Fitness Friday: Hawaii Edition

Hi Friends!

Time for another Fitness Friday. This week is vacation edition!

I’m so proud that I managed to get my 10,000 steps in every day while we were on vacation, including our two traveling days! Plus, we were up by 6am every day except for one, when we slept in until 7 :) I had wasting time sleeping in while on vacation…it’s better to nap later by the pool, right?!

Anyways, let’s recap some of my workouts!

We had a 7:30 AM flight on Wednesday but that didn’t stop me from getting up at 4:30am and walking two miles before we headed to the airport. I knew we had a couple of long flights so I wanted to get a head start on my steps for the day. Hubby and I also took advantage of our layover in Phoenix and spent the time walking around the terminals instead of just sitting at our gate.

After falling into bed at 9pm the night we got there, I popped out of bed on Thursday at 6am and headed to the workout room for a 3 mile run before breakfast!

Friday morning, I got up and covered 2 miles on the treadmill and then hubby and I took a walk on the beach. We found out when we woke up that Abner had pulled his staples out and that Tucker was having a miserable time at the boarding place since Abner couldn’t be out in the play area with him…so my father-in-law had to go pick them up and take them to the vet so Abner could get stitches and they could be boarded at the vet for the rest of the time. I was super stressed and it felt good to run for a while before we relaxed at the pool and then headed to Maui!

Our first morning in Maui (Saturday), hubby and I got up with plans to check out the oceanfront path we had discovered the night before. We ran two miles and walked another mile or so to cool down while enjoying all the scenery.

On Sunday morning, we went on a quick one mile run and then headed to the weight room for a little bit where I did some ab work. We were going on a hike that morning so we didn’t want to do anything too crazy beforehand!

For the second week of vacation I gave myself a little bit of a break. Going into our trip, my goal simply to stay active and not totally slack off for the whole 10 days we were gone. However, I did recognize that I was vacation so I gave myself 3-4 days to just rest, soak in Hawaii and get my steps in by walking on the beach and around town. It ended up being the perfect balance of rest and workouts!

We got home Friday night and Saturday I was right back at it with a run. And let me tell you…it was ROUGH. I could definitely tell I’d taken a few days off. Not to mention I was no longer running with pretty beach scenery to distract me and it was almost 100 degrees. But I did it! A couple 9 minute miles later, I was hot, sweaty and chugging lots of water!

Sunday we had our sand volleyball games and Monday I did this workout twice:

Alternate which hand is on the medicine ball each time through for staggered pushups, and you can choose whether you want to do forward or reverse lunges. This workout can be done a couple times for a warmup, like I did- afterwards I headed out for 20 minute of intervals- or you could do it 4-5 times through for complete workout!

Wednesday I took a nice long evening walk around the neighborhood without any technology. I needed some time to just “be”.

Thursday I did the following- ran 1.1 miles in 10 minutes, did 3 one minute planks, went on a 7 mile bike ride with hubby, ran to the store and then came home and ran 2 miles of intervals- 2 minutes running/1 min walking. I covered 2 miles in 19:30.

I think I might be getting a little tired of running…plus it’s freakin’ hot out…so next week I might dream up some tabata workouts. It’s been a while!

So tell me, do you workout while you’re on vacation?!



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  1. Wow! I am so impressed. It takes so much effort for me to work out on vacation! You make me feel guilty for not taking advantage of our surroundings… my husband and I need to follow your example!!

  2. Great job! I use walking as one of my main exercises while vacationing. You get to see the sights but you are moving.
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..Firsts

  3. Wow! Awesome job! Love your last pic! :)

    I typically hit up the gym a weights workout when on vacation! I like keeping that pump!
    Kierston recently posted..I Am a Spartan BEAST Warrior!!!

  4. Great job! Loved seeing all your Hawaii pictures. It makes me want to go back!! I find that I tend to be more motivated to get my workouts in while on vacation. We also tend to do active vacations (a little harder now with kids but still try to do it) which is great.
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Friday Round-Up

  5. I love staying active on vacay! My husband & I did a lot of running when we went to Kauai a couple of years ago. It’s such a pretty place to run!
    AmyC recently posted..Fitness Friday: Running Brilliance

  6. Ok, so I really need a medicine ball!! Your workout sounds great (I’m really into these interval-type workouts lately).
    When I’m on vacation I like to do a lot of walking and running outside (especially when a beach is involved) and if there is a gym,I use it. I also always pack my exercise bands!
    Gina (The Candid RD) recently posted..Clean Eating’s Panko and Sage-Crusted Pork Cutlets

  7. You go girl! What an awesome job you did balancing enjoying yourself with staying fit!
    Erin @ Girl Gone Veggie recently posted..A Picnic Filled Day And A Firework Filled Night {GIVEAWAY}

  8. I sometimes work out on vacation, and I sometimes don’t. I think it depends on the situation. We’re leaving for a European cruise soon, and I’m planning on bringing workout clothes, but I have no idea if they’ll get used or not!
    Kristen @ notsodomesticated recently posted..Friday Fun.

