Fitness Friday 53

Hi Friends!

Happy Friday! Once again, I’m behind on Fitness Friday posts.

IMG 5682 Fitness Friday 53

I haven’t updated you guys on my workouts since before hubby had his surgery! Here are some of the workouts I’ve been doing lately:

ff2 Fitness Friday 53

1. 12:36 with 1 abmat on a 5# plate for hspu and 24 inch box jumps plus front squats and single leg deadlifts
2. Working on that endurance: run 400m + row 500m x 4 with 2 min rest btwn each
3. One of my fav benchmark workouts: Improved my reps from 244 in January to 278 in 3 rounds!
4. Another one I enjoy. 31:11 – don’t quite get my knees all the way to my elbows but did everything else rx. We subbed good mornings for back extensions. I did them with the 45# bar

ff3 Fitness Friday 53

1. Partner wod for hubby’s last workout before surgery. Our time was 20:06 for the #wod and 7:42 for the 2000m partner row.
2. Workout frands
3. Two days after hubby’s surgery. So rough when you’re tired- 17:16 Rx
4. I LOVED this WOD! 15 min of EMOM 3,2,1 squat cleans and then crushed the #wod – 8:25 rx

ff4 Fitness Friday 53

1. A saturday morning partner WOD:  we did 3 rounds plus a 100m farmers carry & 100 DUs for a cash out
2. Went to the sealfit endurance class at my friend’s box. This partner deck of cards workout kicked my ass: 37:33 rx
3. Holy sweatfest!!! Got a 120# clean and jerk PR (previous was 95# and i was SO close to 125#!!) and I cleaned 125# (5# more than my previous 1RM) at least 10 times! THEN did the #wod! 9 rounds + 8- killed it!
4. Hated this one. So hard. 11:52 with 75#

ff5 Fitness Friday 53

1. Every crossfitter loves to hate fran. Crushed my previous record and got a new #fran PR baby! 6:17!!!! Previous was 8:53. So proud of myself!
2. Front squats and double unders at open gym. 105# front squats. 24:15. Not a good one to do on your own. Went slowwwww but got it done!
3. Another sealfit class: 6 + 1 – Rx+ I used a 20 inch box and a 20# medball & 95# clean and jerk
4. Squeezed in a 6am class before going out of town for the funeral: total reps per move: 23/57/33/45

I took Tuesday and Wednesday off. I had plans to go try a new box while I was in Maine but it just didn’t work out logistically. Yesterday our box was closed for 4th of July so I put together my own WOD at home:

photo 15 Fitness Friday 53

Today I can’t wait to get back to the box and get back at it!

How were your workouts this week?