Fitness Friday 3

It’s time for another Fitness Friday post!


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Here’s a look at my workouts from the last week:

Dec 16th– I was feeling pretty tired from yesterdays workout but knew I should get on the treadmill. It’d been a while since I did anything on an incline so I put together this 25 minute routine.


25 Minute Incline Walk/Run Treadmill


I went 2.06 miles.

Running on an incline is hard for me even when I’m not tired so 6 mph was plenty fast enough to challenge me. I tried bumping it up to 6.5 for one minute and quickly realized I wouldn’t make it through the workout at that speed so I went back down. 3 minutes is a long time for me to run continuously at an incline so the running intervals were definitely challenging. I was dripping sweat when this was over!

Dec 17th– I didn’t have much time before I had to be ready to go out to dinner but I still wanted to get some weights in, so I put together a 20 minute circuit with one minute intervals. 10 minutes legs, 5 minutes arms, 5 minutes abs.

Here’s what it looked like:


20 Minute Circuit Workout

Do each exercise for one minute and move immediately to the next.
To make it slightly easier, take a 15 second break between each exercise.


This was definitely challenging, especially without any rest in between!

Dec 18th The hubby and I took the dogs on a 1.75 mile walk. It took us about 27 minutes. Then, instead of laying down to read my book, I went downstairs and hopped on the treadmill with the goal of walking for an hour while I read. I set the incline at 6.0 and started at a slow mph so that I could read without the book shaking around. For the first 20 minutes I walked at 3.0, for the second 20 minutes I slowly increased my speed from 3.0 – 3.3 mph. For the last 20 minutes I stopped reading and bumped the speed up to 4.0. I finished 3.25 miles in just under an hour.

Total: 5 miles walked in approximately 1 hour and 25 minutes.

Dec 19th I hopped on the treadmill this morning and walked another 3 miles. For the first 20 minutes I walked and read at 3.5 mph, incline 7.0. From minutes 20-25 I bumped it up to 3.7 mph. Then I put the book down and bumped it up to 4.0 mph. When I hit 2 miles, I increased my speed to 4.2 mph and finished 3 miles in 47:05.

After a short break for lunch, I headed back to the basement and did a new 100 workout. I modified the one I’ve been doing on Mondays:

And made it all legs.

Here’s what it looked it:


100 workout LEGS


This took me 23 minutes. I used weights for the 100 squats, deadlifts and calf raises but did the rest with just bodyweight. My goal was to finish in under 25 minutes.

Dec 20th– I woke up not feeling the greatest and with a sore hip and knee. However, I knew I was going on vacation so I wanted to get a quick workout in at least and thought I could handle doing some arms and abs.



Quick Arm Workout


 Abs: 2 min plank, 1 min plank, 100 crunches, 100 reverse crunches

Dec 21st- Rest day/travel day

Dec 22nd– first time at my parent’s gym. They have an elliptical which I haven’t used in months so I did 20 minutes on that, and then hopped on the treadmill and ran a mile. I set it at 6.5mph (9:13) mile and guess what? It was easy!!! Felt like I could have ran forever. That means I’m making 6.5 my new slow/recovery speed in some of my workouts instead of 6.0 mph!

3 miles on the elliptical (20 min) + 1 mile on the treadmill (9:15)


So there you have it! A week’s worth of workouts. Now it’s your turn. Tell me one fitness goal you achieved or set for yourself this week!??



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  1. Great workouts! I’m hoping to get in today – i’ve been out sick since Sunday – eek!

  2. Love all those workouts!! Running on an incline is always tough! Great job though:D

  3. Woohoo – way to get your sweat on, girl! :)

  4. BAM! Great week of workouts! I totally wish I had a treadmill or stationary bike so I could read + get a workout in at the same time.
    Heather @ Get Healthy with Heather recently posted..{christmas morning} cinnamon apple oatmeal bake

  5. I love circuit style workouts so these are great! And I like that they are quicker to complete too
    Have a great Friday!
    Tessa @ Amazing Asset recently posted..Friday Favorites

  6. Great workouts!!! I did the biggest loser last chance workout yesterday and every muscle group was still yelling at me this morning, so I took today off and will be doing it again tomorrow morning.
    Jen@FoodFamilyFitness recently posted..Success

  7. Great workouts! :)
    Matt @ The Athlete’s Plate recently posted..Friday Favorites

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