WIAW: Flashback

Hi Guys!

It’s time for another WIAW! Short weeks make Wednesday come quick!

I have some pretty good eats to catch you up on from the past couple of weeks…but we’re keeping it short and sweet today because I have to get back to my studying. I have my last final today!! That means as of 5pm this evening I’ll be a graduate of The Ohio State University!

I’m not doing the whole graduation thing since I’ve done it twice already. I even gave a speech at my last one…remember?! I can’t believe that was a year ago! Plus I hate big crowds and OSU is, well, HUGE!

Anyways…when I first started this journey three years ago, I could barely see the light at the end of the tunnel. And now it’s here! All that’s left is my internship! I now have my second bachelor’s degree- a BS in Dietetics :)

Anyways…let’s review those eats shall we?

I’ve been snacking on lots of red peppers lately…
and eating TONS of green beans!
Plus some funny shaped apples and lots of yogurt & granola of course :)

I got to meet up with some of my fellow interns for next year.
We went to Pita Pit. It’s THE BEST!
During our garage sale I had Chipotle for the first time in about a year.
I ate 1/2, hubby ate the leftovers
Yogurt & Granola + PB & J toast = standard lunch for me :)

Top Left: Preview of my Secret Recipe Club post for this month!
Top Right: Veggie Burger, Kabobs & 1st corn of the summer at my in-laws
Bottom Left: Standard Stirfry Goodness
Bottom Right: Shrimp & Goat Cheese Tacos- HEAVENLY
Middle: Pad Ke Mao w/ shrimp from our fav Thai place

While we were at happy hour a couple weekends ago,
I splurged and got a milkshake.
With alcohol in it. Best decision ever.
I’ve also been whipping up some delish banana froyo lately!

And now your’e all caught up!

Enjoy :)

 PS. Get psyched! Foodie Penpals reveal day is TOMORROW!!!

P.P.S: I’ve also been snacking on these Healthy Bites made by my girl Lindsay.

She makes all different kinds, geared towards different things like workout recovery, high fiber, etc. She can customize and make ANY flavor you can dream up in your mind. I started off with a mix pack of recovery bites in chocolate, vanilla and PB&J. They were all delicious. I just ran out and i’m getting ready to order a custom flavor- ginger peach!! Cannot wait. Check them out if you’re looking for a fun new snack :)


About Lindsay

Lindsay Livingston is a Registered Dietitian and new mom from Columbus, Ohio. On her blog, she shares simple, healthy recipes, nutrition tips, workouts and snapshots of her life. Follow her on Twitter @LeanGrnBeanBlog and Instagram @TheLeanGreenBean and be sure to subscribe via RSS or email so you never miss a post!


  1. Wow! Congrats on your graduation! That’s great! All of your food looks so good and so cannot wait for tomorrow. My Foodie Pen Pals was AWESOME!
    Maria @ The Fitness Girl Kitchen recently posted..WIAW: A Memorial Week

  2. I love the food collages! I am super excited to see your foodie pen pal package and to participate in June!
    Katy @ Couch to 5Katy recently posted..What I Ate Wednesday: Recovering from Memorial Day Weekend

  3. Everything looks so yummy! And congratulations on graduation!! My mom went to OSU as well, as does one of my closest friends, and I’m actually going to be in Columbus in July for the Color Run :)
    Also, thanks for hosting the penpals – I’m excited for the reveal on Thursday!
    Hope @ Positively Hope recently posted..WIAW #5–Cat-Print Clothing & Mango Salsa Recipe

  4. loving this froyo you have up there! obviously always look forward to FPP! My fave time of the month
    Christy recently posted..#WIAW- Clean Beach Eats & New Snack Discoveries

  5. Congrats on the graduation! I hope to be in the same boat later this year…I will be finishing up my program in DTR. Only an Associates but I have a Bachelors in totally unrelated field 😉
    Do you have your internship lined up?
    Can’t wait to participate in foodie pen pals this next month!
    Shelby (everydayvegangirl) recently posted..Oldies revamped and What I Ate Wednesday

    • thank you! i’m actually a DTR already…so my last degree was the associates i got for the diet tech program so i was in your shoes a couple years ago! i also have a prior bachelors in psychology so not totally unrelated but not exactly related :) i will be doing my internship at ohio state as well! can’t wait. good luck to you! hope the year flies by!

