Apple Graham Cracker Snack Nachos

Apple Graham Snack Nachos

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These Apple Graham Cracker Snack Nachos are a fun after school treat for the kids. A great way to mix familiar and new foods and make eating fun!


Apple slices
graham crackers
peanut butter
fresh fruit
chocolate chips
hemp seeds
ground flaxseed
chia seeds
chopped nuts
other options: Sweet potato toast slices, avocado toast slices, anything else you can think of!


Use the apple slices and graham cracker quadrants as the base. (Or the sweet potato/avocado toast slices if using)
Drizzle with yogurt and peanut butter (I mixed ground flaxseed into my peanut butter. You could also mix hemp seeds or chia seeds in
Add toppings and serve.


For a pretty drizzle, put the yogurt into a ziploc bag, cut the corner off and squeeze to drizzle as desired.
For the peanut butter I just microwave it for 30 seconds or so to make it runnier and then drizzle off a spoon.