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Hi Friends!

Let’s talk fitness today, shall we? More specifically, fitness injuries. I’ve been an athlete my whole life and I know that I’m quite lucky to be able to say I haven’t suffered a lot of major injuries. Sure, I’ve had my fair share of pulled muscles, shin splits, sprained ankles, etc…but as far as season-ending injuries, torn ligaments, broken bones and the like…they’ve been avoided.

That’s not to say I don’t have my fair share of aches and pains though. I have some shoulder issues from years of playing volleyball. I have a loose tendon in my wrist…so I always wear wrist wraps and I’ve had lower back/hip alignment issues for years which tend to flare up at inconvenient times. Plus, when I was front squatting about six months ago, it got too heavy and when I tried to bail out, I didn’t push the bar far enough forward, causing it to land on my knee and crush my ankle beneath it.

Serious enough for the doctor? Probably not. A nagging injury that has flared up occasionally over the past few months, requiring ice and rest? Yes.

ACE Brand
So, when ACE™ Brand reached out to me about trying their new ACE™ Brand Elastic Bandage with ACE Brand Clip, I jumped at the chance. Like I mentioned, I’m no stranger to sprained ankles. I think my count is at 5 or 6 between the two ankles, so I spent a fair amount of time in high school with my ankle wrapped and a big bag of ice. With the wraps I’ve used previously, you either tuck the end in to your wrap job or use those annoying little clips that I was constantly losing. With this new wrap, the clip is built in! And it’s strong enough that you can use the wrap to actually hold the bag of ice on the injury! My previous method was a) wrap the ankle b) apply the ice c) wrap with saran wrap to hold the bag in place. Not the most convenient.

Another reason I agreed to try this product is because the offer came right before hubby had his second shoulder surgery. Being that I’m somewhat of a pro now after having been through the same surgery with him last summer, I knew we’d be spending a lot of time with bags of ice on the shoulder, so I knew we’d be able to use the new wrap for that as well!

ACE Brand 1.jpg

Here are some product details:

  • The ACE™ Brand Clip can be adjusted on the fly and won’t snag your clothes. It also snaps in place easily and holds securely.
  • It provides customized support and compression and the bandage retains its elasticity after repeated use and washings.


So, how did it work? Great! I tried it out on my ankle first. The instructions were easy to follow and I wrapped my ankle and wore it both around the house and while walking the dogs. I also put it to the test and wore it during a Crossfit workout. The clip stayed in place every time and never loosened.

I also wrapped it around a bag of ice and it was strong enough to hold it in place.

Finally, we tested it on hubby’s shoulder, using it to hold his bag of ice in place and again, it worked like a charm!


If you’re looking for something to help with strains, sprains or just everyday aches and pains, I definitely recommend this product.

And for a little fun, check out these short little videos about how ACE™ Brand has “Fixed the Clip”:


Let’s chat:

What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had?

For me? A pulled hip flexor. OMG so painful!


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  1. worst injury? luckily nothing too serious. when i was five, i broke my pinky playing basketball with my brother and later in the weekend that same brother cast a fishing hook into my head which required stitches lol
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted..3 month old baby William

  2. i’m all about ACE! we’ve had several injuries in this house. Knee injury being the worst. ugh, don’t remind me. 😉 hope mr bean is feeling better post surgery these days
    lindsay recently posted..3 Recipes & Ways to Use Chia Seed

  3. Not sure if mine is an actual injury or just old age and overuse, but oh my aching knee! I really miss running – walking is fine, but not the same. I think I’ll give the ACE a try!
    Anne|CravingSomethingHealthy recently posted..10 Ways to LOVE Strawberries

  4. OOooh I love this! Remember the old ones with the metal clips? I still have a bunch of those, and I just hate using them.
    I may invest in a couple of these! Awesome sauce!

