Candy Stuffed Peanut Butter Cookie Bars

Hi Friends!

Today I have an amazing treat to share with you guys! They’re packed full of deliciousness and I made them in honor of a very special lady!

Some of you might remember when I posted these on Instagram a few weeks ago. And then again when I didn’t get around to photographing them for another week or so :)

Well the whole reason I made them was to virtually celebrate a very good bloggy friend of mine. Rachel over at The Avid Appetite is having a baby! A couple months ago Lauren over at Keep it Sweet emailed me about having a virtual baby shower for Rachel and I immediately jumped on board! So today, we celebrate you Rach…and when I thought of you, I immediately knew I needed to make a delicious treat. (Side note- Rachel sent me salted caramel brownies for my birthday this year so i KNOW her sweet tooth will appreciate these :)

For me, they were the perfect way to use up my leftover Halloween candy! With that, I give you…Candy Stuffed Peanut Butter Cookie Bars.

Candy and cookies collide for the ultimate dessert in these Candy Stuffed Peanut Butter Cookies Bars

This isn’t a complicated recipe. Use your favorite peanut butter cookie recipe, or use the one I used. I made a few healthy adjustments to the Betty Crocker recipe but don’t be fooled…this recipe is definitely a splurge :)

Candy Stuffed Peanut Butter Cookie Bars

Chocolate candy and peanut butter cookies: this treat is a match made in dessert heaven.

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40Total Time

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Candy Stuffed Peanut Butter Cookie Bars


9x9 pan
6 Tbsp butter, softened
1/2 c brown sugar
1/4 c white sugar
2/3 c peanut butter
1 egg
1 c oats
1 c white whole wheat flour
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 c chocolate chips, divided
1/2 c butterscotch chips
15 fun size twix bars
8 fun size snickers bars


  1. In a bowl, beat the butter, sugars, vanilla and peanut butter together.
  2. Add the egg and mix until combined
  3. Stir in the flour, oats, baking soda and baking powder until just mixed.
  4. Mix in 1/2 the chocolate chips.
  5. Grease a 9x9 pan and spread half the dough into the bottom of the pan.
  6. Melt the butterscotch chips and spread over the cookie dough.
  7. Top with candy bars (I placed them in rows).
  8. Melt the remaining chocolate chips and spread over the candy bars.
  9. Press the remaining dough across the top of the pan.
  10. Bake at 375 for 20-25 minutes.
  11. Let cool in the pan, then slice into bars.

Sound good? If you want to eat them warm, go for it…they taste great and are nice and gooey…but the cookie part will be a little crumbly until it cools.

Dig in!

Congratulations Rachel! We love you :)


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  1. If you could ever gain calories just from looking at food – it just happened.
    So worth every visual bite :)
    Erica { } recently posted..Lentils with Spinach, Mushrooms & Carrots

  2. omgoodness!
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  3. Um, these look seriously amazing!!! Great pick for the shower and thanks for planning with me:-)
    Lauren at Keep It Sweet recently posted..Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake

  4. MMMMMM. Those look almost makes me want to have a child…for you to celebrate with them. ha (I kid).
    Hollie recently posted..Peppermint Pancake

  5. Jaw. Dropped.

    Splurge is right….but definitely a worthy one!!!!
    Tina @ Best Body Fitness recently posted..A Weekend In My Favorite Southern Town

  6. YUM!
    I saw your recipes on Dispatch, by the way. My mom and I are making one of them on Sunday (one of the bars, I can’t remember the name..). We can’t wait to try them!
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  7. This is exactly how left over candy should be treated :) Looks great Lindsay!
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  8. holy cow these look AMAZING!!! seriously so much goodness in one bar!!!
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    Jess recently posted..Embrace focus

  10. Making these for Christmas! Done and done!
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  12. You had me at peanut butter! Wow–those sound amazing and let me tell you, we have our share of Halloween candy still lurking around these parts!
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  13. Oh man, these look DIVINE!
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  14. These look ridiculously good! Anytime candy bars can be worked into a recipe I get excited. Food porn winner!
    Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table recently posted..Work It Out at the Gun Show

  15. Thank you so much – you ladies are Amazing!! These look heavenly and I cannot wait to make them! Too bad I devoured {all} of our leftover Halloween candy during the hurricane…but I think they’d make perfect holiday bars with holiday candy :) xo
    Rachel @ The Avid Appetite recently posted..Holiday Cookie Week: Salted Caramel Shortbread (and a sweet surprise!)

  16. Holy Moly! These look amazing! I never seem to have any leftover Halloween candy 😉 BUT I think I will grab up a bunch when it goes on sale the day after Christmas and bake up a batch of these babies. YUM!
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  17. I love the idea of having a virtual baby shower. That’s so awesome, almost as awesome as these candy stuffed pb cookie bars – almost. 😉
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  19. so what if you never have leftover candy???? :) these are right up my alley.
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  20. Those look incredible and INCREDIBLY dangerous! 😉

  21. OMG! Those look heavenly! I can really picture my kids devouring those! Thank you!
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  22. These look delicious!

  23. yum!

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  30. Seriously sinful girl. If you’re gonna do a treat that’s the one to do!
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  31. These look fabulous!!!! I will be making these and bringing them to work to share with coworkers…… I dont eat them all!!

  32. These look UNBELIEVABLE!!! I can’t wait to try them. I have a feeling that this site is going to be my undoing… :) In a good way!
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  33. Hi Fellow Lindsay!

    Do you have any gluten-free cookie recipes? I need to make a batch for my holiday work party cookie exchange this week. Thanks!

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