3 Ways to Cook Spaghetti Squash

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Ok, let’s talk about spaghetti squash shall we?! It’s one of my favorite squash and this year I’ve been eating more of them than ever. I’ve also been experimenting with different ways to cook them. I’ve pretty much gotten the hang of three different ways so I thought I’d share them with you guys!

Do you know how to cook spaghetti squash? You can use the microwave, slow cooker or oven! Click to learn how!

Basically, for me, it boils down to which end result I’m looking for. Do I want it to cook quickly, have the best flavor or do I want it ready for later?

Option #1: For Best Flavor –> Roast it in the oven

This method takes a little bit of time, but I really like the flavor that develops in the oven.

Do you know how to cook spaghetti squash? You can use the microwave, slow cooker or oven! Click to learn how!

Step 1: Cut the ends off the spaghetti squash. This can be difficult to do, so I stick the whole squash in the microwave for 3-4 minutes first. This should make it a little softer so you can cut the ends off.

Step 2: Stand the squash on end and cut in half length-wise.

Step 3: You have a few options here. You can do what most people do and totally scoop out the seeds and pulp and throw it away. Or, if you’re like me and like the seeds, you can scrap the pulp and seeds to loosen them so they’ll be easy to remove, but leave them in the squash until after you’re done roasting.

Step 4: Whether or not you choose to scoop out the seeds or leave them in, then next step is to put the two halves face down on a baking sheet.

Step 5: Place the baking sheet in the oven and bake at 375 degrees F for 45-1 hour depending on the size of your squash. If you want the squash strands totally mushy, cook it closer to an hour or an hour and 15 min. If you like them to still have a bit of crunch, like me, cook it closer to 45 min.

Once your squash is roasted, remove the two halves from the pan and let them cool slightly. scoop out the seeds if  you left them in and set them aside. Then, using a fork, pull the strands of squash away from the sides. Scoop the strands into a container or onto a plate to eat! Separate the seeds from the pulp and eat those too! If you don’t like the idea of leaving them in the squash while it cooks, you can scoop them out at the beginning and roast them like you do with pumpkin seeds!

Do you know how to cook spaghetti squash? You can use the microwave, slow cooker or oven! Click to learn how!

Option #2: If you’re feeling lazy and want it ready for dinner later –> Cook it in the crockpot 

This is about as easy as it gets, friends. Poke holes with a knife, put the whole squash in a crockpot with two cups of water. Cook on low 6-8 hours depending on size. Mine was about 7-8 inches long, medium sized I’d say. I cooked it 4 hours and it was perfect for me, but I still like it a bit crunchy. If you want the strands softer, cook it another hour or two.

Do you know how to cook spaghetti squash? You can use the microwave, slow cooker or oven! Click to learn how!

Once it’s done, slice the ends off, cut it in half lengthwise, scoop out the seeds and then pull the strands out with a fork! Add the seeds back in if you wish!

Option #3: If you’re in a hurry –> Cook it in the microwave

You can either cook it whole or cut in the microwave. If you want to cut it, cook whole for three minutes, slice the ends and scoop out the seeds as described above, then put it on a plate or in a glass dish with a little water and microwave 10-12 minutes.

If you want to cook it whole, stab it all over with a knife, put it on a plate and microwave for 10-12 minutes, rotating every few minutes until it gets squishy. Then cut and remove the seeds as described in the crockpot method.

There you have it friends! 3 ways to cook this delicious squash. Time to dig in!


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  1. I love spaghetti squash! I’m one of the lazy people who microwaves it… but yeah, it is best in the oven.
    Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table recently posted..Work It Out At Home

  2. I SO NEEDED this.
    for some reason I fear the squash….
    Miz recently posted..I got that awkward weightloss talk.

  3. I just made Spaghetti Squash this weekend! It’s a family favorite. It’s looks like spaghetti and tastes like squash. A great gluten free pasta substitution.
    Agenta Emme recently posted..100 Foods: Apples

  4. I seriously adore spaghetti squash. It’s the best thing ever. And I always cook it in the microwave because I’m lazy… Congrats on Sandy btw- you are amazing!!!!

  5. Roasted all the way! So much flavor.

    Way to go on the fundraising!!!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..My Life In Numbers

  6. Mmmm I haven’t had spaghetti squash in weeks (I went through a phase of having it almost daily in October!) Need to pick one up again!
    Erica { EricaDHouse.com } recently posted..Roasted Tomato Basil Soup

  7. I have never had spaghetti squash…I am going to have to try it soon!
    Nicole@ livingthesweetlifestl.wordpress.com recently posted..Plan for the week and crafting fail

  8. I’m a microwave person, it’s just so quick and easy! We made a spaghetti squash dinner on Friday, with delicious sauce and meatballs, and it was probably the best thing I’d eaten in a LONG time. The microwave allowed us to make the squash so fast, I loved it.
    The Candid RD recently posted..Confused Day Tuesday: How Do I Choose a Fish Oil Supplement?