    Come by and check out Twit Thursday… It’s about furthering the Healthy Journey. Come link up!
    Kateri Von Steal recently posted..Twit Thursday (7-10)

  5. I’m headed to Walgreen today!!!!! My knee needs this!
    Rebecca Jo recently posted..Baring it all….

  6. I know too well about all those aches and pains. I am contantly trying to avoid a serious injury by doing prophylactic pt.
    Katie | Healthy Seasonal Recipes recently posted..small successes are still success ~ thursday things

  7. My worst injury was a badly bruised knee– I was playing soccer and this girl about three times my size kicked me straight on the kneecap as hard as she could. I actually blacked out on the field and I had to ride laying down in the back of my mom’s SUV to the emergency room. Thankfully it was just badly bruised! But I had to have crutches for a while!
    Emily @ Zen & Spice recently posted..Eating Clean Without Spending a Fortune

  8. It’s a toss-up between two work-related injuries; an intercostal muscle strain (hurt to breathe for weeks!) and acute Achilles tendonitis. I’ve used KT tape for both, but a friend has tried Ace bandages fork her AT. I just might give it a try (if there’s a next time…)
    Tamara recently posted..Pre-strength training warm-up | favourite warm-up exercises

  9. Great to know about this – I too remember those darn clips that would never stay on the old version of the ACE bandage. Alas, I was injury free after many years of running and doing boot camp for a bit but just strained my upper hamstring which puts me out doing any serious cardio for awhile – it sucks. Guess there’s not an ACE bandage for that – ha!

  10. I never thought of using the ACE strap to hold a bag of ice! My manfriend’s should has been hurting lately, and he having troubles with keeping the ice bag in place. Trying this idea soon!
    Lisa @ Healthy Nibbles & Bits recently posted..Baked Cajun Chips {Leftovers Club}

  11. I tend to sprain my right ankle once a year or so. One year it was a really bad high sprain that took forever to heal. I had to wear one of those stiff lace up braces. I used an ACE bandage to hold the ice in place, too.
    LydiaF recently posted..Curried Beet and Sweet Potato Fritters

  12. I’ve been lucky to not have any injuries but Josh has been dealing and recovering from a knee injury. It has not been fun to see him in pain. ;/
    Erin @ Girl Gone Veggie recently posted..The best workout shoes for every workout

  13. Lori Musselman says:

    The worst injury I ever had was indeed a strained ankle which happened during a 5k when my foot slipped on one of those large Walnut thingies that had fallen off a tree. I had to go to the hospital and after confirming it wasn’t broken, they gave me one of the bandages with clips, which was a huge pain!

  14. OH my worst was definitely dislocating my knee in 2009. I spent 3 months easing back in to walking and finally running. I’ve tried super hard since then to be diligent about PT and strength!
    Amanda @runtothefinish recently posted..How to pick a marathon training plan

  15. Will share with my husband. He is always has a “sports injury”. :)
    Francesca recently posted..Summer Vegetable Pasta Toss

  16. My worst injury? I tore my right hamstring muscle during dance class when I was 14. I went from being a little bit like gumby, to having extreme difficultly getting into the shower! Thankfully, I’m fully recovered and it’s made me appreciate my body to this day :)

  17. I love the idea of the built in clip! I always lose those little metal ones. I’ve been fortunate over the years that I haven’t had any major injuries (though sometimes my whole body feels like one big injury these days). I used to sprain my ankles all the time, then I think they just became so flexible that if I turn them now, I don’t seem to do any damage.
    Debbie @ Live from La Quinta recently posted..10 Questions to NEVER Ask a Runner

  18. i am always improvising holding ice bags in place — such a good idea to use an ace bandage!
    Kristin @ W [H] A T C H recently posted..SHAMROCK HALF MARATHON

  19. My worst pain ever is surprisingly not labor. I scratched my cornea and it was awful. I don’t wish that on my worst enemy! As far as sports injury, I rolled my ankle my junior year of volleyball and had to put my leg in an ice bath. It felt like a billion needs stabbing me from the calf down. Owwwww….
    Kayla recently posted..Fabletics #2 + Fab FREEBIE

  20. I’ll definitely have to invest in one soon. I have an ankle that feels like it’s about to flare up again! I’m glad to hear that you tried it out at CrossFit and it held up!
    Kristin recently posted..What is Paleo, and Is it For Me?

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