My Furry Family

In addition to my hubby, I also have 4 furry family members, 2 dogs & 2 cats. They light up my life, make me laugh every since day and I’m completely obsessed with taking pictures of them :)

Growing up I always had two cats and a dog. I missed them terribly when I went to college. When Brett & I first moved in together, I told him I wanted to get a cat…immediately. He never had cats growing up and wasn’t a big cat fan…but I wasn’t really taking no for an answer and the first weekend after we moved into our first apartment, we were at the animal shelter. Brett picked Marcus out himself and now they are best buds. He was 20 lbs when we got him but has slimmed down considerably :) Marcus enjoys sleeping, sleeping, meowing for his food, sitting in things and sleeping some  more…


I decided Marcus needed a friend and this little guy had me at hello. Well actually, he stuck his paw through the cage bars and grabbed my earring…that’s when I knew I  had to have him. He is a little rascal, always stealing pens and other various objects to play with. Poco enjoys sprinting around the house for no particular reason, chasing bugs, running from the dogs and eating leftovers out of the sink.

The cats did not get along AT ALL at first. Marcus was king of the house and didn’t want Poco around. I spent several nights crying on the couch while they hissed at each other, thinking I would have to take Poco back. Turns out they just needed a little time…and now  they’re best buds:


Right before we got married, my sister found a puppy on the side of the road. We were planning to get a dog after the wedding, but really…how can you resist this face? Tucker is, to put it mildly, extremely energetic. He LOVES to run…and he LOVES his ball. He’s ball obsessed. He will literally chase the ball until his legs collapse out from under him. He’s mommy’s boy and spends lots of time curled up next to me on the couch…or in my lap- where he thinks he fits quite nicely- even though he weighs 50 lbs.


Finally, we decided Tucker needed a brother of his own to play with. Enter Abner. Abby was Brett’s pick as well. He was abused and skittish when he came to us, but has adjusted well and is now quite happy. Abner enjoys barking, chasing Poco, barking at the neighbors, chewing on bones to make Tucker jealous, and sleeping.

The boys quickly became best friends and are now virtually inseparable.

So there you have it! All of our furry friends are either strays or adopted from shelters. If you’re thinking about adding a pet to your family, I highly encourage you to adopt from a shelter. There are MILLIONS of loving animals in need of forever homes.

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