  6. Aw man I’m so sorry you’re still studying. I even thought my last final (the 18th) was late!! But then you graduate which is wonderful! I skipped my high school graduation and am graduating early from college in January and want to skip that one but my parents need their sentimental moment. I’ve actually been thinking of getting a second BA but money….
    What are those crisp like things in the snack montage?
    Hannah@mindrunningwild recently posted..WIAW- Missed Foods Edition

  7. Cookies IN a shake?! Genius! That sounds out of this world good!
    Jessica recently posted..WIAW: The Dust Has Settled

  8. good luck today!!!!

    that milkshake looks divine. you deserve another one after your final. :)
    Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table recently posted..Zombies are Coming + WIAW

  9. CONGRATS on the graduation! Even if you’re not doing the whole ceremony thing, it’s still a celebration! 😀 So happy for you! I’m sure you’re ready to move on to the next phase. Best of luck on your last final!
    Lauren @ Lawfully Wedded Wife recently posted..Beginners’ Fitness: How To Make a Workout Plan

  10. Yogurt and granola – my kind of food! (and my daily lunch!) ha!

    And I’m still making my way through the Healthy Bites I got from the Blend raffle. Loving them!
    Katie @ Talk Less, Say More recently posted..Cheers

  11. Congratulations on graduation! What an exciting time for you :) I didn’t go to my school wide ceremony for my college graduation just last month, and that is totes okay
    Tessa @ Amazing Asset recently posted..WIAW- Too Much Focus?

  12. Can’t wait for the Foodie Pen Pals reveal day tomorrow! So much fun! :)
    Katie @wishandwhimsy recently posted..Memorial Day Recap & Importance Of Routine.

  13. Congrats on your degree, Lindsay! How impressive! Your food looks yummy too! You have a lot to celebrate!
    Fran@ Broken Cookies Don’t Count recently posted..WIAW~A Girl Coud Starve

  14. It makes me smile how well things are going for you right now.
    Miz recently posted..Show me the other expert bloggers…

  15. OH! Congrats on graduating from Ohio State! And welcome to the OSU Alumni club :)
    Amy @Ahealtheeater recently posted..Holiday Weekend In Review

  16. Yay for graduation!! I am so excited for you – congratulations!

    Right now I’m at the point where it sometimes seems like I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have three more years until I have my degree in dietetics at this point. I know in the end it will all seem like a whirlwind though!
    Michelle (Better with Berries) recently posted..WIAW: A Wedding and The Lake

  17. congrats!! can’t wait for fpp reveal day – always a fun one! :) :)
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted..Itz WIAW

  18. hope the healthy bites fuel you for your last final!! YEA!! I’ll say a little prayer for ya. 5pm will be here soon.

    thanks for the shout out friend.
    lindsay recently posted..Island Hopping Training Weekend: Sherpa Scenes

  19. CONGRATS LINDSAY!! You have worked so hard and we’re all so proud of you! Can’t wait for FPP reveal tomorrow!
    Aparna B. @ Not A Leaf recently posted..New Homeowners

  20. Congrats on your upcoming graduation!! You’ve worked so hard!!!!! You’re so determined!! And you’ve managed to balance a healthy happy life in the meantime. Quite impressive!! One of these days when I don’t feel like my life might implode at any minute, I’ll try the foodiepenpal thing. :) I’m aiming for Sept. Ha!!!
    Kelly @ No Sugar Sweet Life recently posted..Determination + {Strawberries & Cream Pancakes}

  21. Congrats on your graduation girl! And I can’t wait for the foodiepenpal reveal tomorrow! WOOT!
    Jaren@KiwiFitBlog recently posted..What I Ate Wednesday #4

  22. congrats on graduating!
    Sarah K. @ The Pajama Chef recently posted..10 Minute Lunch #5: Black Bean Wraps

  23. mmm, pita pit & chipotle are two of my favorites! :)

    good luck on your final and congrats on graduating!
    sarah @ sarah learns recently posted..yesterday

  24. Yay congrats on graduating!!! It’s always such an exciting (and relief-filled!) day!! :)
    Kristen @ notsodomesticated recently posted..Chicken Pesto Personal Pizza

  25. Congrats on finishing!! I’m sure it feels good and you should be so proud of yourself! Good luck on your last final! :)
    Kelly @ Laughter, Strength, and Food recently posted..Peanut Butter Cereal Bars

  26. Wow, Lindsay Congratulations!! You are such an inspiration. Your food always looks delicious and creative!
    Farrah@ Fairy Healthy Life recently posted..WIAW: “New To Me”

  27. CONGRATS! proud of you! 😀

  28. congrats on graduation! woo!
    Alysia @ Slim Sanity recently posted..i’m back!

