Baby Bean Maternity Photos

baby bean-221

Hi Friends! Today's a special day. I'm currently 37 weeks pregnant with baby bean AND it's our 6th wedding anniversary! We couldn't be more excited to celebrate this special day and to welcome our … {continue reading...}

Pumpkin Energy Balls

pumpkin energy balls

Hi Friends! I originally published this recipe almost exactly a year ago and it was a big hit, so I thought I'd re-share in case you missed the recipes! Plus I tried to take some better … {continue reading...}

Weekly Eats 61


Hi Friends! Whelp, it's been since the beginning of August since we chatted about weekly I guess it's about time to do that! Here's a look at some of the stuff I've been eating … {continue reading...}

5 Ways To Make Sandwiches More Fun

fun sandwich ideas

Hi Friends! Just popping in to share a few ideas with you. When I originally thought of this post idea, it was geared towards kids...since it's back to school season and lunches have to be packed … {continue reading...}

Sweet Potato Waffles

sweet potato waffles

Hi Friends! It's recipe time. I made these Sweet Potato Waffles over a year ago to share in my ebook. I forgot about them for a while, but recently made them to have on hand for a pre-workout snack … {continue reading...}