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Hi Friends!

We skipped our regular Fitness Friday last week since I was busy sharing some of my favorite workouts with you! So i’ll try to catch you up on some of my workouts from the past two weeks! Oh, and we’re doing this on Thursday instead of Friday because tomorrow is Foodie Penpals reveal day!

Also, I know i told you guys about my post on Anytime Health yesterday. I got a little ahead of myself as it wasn’t published until later in the day. Anyways, it’s live now and you can CLICK HERE to read about Boredom Busting Treadmill Workouts!

Now, here we go with the workout recap!

Friday 8/17: An awesome outdoor run. I walked 1 min after mile 1, 2 min after mile 2 and then ran the rest of the way home.

Saturday 8/18: A walk with my favorite workout buddies

Sunday 8/19: Volleyball- it was cold and rainy but still a great workout!

Monday 8/20: A late night run after my first day at the internship! Rocked it! It was the perfect temp. So easy to breathe. I loved it.

Tuesday 8/21: I broke my rule about running two days in a row. I had too! I’m not adjusting well to sitting at a desk all day. I did sprints that were on the agenda in Boot Camp and covered 3.2 miles in 30 min and I was walking 1/2 the time! I was impressed with myself. It was the first time I’d really pushed myself to do sprints when I wasn’t on a treadmill in a long time!!  That’s why I love Tina’s bootcamp. Even though i’m loosely following it, it’s still pushing me to do new things!

Wednesday 8/23: Weights! This week of bootcamp focused on drop sets! Brutal.

Thursday 8/23: Another bootcamp weights workout (I know, I shouldn’t lift two days in a row but I’m doing my best to adjust to my new schedule and make stuff work). I’ll get it figured out.

Friday 8/24: Rest day. I came home from my internship and literally faceplanted into bed and slept for 3 hours. So exhausted. I did manage to squeeze in a nice walk after dinner though.

Saturday 8/25: Another run. It was freakin’ hot, but I went out there and did intervals. There was an air quality alert so I wasn’t moving all that fast, but I did 2 min run/30 sec walk x 12. I was happy that I managed to keep a 9:30/min pace! And let me tell you I was a hot, sweaty mess by the end of it!

Sunday 8/26: Rest day. I spent all day trying to get ahead on blogging for the week and finish 2 case studies and a module that I had due on Tuesday so all we did was take the boys for a walk. It was a beautiful night out though so we enjoyed it!

Monday 8/27: Run time. I needed to cover about 4 miles to get my steps in for the day so I did the following: Ran 20 min, walked 10 min, ran 10 min, walked 5 min! It worked out perfectly!

Tuesday 8/28: Rest. I’m suffering from another injury. I noticed it on my run Monday night but tried to ignore it. It feels like a strained muscle- my upper right quad to be exact. I don’t think it hurts enough to be pulled, but it has been quite a while since I pulled a muscle. My suspicion is that i’ve been unintentionally babying my left leg after I got the shin splint and in doing so have put more strain on my right leg….but I dunno. Anyways, ibuprofen, rest and ice for a few days was def in the cards. I still walked the dogs though.

So, as you can see, I’ve been doing my best to squeeze in workouts at night…but I’ve also been trying to adjust to sitting at a desk all day. Here’s a little workout I put together to help you move more at the office!

Let’s chat:

Do you find yourself sitting at your desk for hours at a time without moving?
Will you try this workout to help yourself get in the habit of moving more during the day?
Do you have any tips of your own?


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Lindsay Livingston is a Registered Dietitian and new mom from Columbus, Ohio. On her blog, she shares simple, healthy recipes, nutrition tips, workouts and snapshots of her life. Follow her on Twitter @LeanGrnBeanBlog and Instagram @TheLeanGreenBean and be sure to subscribe via RSS or email so you never miss a post!


  1. This workout is just what I needed. I teach at a college, and I try to walk around as I’m teaching, but I have a lot of busy work so I end up sitting in my office for hours at a time. This definitely will help me get off my butt!!

    Every so often, I’ll do a search on youtube for desk stretches. These help with the tense muscles!

  2. Your office workout answered the question on my blog today of what workout I should do while I’m studying! Perfect!!
    Andrea recently posted..Tie Dye Oatmeal and a Fake Workout

  3. OK you KNOW MY HEART SKIPPED A BEAT and I thought wait did I miss thursday?!

    I love me some office workouts too.
    many days it’s all I get in!
    Miz recently posted..OIL PULLING part DEUX.

  4. I really do my best to keep moving at my office job. I’ll stand as often as possible. As things have been becoming more busy at work lately, I’ve found myself sitting more at the desk. Truly, thanks for the reminder to get up and GO! Love this workout idea and will pin it so I can do it at the office!
    Katie @wishandwhimsy recently posted..Fitness & Finances.