  29. Congrats! Time goes so quickly!
    Talia @ Bite Size Wellness recently posted..Garlic Scapes: My New Best Friend

  30. Congrats on your graduation! I’m not a big crowd person, either. You know, I don’t think I’ve ever been to the Pita Pit, must try it! I’m also contemplating joining the Foodie penpals, is it still possible to sign up?
    Laura recently posted..Wiaw race fuel + Carrot-beet salad

  31. I JUST ate cut up red pepper with my wrap today! (made with a fried egg, avocado, laughing cow and spinach!). Funny. Love how crunchy they are! And I LOVE HEALTHY BITES!! I am planning to eat one shortly, as a matter of fact 😉
    jobo recently posted..((weekend)) — a weekend I could hug.

  32. Don’t you just love Lindsay’s healthy bites?! I gobbled mine up in several days haha. All of your food looks so tasty. And it reminds me that I have some frozen bananas in the freezer that I need to use!
    Lindsay @ In Sweetness and In Health recently posted..My Wedding Veil

  33. Congrats on your graduation!
    Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes recently posted..WIAW: All about the bridesmaids

  34. Homemade fro-yo! Wow girl, where’s the recipe?

  35. yay graduation congrats!! thats awesome!

    i love pita pit!! i havent been there in forever but that place is amazing
    amy@healthyhungryhappy.com recently posted..Cheesecake Craving

  36. Congrats on almost being done! That must be such an amazing feeling.

    Also I totally agree with you about Pita Pit – so delicious! 😀
    Chelsea @ One Healthy Munchkin recently posted..WIAW #39: New job

  37. Congrats on your graduation! Pita pit is the best!
    Leonor @FoodFaithFitness recently posted..Motivational Monday- Celeb mom spoghtlight

  38. GOOD LUCK on your last final!! And CONGRATULATIONS!!! Love follow your healthy eats thru our instagram accounts! 😉
    Jess @ Blonde Ponytail recently posted..5 Tips for Your Fit-Cation

  39. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    Jillian @ sprinkle massacre recently posted..CRAVE-ing Peanut Butter (Giveaway!)

  40. I LOVE pita pit. Used to go there weekly in college!
    Matt @ The Athlete’s Plate recently posted..#PhotoADayMay: Weather

  41. Congrats!!!!

    I love the look of that Berry Banana Fro-Yo! Yummm!

    p.s. I nominated you for the One Lovely Blogger Award :)

    Have a great evening!
    Kierston recently posted..WIAW-eeee!

  42. Congrats my dear! So happy that you’re done!!! :) xo
    Elle @ nutritionella recently posted..carmelized onion & cabbage flatbread.

  43. Congrats on graduating!! YAY! Your eats look so good. I love the collages. How do you do that?
    Brittany @ Delights and Delectables recently posted..WIAW: Operation Eat Everything

  44. ooo I’m Penn State girl– I think we are rivals ; )
    Jocelyn @ Peace Love Nutrition recently posted..Quote

  45. Congrats!! You are going to be such an awesome RD!
    Brittany @ GOtheXtraMile recently posted..What I Ate on Vacation

  46. PHYLLIS says:

    Woo Hoo for you. Congrats

  47. Congrats! I went to Ohio State too! I haven’t been back in a while and I hear High Street near campus has changed a lot. I have a ton of great memories from my days there. Anyway, congratulations!!
    Brittney recently posted..Foodie Penpal

  48. That froyo looks amazing!
    Janiek @ A non-perfect girl recently posted..Recipe: Cutie (Cherry) Pies

  49. Congratulations on graduation – so excited for you!! And love Lindsay’s Healthy Bites – heaven in a ball!!
    Heather @ Better With Veggies recently posted..Runner’s World Run Streak + May Foodie Penpals

  50. Congrats on graduating! I’m graduating high school on saturday too; and guess what we both have green dresses! haha, now I’m being weird. I’m going to stop(: I got a green dress to match my school colors, because now i’ll be a freshman at Tulane University.
    Carly recently posted..WIAW (lately); with some confessions(:

  51. Congratulations on your grad! That is so amazing and such a huge accomplishment! Isn’t it crazy how fast everything flies by?! Love those Healthy Bites, I need to order some, they look delicious!

  52. Congrats on graduating! :))
    Abby @ Abz ‘n’ Oats recently posted..showing gratitude

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