Sunday Food Prep Inspiration 20


Hi Friends! It’s time for more Sunday food prep! I ended up getting a late night spark of energy after we got home from an evening at my in-laws so I did this prep around 11pm on Saturday. I ended up being extra grateful because I hurt my ankle the next morning and couldn’t do […]

June Foodie Penpals Reveal Day


Hi Friends! Time for another Foodie Penpals Reveal Day! This month I was super lucky to receive my package from my girl Melissa. We bond over Crossfit all the time on Twitter and I just love her. Plus she totally hooked me up with an amazing FPP box. Check out what I got: Kale Chips […]

Salmon Quinoa Salad

salmon quinoa salad

Hi Friends! Just popping in to share my newest easy lunch/dinner obsession. Lately I’ve been baking some salmon almost every weekend during my Sunday Food Prep, so I’m always looking for creative ways to use it up. This is my latest concoction: Salmon Quinoa Salad. It uses just a few simple ingredients that I pretty […]

Weekly Eats 32


Hi Friends! Time for another edition of Weekly Eats. Let take a look at what we’ve been eating over here in Beanland. His & Hers Breakfasts 1. His: Quinoa breakfast bar w/ berries and coffee 2. Hers: Oatmeal with berries, nut butter, almonds and chocolate chips + green tea 3. His: Fried eggs, pb toast […]

Crockpot Rotisserie Chicken


*Note- Recipe and photos updated 2/2015 Hi Friends! Just popping in with a quick Crockpot tip for you! Did you know you can make a rotisserie-style chicken in the crockpot? It’s not actually a rotisserie chicken because it’s just sitting in your crockpot, not spinning, but the end result is similar! Fall-off-the-bone tender meat with […]

Bean Bytes 43


Hi Friends! Time for more Bean Bytes! ——— Link Love ———- Monday Bloggers- a must read: You Oughta Know: No Follow Links via Katy Widrick Great roundup: 10 favorite strength routines and resources via Mommy Run Fast Yum: Chocolate butter cups via Run Wiki BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza via Steph’s Bite by Bite Walnut Raisin […]

Sunday Food Prep Inspiration 19


Hi Friends! It’s time for more food prep inspiration! As promised, I got back on track last weekend and did some food prep of my own: I prepped: Quinoa Breakfast Bars Black Bean Meatless Meatballs Sweet Potato Bites Crockpot chicken broth for the freezer using the bones of a rotisserie chicken I bought Hard boiled […]

How to Hard Boil Eggs in the Oven

how to hard boil eggs in the oven

Hi Friends! Things are super busy around here so I’m just popping in with a quick tip. I’m certainly not the first one to use this trick…but I shared it on Instagram last week and got a huge response from people who didn’t know about it, so I thought I’d share it here to spread […]

How To Sprout Lentils

how to sprout lentils

Hi Friends! Just popping in with a quick little post today about sprouting. More specifically, how to sprout lentils! So you may be wondering what exactly is sprouting? What are the benefits besides the fact that your lentils grow little tails?  Read on! Benefits of Sprouting Lentils: Lentils contain phytic acid, which can be difficult […]

Weekly Eats 31


Hi Friends! Thanks for all your well wishes on hubby’s surgery yesterday. It went well, but unfortunately they ended up having to do a full labrum repair, instead of just a cleanout, so he’ll have to be in a sling for 6 weeks and have a longer recovery than we were hoping for. He’s bummed […]

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