  9. I never knew you could put it in the crockpot!! I usually poke holes in it and put it in the oven whole! I’m going to try roasting the seeds though!
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted..40/20 Full Body Workout

  10. I haven’t had spaghetti squash yet this fall – I’ve been too obsessed with the other kinds of winter squash haha. But I love roasting mine in the oven, even if it takes a bit more time!
    Chelsea @ One Healthy Munchkin recently posted..Elf 4 Health Week 1

  11. Thanks for this, Lindsay! I have yet to experiment with spaghetti squash. I’ve been hooked on butternut and acorn lately. I think I’m due to mix it up a bit!
    Angela @ Health’s Angel recently posted..Vinyasa Flow, You’ve Got A New Fan

  12. YES!! Love!
    Katie @ Talk Less, Say More recently posted..Fitness Enthusiast Gift List

  13. We love SS, my husband has Celiac so we use it instead of pasta occasionally. Thank you for the tutorial, I will have to try the Crock Pot method, I’m feeling lazy just about everyday. xoxo
    Lisa @ RunWiki recently posted..10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Runners

  14. YUM! I love squash, don’t eat it enough but now I have 3 more reasons to ;) Sharing!

  15. I’ve never thought to microwave…I more so am an oven person!!
    char eats greens recently posted..just dance

  16. This is a great resource! I never though of cooking it in a crock pot. I made roasted acorn squash seeds yesterday with some garlic and chipotle chili pepper and they were out of this world!

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  17. Great tips!! I never knew you could cook it in the crockpot. Is there anything you CAN”T do in a crockpot. ;)
    Kristen @ Swanky Dietitian recently posted..Chobani Greek Yogurt Giveaway

  18. I adore spaghetti squash, so much so I think I could call it one of my favorite foods! We don’t have a microwave so I’ve only ever roasted it in the oven, but it’s so worth the wait. I like to top it with an avocado “sauce” (one avocado, some spices, and a tiny bit of almond milk in a blender) or a fresh marinara.
    Becki @Fighting for Wellness recently posted..December Goals: Rest & RAW

  19. I would never have thought of the crockpot for this, but I love that idea! Thanks for the inspiration.
    misszippy recently posted..Not my day (year?)

  20. I love spaghetti squash!! I tend to always be in a hurry when I cook it, but I need to try it in my crock pot!
    Brittany @ Delights and Delectables recently posted..What is “Fit”

  21. I never even thought about cooking spaghetti squash in the slow cooker! Def need to try this.

  22. Absolutely LOVE spaghetti squash – so yummy. I usually make it in the microwave and then again on the stove or oven along with other ingredients. Cuz I’m lazy :)
    Kammie @ Sensual Appeal recently posted..Comment on It’s California weather in Chicago… so I’ll go to Christkindlmarket! by Kierston

  23. I never would have thought of putting a squash in the microwave. I would be afraid that it would explode!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Winter Bucket List

  24. I love spaghetti squash! My roomate in college used to make it. But I haven’t had it in years because I had no idea what to do with it! Adding it to my grocery list now! woohoo!
    Ashleysh22 recently posted..December Goals, Dreams, and Plans

  25. Roasted…definitely! Love Spag Squash!

  26. I love spaghetti squash! Have never tried in crockpot before. Thanks for the idea!
    Ali recently posted..Southwestern Pasta

  27. i have only ever used the microwave method. i’m thinking that means i must always be running late.
    Lindsay’s List recently posted..how to: roast vegetables

  28. I never thought to put it in the crockpot. Thanks for these tips!
    Carrie @ Season It Already! recently posted..Somewhere Over the Rainbow

  29. Great tips! I’ve always been intimidated by the spaghetti squash, but I think I need to give it a try. You made it look easy!! :)
    Kristen @ notsodomesticated recently posted..22 Weeks: Baby Registries are Confusing.

  30. I always have a spaghetti squash on hand for a quick and easy meal during the fall and winter months! I put it in the oven for an hour and I have spaghetti squash for dinner the next 3 days! My favorite spaghetti squash meals are spaghetti squash pancakes with shredded carrots and red cabbage, spaghetti squash pad thia, and of course spaghetti and meatballs! You can roast the seeds too :) I have never cooked it in a crockpot though…great idea!
    Alyson recently posted..November Exercise in a Nut-Shell

  31. thanks for the tips!!
    Elizabeth@ Food Ramblings recently posted..GIVEAWAY and French Onion Soup Casserole

  32. THANK YOU!! Made it in the crockpot and it was so yummy, my daughter hates veggies but she eats spaghetti squash!!

  33. Thanks so much for this post.
    We tried spaghetti squash not too long ago and loved it.

    Great to see a few different ways to prepare it :)
    Dana recently posted..Is the Ego Our Enemy?

  34. Be careful when you cook it in the microwave. I did that and it ended up exploding. I had just walked away from the microwave and boom. door flew open. I had spaghetti squash everywhere!

  35. Love the options! Love the squash!

  36. Hey! I just stumbled upon your site not knowing what to do with Spaghetti squash I bought. I am on Long Island NY — but lived in C-Bus for about 15 years. The recipe looks good…

  37. If you meal prep the spag. squash ahead of time what is the best way to reheat it?


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