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Hi Friends!

Time for another round of Sunday Food Prep!


Last weekend I was NOT in the mood to food prep. I was tired after my Crossfit competition and I just wanted to lay around. But I know from experience how much it helps, so I forced myself into the kitchen for an hour. Here’s what I did:


I prepped:

  • Sprouted lentils
  • Black beans
  • Green beans
  • Carrots
  • Quinoa
  • Chopped veggies for roasting
  • Sweet potato
  • Broccoli
  • Lettuce for salads

Not my biggest week of food prep but every little bit helps!

Here’s what some of you have been up to:

Kristen from Real Food for Fuel :

Photo A: Chopped up veggies for stir fry, dipping with hummus; tempeh taco mix, baked sweet potatoes, quinoa and stir fry veggies w/ vegan beef tips.
Photo B: Whole wheat bread, homemade almond butter, fruit snacks for lunches, green smoothes and more fresh cut fruit (watermelon and pineapple)
My husband and I are both endurance athletes and much of our evenings after work are spent training. When we finish our workouts, it’s important to have healthy eats on hand for quick consumption to optimize recovery! The cut veggies and quinoa will be used towards stir fry or curry, marinating tempeh for tacos or taco salads, the stir fry w/ vegan beef tips were divided up into 3 grab-and-go lunches or dinners for us. I use the almond butter for sandwiches, in my oatmeal and paired with apples for snacks. I tend to have a green smoothie mid-morning everyday as a snack or second breakfast. Finally, the fresh fruit and fruit snacks went towards lunches and my hubby’s long training weekend. Sunday food prep is a huge time and stress saver and helps me to better manage our food budget by making sure we’re using up what we already have on hand, especially regarding fresh produce. My husband loves it because it helps cut down on dirty dishes throughout the week!
Katie at Live Half Full :
This week I made an oatmeal bake to have on hand for breakfast, hard boiled some eggs for breakfast/snacks, made quinoa tabbouli for easy lunches (with hummus and pita chips!), cut up a watermelon (not pictured) and marinated some chickpeas for Easy Roasted Chickpea tacos!
Meal Prep 8_18
Taco meat for tacos and taco salad
Cheese sticks for snacks
Green grapes for snacks
Sausage and cheese balls for breakfasts
Green peppers for tacos, salads, snacks and maybe a stir fry
Broccoli for Sausage and broccoli pasta
Chicken noodle soup for lunch at work
photo (2)
-overnight steel cut oats with almond milk, dried cherries, and almonds
-homemade granola: oatmeal, flax seeds, peanut butter, macadamia nuts, eggs, nutmeg, cinnamon, dried cherries, golden raisins
-chicken salad with celery, Greek yogurt, and apples
-veggies for munching on with hummus
-quinoa mixed with broccoli and carrots
1. Mixed greens – kale & romaine for salads everyday
2. lots of eggs!!! no prepping required until the morning but eggs galore!
3. Grilled protein — lots of chicken and some pork chops, all seasoned with different spices… For the Chicken = cumin+cayenne+garlic+chilipowder, cayenne+chilipowder+garlic+groundmustard+ginger+blackpepper, & Mrs dash salt free smokehouse blend… pork chops = sage, thyme, rosemary, garlic & black pepper. LOVE experimenting with different spice combos
4. Jamie Eason Turkey Meatballs changed up with some shredded zucchini
5. chopped up veggies — cauliflower & broccoli for salads



Are you food prepping this weekend? Want to submit a pic to be featured in an upcoming post?! I’m totally out of submissions so be sure to send yours over!

Here’s what I need from you:

Email me the following:
1. Your Name
2. Your Blog URL (if you have one)
3. A photo of your food prep
4. A short description of what’s in the photo. Tell me what you prepped and how you’re going to use it during the week!

Every Sunday, I’ll post a roundup of the photos I received that week so that you guys can see what others are preparing and hopefully get some inspiration and ideas! I’ll keep this series going for as long as I receive photos, so send one every week if you want to!

Send to: theleangreenbean <at> gmail <dot> com

Tweet and Instagram your pics as well to inspire others!! Use the hashtag #sundayfoodprep . Remember that in order for a pic to be included in the post, you have to email it to me! If you have more than one pic, please make them into a collage before sending!


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Let’s chat: Are you prepping food today? Whatcha makin’?



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  1. I love these posts! Great inspiration (:
    Olivia @healthylivy recently posted..Balsamic chicken

  2. Love the food prep this week, and I agree- as much as it seems annoying at the time, it is SO worth it when you wake up each morning throughout the week!
    Kelly @ Femme Fitale recently posted..There Are More Important Things…

  3. I’m usually way too lazy on Sundays to do food prep. I read your Sunday post every week and think, “maybe today’s the day” and then I just take a nap instead haha. I may roast a spaghetti squash to make some lunches out of for the work week!
    Kelly @ Kelly Runs for Food recently posted..Funny Farm

  4. Well done on prepping even though you weren’t bothered. I’ve still got to do my food prep this week which is never a good thing on a Monday night. Some great inspiration here though :)
    Jan @ Sprouts n Squats recently posted..Moved to WordPress & Weekly Workout Recap

  5. I know food prep takes a good amount of time, and I hate giving up a few hours of my weekend to do it, BUT when the weeknights come fast and I am tired, I appreciate all the hard work I did Sunday to make sure we are eating healthy and delicious foods!
    Maureen recently posted..Finally Friday

  6. I say this every week, but I love these posts. And every week it’s my goal to submit something again… but then I end up buying pre-cut veggies and bottled water. :/ One day, though! In the mean time, I’m finding inspiration from these lovely ladies… and you, of course.
    Nicole @ not before my tea recently posted..A picture is worth a thousand words

  7. I love how you keep this up even when you don’t want to. Some weeks I don’t want to, and I eat terribly because so. Good on you!

  8. Those weeks I want to skip prep I ALWAYS thank myself! Go you!

    This week we’re grilling a few items, have some fruit and salad stuff on hand for quick meals but other than that we’re clearing out the fridge since we leave for Europe on Thursday!
    Katie @ Live Half Full recently posted..Finally Friday

  9. Your food prep posts inspired me! I just moved into an apartment at college today and did a little food prep for the next few days. I definitely want to do it every weekend and do more next time!

  10. Food prep is so important to me. I have to eat gluten-free and dairy-free, so meal planning and food prep are like my saving grace! I love seeing this post to see what others are doing. I’d love to get in on the next one… when do you need the pictures/text by? Thank you!
    Alexandra @ Made to Glow recently posted..10 Tips to Ease the Transition to a Gluten-free, Dairy-free Lifestyle


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