  9. I am impressed! I always have good intentions on vacation… but you know what they say about those and the road to hell… :)
    Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table recently posted..Simply Happy Its Friday

  10. You go girl! You are awesome. I workout while on vacation if I have the time. I usually try to squeeze something in, but I allow myself to rest as well!
    Brittany @ GOtheXtraMile recently posted..Premier Protein Review and Giveaway

  11. that’s AMAZING you still managed to get in 10,000 steps while on vacay, though like you said I’m sure the beautiful scenery didn’t hurt! :) :) Good work!
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted..WILD HARVEST Southwestern Spiced Benedict

  12. I try to workout on vacation…usually depends on how short, or how packed it is! most of my vacations are home to see the family, so they’re always super busy
    Alysia @ Slim Sanity recently posted..Wine of the Week: Eve by Charles Smith Wines

  13. SO impressed … as always! xoxo
    Madeline @ Food Fitness and Family recently posted..Emmalyne: Month Nine

  14. i think any workout in hawaii is a good one. My favorite are the sunset strolls. hehe
    lindsay recently posted..Fill the Bucket

  15. I’m so impressed! You definitely worked it out over your vacation. It depends on the kind of vacation I have. If it’s a beach vacation where I’m mainly lounging and eating I like to go running in the mornings and try to swim a lot. If it’s a city vacation or more adventurous I’ll just make sure I do something active everyday like hiking or biking.
    Val recently posted..Healthy Fourth of July Recipes That Are Memorable, Simple to Make, and Leave You Freedom from Cleanup

  16. Very impressive! I hope that I can have your motivation to workout when I am in Jamaica next month!
    Elizabeth@ Food Ramblings recently posted..Kucoots

  17. Nice job getting some good workouts in on vacation- all those steps are so impressive! I do usually still go for an early run on vacation, but really slack on any weights. That’s the part for me that’s much less enjoyable, and I really have to force myself to do some every week. Glad you had such a great trip, welcome back!!
    Laura recently posted..Friday Fit-bits with healthy Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

  18. Such a great example and I bet this kept you more energized all vacation! way to #MOVE Lindsay!!!
    Jess @ Blonde Ponytail recently posted..New GNC Workout: Lean Legs

  19. You do a great job of staying active on vacation girl!! I love long walks on the beach on vacation. We used to run at the beach before my knee started acting up. I’m super impressed you are still running in this heat. I’ve been sticking to things indoors!
    Brittany @ Delights and Delectables recently posted..Blueberry Buckwheat Yogurt Muffins

  20. Hawaii would be my dream place to live BECAUSE its so easy to keep it ‘FitFluential’ 😉 So much hiking, beach runs, swimming. etc. yea thats like fitness PARADISE

    nice work girlfraaaaan
    Charlotte recently posted..Oakley Women – A Reflection

  21. This heat has been killing my running. 75 in the morning is considered cool! RIDICULOUS! Way to keep active on vacation. I love working out in the mornings and then feeling perfectly okay with being lazy the rest of the day when I’m on vaca!

  22. You are wonderful! Working out during vacation? I have never tried that. I usually drink… and drink some more when I am on vacation.
    John Exami recently posted..Famous Knights of the Middle Ages

  23. I always stay active on vacation!

  24. I always feel so much better when I excercise on vacation. Especially when I am somewhere with beautiful scenery and can walk, run, bike, and explore. Looks like a great trip!
    luv what you do recently posted..Ode to My Bike

  25. I try not to do too much since I wanna spend as much time as possible doing vacation stuff, but if possible, I definitely have at least a 20 minute session doing something–either weights+ply circuits, running, etc. :)
    Ellie@Fit for the Soul recently posted..Back on Track Workout Routine

  26. Love your vacation fitness recap! When I go to Europe next week, I want to try to stay active at least a few days. I know I’ll be doing a fair share of walking around, but I’m totally with you — would rather wake up early, get in a little workout, and maximize my vacation time! I can sleep when I get home!
    Liz (Little Bitty Bakes) recently posted..Key Lime Yogurt Pie Bites

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