Fitness Friday 26

Hi Guys!

It’s Friday and man am I glad! I’ve been working HARD this week on a case study and presentation for my internship. Unfortunately, I’ve been working slightly less hard on my workouts so today’s Fitness Friday may be lacking some of its usual vigor.

But that’s ok! To kick it off, I have something fun to share with you guys! My girl Calee made me a new Fitness Friday logo!

fitnessfriday1 Fitness Friday 26

Do you love it?! Very similar to the one from before but the colors match my blog and it has my url now! I LOVE it! Calee is a super talented graphic designer and she’s actually working on some super fun Foodie Penpals stuff for me to celebrate 1 year of Foodie Penpals coming up in September!!! So stay tuned for that….cough…t-shirts…cough!

So, let’s recap the workouts shall we?


IMG 6499 Fitness Friday 26

I don’t know about where you live but it has been MISERABLY hot here. In addition, as you may or may not know…I have asthma. It doesn’t act up very often…the last time I had an attack, I was a sophomore in high school….but it DEFINITELY affects my breathing when it gets hot and i’m definitely in the group of people that are at increased risk when there’s an air quality alert. I can immediately tell when there is one as soon as I step outside, without even checking the weather or the news, because I can’t get a full breath of air, no matter how deeply I breathe. So, I had every intention of running on Friday, but as soon as I stepped outside, plans quickly changed and I settled for walking. It wasn’t pretty…but I covered 3 miles and then spent the rest of the day inside.


It was even hotter than Friday. I didn’t workout icon smile Fitness Friday 26



 Fitness Friday 26

If you’ve been reading for a while now, you know this is my all-time favorite workout. This is what I said when I shared this on instagram after I was done:  Words can’t describe how much I love this workout! It’s WRECKS my legs every time but I love every minute of it! Just did it in my fastest time ever – 21:30 (with 10# dumbbells)!!! #fitfluential #proof #movemore

AND THEN, I went and played a volleyball tournament. Luckily we got a break in the heat and the weather was about 10 degrees cooler on Sunday than it was on Saturday. I went outside on Sunday morning and immediately tweeted that I never thought 90 degrees could feel so refreshingly cool!

IMG 6579 Fitness Friday 26

The first team we were supposed to play didn’t show up, but after that round we played 3 matches and ended up winning the tournament!

Then I collapsed.


I was sore ALL OVER. Rest day.


photo 267 Fitness Friday 26

Again with the heat and the air quality!! Ugh. Hubby and I headed out to workout. We ran one mile, then walked two more. Then hubby branched off to head home and get the sprinklers going while I powered through one more mile. I’ve been spending all day sitting around working lately so I’ve been taking some longer walks to get my steps in. Later that night we rode our bikes to trivia night!


photo 268 Fitness Friday 26

It didn’t feel quite as hot to me, so when hubby got home we headed out for a walk with the dogs. Big mistake. It WAS hot. Too hot for them. Lesson learned. We won’t be walking them before 9 or 10pm anymore until Fall.After I dropped off the dogs and hubby to hydrate, I headed back out for another SLOW 1.75 miles.

Have I mentioned that it’s HOT?! I feel like a slug when I’m walking icon smile Fitness Friday 26 But, my treadmill is broken and I don’t have a gym membership so I gotta get those steps in somehow! However, if it gets any hotter…I may turn into a mall walker!


photo 269 Fitness Friday 26

I decided to beat the heat and poor air quality by breaking up my run into 3 single mile runs instead trying to struggle with my breathing for 3 miles. To challenge myself, I pushed myself to run each mile faster than the last, with a quarter mile walk in between each one. It felt great!

So, next week I promise I’ll have some fun workouts to share with you guys. I have a few written down, I just have to muster the energy to try them out before I share them with you icon smile Fitness Friday 26

What’s the best workout you’ve done lately?