WIAW: Randomness

I suppose this isn’t a true WIAW post because the following don’t come from a single day…but if there’s one word to describe our eats around here over the last couple weeks, it’s random.

Exhibit A:
-Last week school started back up again and before I got my head on straight, I headed out the door to work one day only to realize halfway there that I hadn’t eaten since breakfast. Instead of grabbing fast food, I ducked into the grocery store and grabbed some healthy snacks to tide me over:

Exhibit B:
-Are tacos still tacos if they don’t include meat, cheese or lettuce, and very little tomato? What if, instead, they’re filled with sweet potato hummus, sauteed red pepper, snap peas and onion and topped off with a little Roasted Garlic & Tomato Farro…

Exhibit C:
-Is a pizza still a pizza if I use naan for the crust, hummus for the sauce, top it with raw veggies, lentils & black beans and sprinkle it with roasted potatoes instead of cheese?

Exhibit D:
-Oh wait, that’s not food. That’s just Abner checking out my super cute new boots :)

Exhibit E:
-Are pumpkin pancakes still pancakes if I go a little overboard with the ratio of pumpkin to flour and they’re a bit squishy in the middle?

Exhibit F:
A bbq tempeh sandwich that tasted delicious but just never quite made it onto the blog…UNTIL NOW!

See what I mean? Random city. You know what else is random? Me temporarily forgetting the mechanics of baking and trying to put a cute little message on my mini cake BEFORE baking it. Turns out the cake just bakes right up around it! Go figure..

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. ooh yum! I love pumpkin so I’d probably love pumpkin pancakes. A pizza is anything cooked on a flat bread and a taco is something inside a wrapped flatbread….although you’re right, it could overlap with enchilada or fajita. Hm….that’s an interesting thought!
    Hannah@mindrunningwild recently posted..Living the Good Life

  2. Yes, those pancakes still count as pancakes even when they turn out like that! I bet I would prefer them a bit mush in the middle as a matter of fact :)
    Tessa @ Amazing Asset recently posted..WIAW- Baked Goods Edition Part 2

  3. I make naan pizza with hummus as the sauce too! It’s the perfect spin on traditional pizza in my opinion!

    I LOVE those boots…I have big muscular calves and as such I can never find boots that fit so I swoon over them when I see a nice pair!

    PS I tried that with a cake too…It didn’t work out too well but it still tasted yummy!
    Katie@Real Food Katie’s Way recently posted..Under Pressure

  4. You can call your food whatever you want.

    And I love the “grab food from the grocery store” trick, rather than succumb to something you don’t really want. [Or won’t be happy about eating later.]
    Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen recently posted..Deep Freeze

  5. your tacos look amazing!!!
    Sarah recently posted..WIAW #9

  6. Ummm YUMMM! They so count as tacos even if they don’t have meat in them. I’m a taco master or I like to pretend we Texans know what we are talking about when it comes to tacos. Love those new boots. So cute.
    Lindsay recently posted..Things I realize..

  7. hahaha! your mini cake WAS quite cute before baking though. :)
    sarah (sarah learns) recently posted..one month of wedded bliss <3

  8. Random eats are the best and most tasty. And I’m pretty sure there are no rules for tacos and pizza… well maybe the true Mexicans and Italians might disagree:)
    Lindsay @ biking before bed recently posted..“What’s my age again?”

  9. Um your boots ARE super cute!! Love!
    Rachel @ The Avid Appetite recently posted..Game Day Eats: Pear, Gorgonzola & Bacon Toasts

  10. yum! i love grocery store eats…did that for lunch last week instead of eating out because nothing else sounded good. :)
    Sarah K. @ The Pajama Chef recently posted..Butternut Squash Apple Soup

  11. Sweet potato hummus? Where in the world did you find that? It sounds heavenly!
    Amanda @ Fashionably Plate recently posted..WIAW: Quirks

    • i make it myself! 2 cans of chickpeas, 1 sweet potato-microwave it to cook it and then scoop out the insides, juice from 1/2 a lemon, 3 tbsp liquid from chickpea can, 6 tbsp water, paprika and cayenne pepper! it’s also delicious with a head of roasted garlic added in :)

  12. That pizza looks delicious! I’ve never thought of putting potatoes on one before!

  13. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!

  14. MM those pancakes actually sound really good! Your tacos are so cute and funny. I loved this post :)
    Allison (Allison’s Delicious Life) recently posted..WIAW: SUPER FAST MEALS

    • thanks!! i thought the pancakes were good too :) i certainly ate the whole batch. gonna tweak the recipe just a little bit then it might appear on the blog!

  15. I love it!

  16. a hidden message is always better! :)

  17. OK so maybe I’m having a blonde moment … did you take the picture of the cake BEFORE you baked it? Because I can read the message! If so, you should have shown us a “before” and “after” haha!
    Kristen @ notsodomesticated recently posted..WIAW and my glorified “Noodle.”

    • haha, that picture was before. i should have taken an after picture but truth- i was disappointed you couldn’t see the message anymore! it just looked like a solid chocolate top!

  18. Cuuute boots, girlfriend! And cake 😉
    sarah@spinach and spice recently posted..WILC: Working The Freshman Meal Plan

  19. you look awesome in those boots!!! i bet the cake still tasted delicious :)
    Sam recently posted..health and fitness link love 10

  20. Definitely still pizza and LOVE the boots!
    LauraJayne recently posted..Best Stir-Fry Recipe in the World

  21. Loving your outfit!
    I love how you wrote I love U on the cake with m&ms :) so cute!
    Shannon recently posted..October Goals

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