  5. when I had a desk job I used to actually go to the bathroom for mini yoga/stretch breaks! It felt *amazing* to be able to reach my arms up and just twist around for a few minutes and not look like a crazy person doing it at my desk :)
    Erica {} recently posted..Hurricane Isaac

  6. Love the puppy pic :)

    Pinned the office workout! Thanks!
    Kierston recently posted..8 Weeks Out: There Is Balance To Be Found!

  7. look at you go! running machine!
    lindsay recently posted..Not a Comeback

  8. Office workout? I posted one today too… great minds think alike!
    Zarah recently posted..Poor thing

  9. I’m a teacher so I’m hardly ever sitting! But this is a great workout for people who do sit all day!
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted..Cacao Cherry Power Protein Smoothie

  10. I have the worst time sitting all day! First off, I bought an exercise ball to sit on. It’s not perfect, but much easier on my hips then the desk chair. Second, I drink a TON of water so all of those trips to the bathroom add up. Last, I take the stairs any chance I get.
    Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table recently posted..Key Lime Pie Smoothie

  11. Awesome workouts this week, girl! I also have an office job and will purposely walk around and downstairs just to get some blood flow. I do, however, tend to get so into my work that I’ll HOURS fly by before realizing I haven’t moved! Ugh, not good. I am a big water drinker so at least I’m walking to the break room every couple of hours to fill my jug. I’m definitely going to incorporate your office workouts though. Maybe I should set an alarm on my computer so I don’t get so wrapped up in work? Hmm.. :)

  12. Ugh, I hate sitting at the office. I use my exercise ball intermittently throughout the day, and I sneak in squats and lunges whenever I go to the bathroom. I love your office workout, but I have one modification I’d make. Tricep dips *unless you have a rolly chair* lol, that could be a disaster!
    Olga recently posted..WIAW: Birthday Edition

  13. Love that you used office equipment in your workout! haha Looks like a fun one :)
    Paige @ Your Trainer Paige recently posted..My Run Routine + My Thoughts on Pro-Ana Websites

  14. I spent way too much time sitting at a desk and on a plane for work. There are a few things I’ve done. I set an alarm on my computer so my screen goes black once and hour. This forces me to get up and walk- it’s a good break for your eyes too. I also have a giant exercise ball that I sit on some of the time- it forces you to use your core. Finally, I have an adjustable desk that let’s me stand to work at my desk.
    Kiersten recently posted..Exercise for Weight Loss: Is Less More??

  15. I love your boredom busting workout on Anytime Health! I get bored pretty quickly on the treadmill and always feel like I need to change my pace to stay interested. I’m looking forward to trying your workouts instead of my usual intervals. Thanks!

  16. Great post! I sit all day long at work. I do have a little reminder on my phone that pops up every 60 minutes as a water/walk reminder (I take a little walk through the building I work in) but I will DEFINITELY be trying out this routine.
    Emily recently posted..Motivation: That ARThletic Girl

  17. Excellent photos… so motivating. Sorry to hear about the possible injury. Over correction can be the worst. Try to be mindful of it and ease back in.

    I sit at my desk as well, i try to run during my lunch hour to get the juices flowing.
    Pavement Runner recently posted..Playlist Thursday: Who Is On My Playlist The Most?

  18. I spend all day sitting at work, and I hate it. We have a very open layout, though, so there’s no way I could get away with any of this haha. I have no cubicle, no door: nothing. I need something INCREDIBLY subtle that doesn’t involve standing if I’m going to do it at work!
    Bethany @ Accidental Intentions recently posted..Thursday Things

  19. I have an office job where I sit all day, so I just try to stay active on at night and on my days off. I can’t really get up and down as I please since I am working on patients! That is one bummer about my job!!
    Brittany @ Delights and Delectables recently posted..Fall is Coming Salad with Roasted Butternut Squash, Apples, Pears, and Chickpeas

  20. Hey Lindsey! I participated in Foodie PenPals this past month – I’ve been to your blog before – but I JUST realized that you are from Columbus! The background in the picture of the dogs looked familiar and I read your ‘about’ section and figured it had to be the Oval :) I’m from Columbus too (Clintonville now)! Small world!
    Diane @ life of di. recently posted..Honeymoon: Hello Santa Fe.

  21. I have an office job and couldn’t “stand” sitting all day, so I requested to have my desk raised to fix my dilemma. Now I stand all day and don’t even have a chair; it’s great.

    I know some people use a stability ball as their chair, so that’s a good idea too. Also, I am on the 3rd floor and will make it a point to use a bathroom downstairs every time I need to. Whatever allows for not being sedentary, I’ll do. Love the office workout, I could really use that! Not like I’m worried about people thinking I’m weird….I’m the only one standing in the office all day!
    RC @ Just Add Cayenne recently posted..WIAW #26 What Can’t You Eat With a Cup and Spoon?


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