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I didn’t pick pecans this week because I’ve never had them before. I picked them because I rarely have them, and I’ve never bought them for myself. They’re expensive. And to be honest, I really wasn’t sure whether I liked them or not. Last weekend I found some in the bulk bins at the grocery store and I picked up about 1/2 a pound, for a reasonable price, and decided to give them a whirl.

First up, we had Pecan Crusted Haddock.

I smashed up some pecans, dipped the fish in flour and egg, pressed the pecans on and pan seared the fish. The flavor of the fish still came through but it gave it a crunchy crust that was a nice change from plain old breadcrumbs!

Next, I made a little treat. When I got married, I had 3 wedding showers. One in Minnesota- where I was born, one in Kansas- where I grew up, and one in Ohio-where I now live. I got some amazing presents but one in particular has always stuck in my mind for some reason. It came from the mom of one of my best guy friends. She made a big batch of Sugared Pecans, gave me the recipe for my recipe book, and filled two beautiful stemless wine glasses with the pecans and tied them with pretty ribbons.

This past week, I dug out that recipe album and found the recipe for sugared pecans. Since the recipe called for 1 lb of pecans and as you’ll recall, I only bought 1/2 a pound and had already used some, I thought it would be fine to just quarter the recipe. Well I’m here to tell you that getting 1/4 of an egg white is no easy feat. But I did it!

Essentially you just combine pecans, an egg white, a little water and some sugar. Stir everything together, and bake at 250 degrees for an hour or so, stirring occasionally. Voila! A tasty little treat :)

Finally, I used the remaining pecans as a topping for my pancakes this weekend!

Chocolate chip pancakes with Chobani, sliced bananas and chopped pecans?! Yes please!!

And now for the weekend news:

Child Obesity Linked to Early Start on Solids– An article about how starting formula-fed babies on solid foods too early can lead to obesity

Reducing the Sugar in Children’s Breakfast Cereals– Several big names are reducing the sugar content of their cereals
Is It Really An Improvement?– But some say they still have a long way to go.

Is The Anti-Obesity Campaign Working?– Is Michelle Obama’s campaign getting results?

Fast Casual Restaurants Are Hiring Dietitians– An article about how more and more restaurants are hiring dietitians to plan their menus.

Eggs Are Ok– News from the USDA giving eggs their seal of approval.

Sprouted Foods On The Rise– Sprouted foods gaining popularity. Read more about them and their benefits in this article.

LYFE- A Healthy Restaurant Chain– An article about an awesome new healthy restaurant concept!

So tell me, what’s your favorite recipe involving pecans?


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  1. Yum! Those pancakes look incredible!
    Simply Life recently posted..Pita Pizzas &amp Waffle Fries!

  2. Pecans are HUGE in SC! You can find a candied version at pretty much every candy store. And those pancakes look gorgeous. Hope you had a nice Sunday

  3. ooo, way to get creative with the pecans! :) my favorite pecan recipe is PECAN PIE!! but more regularly, i like to just eat them as a quick snack.
    sarah (sarah learns) recently posted..home-cooked valentine’s day!

  4. Yum! Pecans are one of my favorite nuts. I like to use them to make honey-roasted-spiced nuts or add them to a coffee cake. Those sugared pecans look just lovely though. I may have to give them a try.
    Mama Kelly aka Jia recently posted..What’s Cooking – Indian Thai Egyptian Food and Vegan Cupcakes

  5. Like you, I never buy pecans. I’m more of a walnut and almond girl, but I love pecan pie, so why wouldn’t I buy them?! I love that you used them to crust some fish, that sounds wonderful! I never think to do stuff like that.
    Also, thanks for posting the article about eggs. I get that question a lot so now I can say an egg a day is OK!
    Gina (The Candid RD) recently posted..Green Monster Soup and MashedTurnips!

  6. Your pancake photos turned out well! I usually turn to pecans because I’m slightly allergic to almonds so it is good to see some new ways to try them!
    Alicia at AliGirl Cooks recently posted..Spinach Bites


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