normally use them, and would rather not need to make an extra purchase.

  85. Victoria M says:

    Could I use plain corn flakes as a substitute for the rice checks? I already have a box of those at the house.

  86. I skipped the protein powder and replaced the rice cereal with puffed amaranth, which is a protein source. Split into 9 servings, this came to 7.5g protein per serving. MyFitnessPal came up with 14.7g for the original version with 1 cup of whatever whey protein powder it chose – though there is significant variation in protein content in powders, even between whey powders. A serving of my usual whey powder is 11g protein. I increased the honey to 5T. (Calories: original 253, mine 234.)

    I popped the amaranth in my Dutch oven (in a shallow pan, it will just pop right out) a few tablespoons at a time. It looks like very tiny popcorn. 1/4 cup gave me just short of a cup popped. Good quality protein powders are expensive, so this is a frugal alternative, and a good one for anyone not interested in using the powders. I like this nutrtion breakdown for breakfast bars for my 8yo. He doesn’t need Crossfit-level protein content. You could adjust the amaranth vs. oat flour volume to adjust the protein if you want.

    They’re super-delicious -thanks for posting this recipe!

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  87. Love this!! I agree, everyone is all about the protein bars post workout and as much as I’d like them to eat a Greek yogurt with fruit, it’s convenience and portability sometimes! Great idea for a present… pinned!
    Elizabeth Shaw recently posted..Comment on 25 Mind Blowing Peanut Butter Recipes by Alanna

  88. These look like something I would eat for dessert! Thanks for sharing an economical alternative :)


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