Fitness Friday 62

Hi Friends!

Time for the first Fitness Friday of 2014! The last workout I shared when we left off was my drop-in WOD at Crossfit Dumbo while we were visiting my parents. Here’s what I’ve been up to since then:


1. Adjusting to wodding again after a little break due to xmas and traveling
2. Sunday Funday- This ended up being much harder than it sounded when we made it up- 3+17
3. Worst combo for your wrists is heavy overhead squats and pushups- 7 + 2 Rx
4. New Year’s Day WOD – 2 + 38 Rx+ (I did 75# thrusters and 20# wall balls)


I suffered my first box jump injury. I was working out by myself, wasn’t focusing on what I was doing and totally missed the box. The picture doesn’t do it justice…this bruise was gnarly. And it didn’t go away for over two weeks. I even had pants on when I did this. Painful.


1. Good one! Lots of hang cleans & squat cleans at 115#, then 8+7 Rx for the #wod
2. A slightly modified version of the filthy 50 to kick off Saturday! 32:28
3. Sunday Funday – 16:02 with banded ring dips
4. Overhead squats- got 3 @ 115#, then conditioning test- did scale 1 (5 thrusters, 5 pullups and 5 burpees every minute on the minute for as long as you can)  and finished 11 rounds with all butterfly pull-ups!


1. Woof. Finished 6 + 2 rounds and let me just say, doing 62 chest to bar pullups is NOT fun.
2. Loved this #wod – 7:34 Rx
3. Tore my hand doing chest to bar earlier this week so had to skip today’s wod and do something that didn’t involve pull-ups or holding a barbell! Finished this one in just over 8 min with a 20# wall ball and 25# plate for the lunges.
4. This is what I was doing when I got my boxjump injury.


It’s fun to flex your muscles every once and a while :)


Friends & I tried something new last weekend! Church &#crossfit combo. An inspiring message about how we’re all fighting for something in our lives…and then a tough #wod. I did the middle option with pull-ups, TTB and goblet squats.


1. Best #wod we’ve done in a while! 7+3 Rx
2. Rough. 5:09 Rx
3. 7:10 Rx
4. Still patiently waiting for my custom nanos to get here! Can’t wait!


In other news, it’s almost time for the Open! This is basically the beginning of the road to the Crossfit Games. Anyone can participate in the Open. It’s five weeks long and they announce a new workout each week. Once the workout is announced, you have 4 days to either go to a crossfit affiliate and do the workout or videotape yourself doing it. Everyone does the same workout, with the same weight and you submit your scores. Then after 5 weeks, the top 45-60 competitors in each region go on to regionals and the top finishers at regionals go to the crossfit games.

Last year I’d only been doing Crossfit for about 3 months when it started. I was nervous, the weights were heavy, the skills were hard. This year I’m excited. I’m stronger and more skilled…but that doesn’t mean it will be easier. That’s what I love about Crossfit…you can always make it harder. You can always push yourself more. You can always go faster, get more reps…I can’t wait to see what the workouts are for this year!

That’s all for today! Happy Friday!


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  1. ahh glad your leg is the only box jump injury!! and glad you’re going to be ok!!!
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted..five things friday

  2. Ahh box jump injuries are the worst…not that I’ve ever had one…I kind of have a fear of the boxes (for good reasons clearly lol)
    Oh, and good luck in the open!!
    GiselleR recently posted..Happy Blogiversary & Diary of an ExSloth Readers’ Picks

  3. those box jump mishaps are the worst. I still have a mental block from mine. LOL!

    yay for competition!
    lindsay Cotter recently posted..Fashion Friday : A Comfy Cotter Style Giveaway

  4. OMGSH! I hope your leg is okay! I would LOVE to try crossfit, but we don’t have a box near me :(. So cool that you are doing the open! Best of luck to you!!
    Elizabeth @ Positive Change recently posted..Walt Disney World Marathon {Part 2}

  5. Wow I’m glad to hear you are okay. I’ve banged up my shins a few times from boxes (not box jumps just boxes) and believe me it is painful. Awesome about the open and good luck!
    HollieisFueledByLOLZ recently posted..Lake Effect Series: How Blogging Enhanced My Eating Disorder

  6. I love your flexing pictures- you look awesome! So sorry on the nasty bruise… ugh, those are the worst when they take so long to feel better. Can’t wait to hear how the competition goes!
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..Running in the first trimester

  7. You have progressed so much lately – I love it! Keep up the great work!
    Heather recently posted..Progress Update – The Workouts

  8. Ugh, that box jump injury is the exact reason why box jumps tend to scare the shit out of me!
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted..Five Things Friday 01/17/14.

  9. Yowzas! That bruise… I’m so sorry! The other weekend I took a massive digger while running and walked home with 2 bloody knees, 1 bleeding palm and a smashed up iPhone. Exercise fail! Unfortunately it’s part of the territory. But on the upside, your muscles are looking MEAN, girl! :)
    elle | nutritionella recently posted..power greens breakfast skillet

  10. I am afraid of the box (b/c my vertical sucks) and that bruise makes me more afraid! But look at all the benefits. Good luck with the games–it will be fun for you to see how much stronger you are this year!
    misszippy recently posted..If I were to do a triathlon this year…

  11. Oh my goodness a box jump shin scrape is my worst nightmare – and I don’t even do box jumps that often! That looks terrible, but glad you’re OK! And your muscle flexing session looks great!
    Megan (The Lyons’ Share) recently posted..Warm-Me-Up Chicken Quinoa Soup

  12. These WODs all rock. I can’t wait to switch to a different box that has more METCON workouts. The one I’m at focuses heavily on olympic lifting.

    You are looking AMAZING. Rock on lady!


  13. Dang your arms looks amazing! I just really started focusing on weight training this week and I think that picture of your arms is my goal! Great workouts!
    Sara @ LovingOnTheRun recently posted..Five Ways to Take Care of Your Body (Aside from Diet and Exercise)

  14. Ouch! That bruise looks like it hurt! I’m sorry.
    On the upside, your muscles look awesome!
    Helen recently posted..Fitness Friday 3

  15. Note to self: Avoid box jumps. That must have stung like a motha! I think the worst I’ve done is drop an 8kg dumbbell on my foot… whilst shoeless..
    Karl @ Afterburn Effect Training recently posted..10 Foods Thin Women Eat

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