Fitness Friday 41

Hi Friends!

Time for another Fitness Friday…and since Crossfit has been consuming my life lately, that means another Crossfit WOD recap!

fitnessfriday1 Fitness Friday 41 Let’s jump right in, shall we?


IMG 0845 Fitness Friday 41

We worked on handstand pushups. I’m getting better at my handstands! I’m able to do one with my hands closer to the wall than I was before! For the actual WOD, my time was 5:13. Snatches are not my best lift, so I did 45# instead of 65# but this workout was still no joke!

Friday night crossfit has become my new fav icon smile Fitness Friday 41


IMG 0858 Fitness Friday 41

This explains perfectly why I love Crossfit: Every workout is me against myself but I’m surrounded by an awesome group of people pushing me to be better, work harder & get stronger!  Saturday morning Crossfit has also become my new fav! 

IMG 0864 Fitness Friday 41

We do team workouts on Saturday mornings so for this workout we were in teams of 8. For part 1, the first time through we each rowed 100m, second and third time through 200 m, fourth time through 400 m, and then a few of us did another 200m or so to get to 8,000m. Then we did a WOD. For this workout you do one deadlift then hop over the bar once, do two deadlifts then jump over the bar twice, etc…as many times as you can in 8 minutes. I did 9 complete rounds plus 5 reps of round 10 with the prescribed weight

Rest day.


IMG 0910 Fitness Friday 41

We worked on overhead squats and I got up to 70#. For the WOD, I did 50# and did single jumps and it took me 3:00. Overhead squats are tough…my legs are strong but it’s a whole different ballgame when you have to hold the bar overhead.


IMG 0925 Fitness Friday 41

This one was killer. Seriously. I usually can’t go on Tuesdays because I have class but I ended up getting out early. I had a rough day with a lot of traffic/driving/etc and this workout was exactly what I needed to improve my mood. I did it in 13:25 (RX/singles). Knees to elbow get me every time. Gotta work on those!


IMG 0948 Fitness Friday 41

We did a partner workout. I partnered up with hubby and this one was actually pretty fun! There were 4 stations. You each do the exercise for one minute and then you add your reps or calories together. You move through all four stations 3 times and then add your total reps together. Hubby and I got 365.5.

IMG 0976 Fitness Friday 41

Felt a serious burn in the legs with this one! We worked on hang snatches and then did the above workout. My legs were on fire for the second and third round of goblet squats. I finished in 5:17 (Rx). Since this was a short WOD we had time to work on handstands afterwards which was awesome.

Tomorrow is open gym before our WOD and i’ve been looking forward to it ALL week. I’m gonna see how much I can squat since it’s been forever since i’ve done a plain old back squat. Woot! I love squats.

Let’s chat: Do you like lifting weights?! What’s your favorite lift?