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It’s WIAW! This week I thought I’d share what I eat on my (school)work from home day.

WIAWbutton WIAW  At Home 
On Fridays, everything moves just a little bit slower around here. I don’t have to go to work. I don’t have to go to class. I don’t have to go to my internship. I have a whole day to devote to homework and studying.

On Fridays, I put berries in my cereal and milk in my coffee because I have just a little bit more time to eat breakfast.

IMG 0414 WIAW  At Home IMG 0415 WIAW  At Home

On Fridays, I can go for my run at 9:30am instead of 6:30am. And after my run, I can eat my brown rice granola bar and drink guzzle my water at the kitchen table, instead in the shower and while running around trying to get ready.

IMG 04161 WIAW  At Home

On Fridays, I get to eat lunch at home:

IMG 0417 WIAW  At Home

I take all sorts of goodies out of the fridge and put together a delicious lunch: Quesadilla with homemade roasted garlic hummus, quinoa, spinach, red peppers and a leftover black bean burger, a juicy peach, and a Ginger Oatmeal Cookie.

IMG 0418 WIAW  At Home IMG 0419 WIAW  At Home IMG 0420 WIAW  At Home

On Fridays, I can walk the dogs on my study break instead of pacing around the library or sitting in my car. And I can eat yogurt for my afternoon snack without worrying about whether it got too warm in my lunchbox. Snack: Animal crackers dipped in lemon chobani and a little piece of banana bread.

IMG 0421 WIAW  At Home IMG 0422 WIAW  At Home

On Fridays, I can spend some extra time making Black Bean and Mushroom Enchiladas with homemade Cream of Mushroom Soup and Homemade Enchilada Sauce to be eaten over the weekend.

  IMG 0429 WIAW  At Home IMG 0430 WIAW  At Home

And on Fridays, I can enjoy happy hour with my hubby, because calories don’t count on the weekend, right?! Chianti, bread with dipping oil, Margarita Pizza and Parmesan Risotto Balls.

IMG 0424 WIAW  At Home   IMG 0426 WIAW  At Home

What’s your favorite thing about Friday?




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  1. Yum! Fridays must be fun days all around! :) My favorite thing about Friday is that everyone is in a good mood at work! Haha and things are usually much more relaxed :)

  2. Wow Lindsay your food looks amazing! Don’t you love days off!!! I always love taking my time having a snack!!!

  3. That looks awesome! I love instagram :)

    My fave thing about Friday is that I have the whole weekend to look forward to, and finally a chance to catch my breath!

  4. yummy eats! My fav thing about weekends is just as you said, going out to eat, relaxing, and indulging in special treats ;)

  5. The wine. Definitely the wine. :-D

    Happy WIAW xoxo

  6. Between you and the small child begging her mom for animal crackers yesterday at work…I’m having a serious craving right now. ;)

    Favorite thing about Fridays? Not sure anymore, since my work schedule means my “Friday” is usually a random other day of the week…but I used to love the feeling that I could go home, crash on the couch with a movie, and just ‘be.’

    • i love “just being” :) you better snag some animal crackers soon or your craving may turn into a monster!! and that’s just no good for anyone.

  7. My favourite thing about Friday? WEEKEND! Even though I work from home, Friday is still exciting. :)

    Your enchiladas are making me drool.

  8. i love fridays too – of course! i can always leave work early AND i don’t have to go to work the next day!

    i made lazy girl’s enchiladas yesterday after you made me crave them – it is definitely still high on my list to make yours with the homemade cream of mushroom + enchilada sauce soon though!

  9. Oh wow everything looks so yummy!
    My fave thing about friday is probably just knowing the next morning I can get up early for the Saturday farmers market!

  10. Running at 9:30 sounds SO much better than 6 am! Right now I’m home for the summer so all the days kind of blend together. But during the school year, we dismiss 35 minutes earlier on Friday and that is the best!

  11. Where was this happy hour at? I think I need some of those parmesan risotto balls (sounds like arancini?!?) in my life.

    • Marcella’s. One of the best happy hours around. cheap drinks…and any wine that’s $10 a glass or under is half price, even if you buy the whole bottle! plus their appetizers, pizzas and a couple of sandwiches are half off. Mon-Fri, 4-7.

  12. Mmmm lots of good eats! Then again, you know about my love affair with pizza. :)

  13. That pizza looks delish! My fav thing about Fridays? It’s our Family Fun Night– pizza and movies with the kiddos!

  14. Days off are glorious :) Your eats are lookin so tasty too! My favorite thing about Fridays is that I have the whole weekend to try new things and experiment with whatever I want to!

  15. I wish I got Fridays off!! I still love them, though, because they (usually) mean I get to see the boyfriend.Yummy eats, thanks for sharing :)
    Kaitlyn@TheTieDyeFiles recently posted..WIAW via Droid

  16. Ohmylanta. I am going to re-create how I imagine those parmesan risotto balls to taste pronto.

    *drools all over self*

    Dang it. Not again.

  17. love the photos! I love taking similar pics with my hipstamatic app on my iPhone :-) so fun! great eats!!

  18. sounds like fridays are the BEST DAY EVER for you! I heart them too =) esp if they involve amazing eats like that!!! <3

    Happy WIAW love! is it friday yet?
    Jenn L @ Peas and Crayons recently posted..WIAW + Bloggiversary + Giveaway = Best Day Evahhhh!

  19. Oooooh!! That pizza looks magnificent :)
    Liz @ Something To Chew On recently posted..What I’m Lovin’ Wednesday

  20. Yum! Your Friday night dinner sounds (and looks) amazing! :)

  21. mmm all that food looks good. While I’m the type of person who loves to be on the go, I do love days that are a change from the routine. It’s great to be home from camp and get into my own routine tomorrow without camp scheduling!!

  22. i love fridays too because i get to stay home! no work, no classes. it’s GREAT! :)
    Sarah K. @ The Pajama Chef recently posted..Cinnamon Bacon Carbonara

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