Pick of the Week: Pomegranate

Hi Friends-

Continuing on my trend of new things, I’m going to start picking a new fruit or vegetable to try each week! My goal is to use it a couple of different ways to give it a fair chance and then give you guys my review at the end of the week!

So first up, the pomegranate. They were on sale at the grocery store last weekend so I figured it was a good place to start :)

I’ve heard a lot about pomegranates, seen lots of blog tutorials about how to get the arils out…but I’d never tried one!

First up, learn how the heck to open them! I used this tutorial as a starting point. It was very helpful and shows you two different ways to get those juicy little gems out! But here’s the basic idea.

Most important step: Cover your cutting board with paper towels…trust me on this one! Then cut the pomegranate in half starting at the bottom.
Submerge half of it in a bowl of cold water and gently pull out the arils. I just kinda freestyled here and pulled off chunks of the white part to expose more seeds and pull them out.
When you’re done, the arils will be at the bottom and the white stuff will float on top.
Scoop out the white, drain the water and store the red :)
I’m totally in love with these little guys! Each one is like a little pop of juice with a slight crunch. This week I tried them on my salad:
I mixed them in my yogurt:
I added them to my yogurt bowl:
And I used them to make a sauce for my Cornish Game Hens:

Verdict: Pick of the Week: Pomegranate was a big success!

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  1. Just testing out the comments section!

  2. I love pomegranate! And what a great idea to try something new each week. :)

  3. You’ve inspired me to try a pomegranate. Kale is my adventure this week. Next week will be project Pomegranate!

    Love the new look!

    • ahhh kale is on the menu for my pick of the week #2. we live on the same wavelength lady! enjoy your pomegranates! can’t wait to see what you try :)

  4. Hello Lindsay — love your blog and your new header! (though admittedly I hadn’t seen the old one). Glad to hear pomegranets were a big success; I love them too!

    • thanks so much!! can’t wait to check out your blog! if you have any good pomegranate ideas, feel free to pass them on since i’m a pom newbie :)

  5. Love pomegranates! Although I tend to get pom juice all over my shirt whenever I try to cut one open.

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