Lindsay’s Lunchbox #4

I am so excited to share this week’s lunchbox with you!! Even though my suggestions aren’t the most exciting this week, there are some delicious reader suggestions at the bottom so be sure to stick with me! But first, fashion lunch bag anyone?!? So cute.

Thank you so much to everyone who sent me a picture, link, email, tweet or comment this week! It was so exciting to hear from all of you. Keep the ideas coming!! People are already getting inspiration! In case you’re new to Lindsay’s Lunchbox, it’s a weekly feature on my blog where I post a few healthy lunch ideas. In addition, people send me pics of things they ate for lunch this week. I compile them all into these posts, thus providing everyone reading with a one-stop shop for lunchtime inspiration! Did you eat something great for lunch this week? Next time, snap a picture and email it to me at!

Here’s what I’ve got for you this week!

1) Peanut Butter Crackers

Who needs the pre-packaged kind from the store (*AHEM Scott) when you can make your own so easily?! Choose your favorite cracker (we all know mine are Kashi 7 Grain), spread one with peanut butter (or any nut butter), add another cracker and voila!

2. Spring Rolls
These are super easy to make- it only takes a few minutes, especially if you’re using leftovers like I did. I just soaked a couple of wrappers in hot water, filled them with my leftover Tandoori Chicken and Spinach Salad, wrapped them up and enjoyed! I also made these a few months ago, you can check out my Sayanara Summer Rolls post for more detailed instructions. Also, make sure you read all the way to the end because Sarah submitted some spring rolls filled with fried rice that look out of this world delicious! *Side note: please excuse these horrible pictures. I was in too much of a hurry to eat these :)

3. Pancakes
This week, on our leftover night, the hubby and I whipped up some breakfast for dinner instead. He made some french toast with some bread we had that was going stale and I made some eggs and tried out this Whole Wheat Pancake recipe from Can You Stay For Dinner. Instead of sour cream, I used plain Chobani Greek yogurt. They turned out great! Super fluffy! I made a double batch because I wanted to have some left for lunch. Just let them cool, wrap them up and eat them the next day. Reheat them and add syrup, or eat them cold. I like to cover mine in yogurt :)

Reader Submissions:

Amy @ The Scene From Me sent me a pic of her adorable lunchbox and it’s delicious contents- Chicken Chili Chowder!

Jessica @ The Novice Chef made herself some homemade wonton soup:

Carrie checked in via Facebook:

Morgan @ Becoming Rooks was inspired by last week’s quesadilla idea!

Julie @ A Case of the Runs enjoyed a sandwich with her vegan pesto:

Lynn @ The Actor’s Diet enjoyed an amazing looking snack plate of salami, laughing cow cheese, jalapeno relish, pretzels and dried fruit salad:
*I love the idea of a snack plate and it’s on my list of ideas to share with you guys. I have a great post that I found on another blog that explains it well. The whole idea is that you can eat a balanced plate of snack  items, but eat them all at once so it feels more like a meal and helps you stay full. Stay tuned :)

Sarah @ Going on Goals sent me this shot of her typical lunch. I love the explanation she included!

“Attached is a picture of my typical lunch. This includes fruit for a morning snack, yogurt for an afternoon snack, salad, leftovers (pictured: chili with tortilla chips), a sweet and a cheese stick. I work at a desk all day, so I have become big on snacking. Notice all of my lunch items are fairly small. My general rule of thumb is to drink 3-4 glasses of water at work and to wait at least an hour between snacks. I know a lot of the time, I am not hungry, I am just bored. By planning ahead, I always have a healthy snack that I can munch on without feeling guilty. Other favorite snacks include pretzel rods, raisins, sliced peppers and baby carrots.”

Hannah whipped up a batch of Gadempt Tofu:

Mid-day/Mid-week Food Inspiration- Gadempt Tofu:

Ingredients: Love, Olive Oil, Potatoes, Celery, Carrots, H20, Tofu, Broccoli, Sea Salt, Spices to taste.

Prep Time: 7 minutes
…Cook Time: 45 minutes.

Sarah @ Sarah Learns whipped up some veggie fried rice and put it in spring rolls- PURE GENIUS!

Christina @ Food.Fun.Fabulous is fighting the cold weather with lots of warm soup this week. She has rave reviews about this Amy’s Lentil Vegetable:

And finally, John @ Tasteful Tidbits made some Strawberry Frozen Yogurt, after reading about my Cranberry Frozen Yogurt. It looks amazing! And what a delicious treat for lunch, or anytime :)

So tell me, did any of these ideas inspire you?? I sure hope so!

Enjoy! And keep the submissions coming :)

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PS…something very exciting came in the mail yesterday. I’ll give you a sneak peak:

That’s right…more reusable snack bags for me :) I use them in my lunch every day, and I’m working with a fabulous Etsy seller to do a giveaway for you guys! It should be coming up in the next week or so! It’ll be a great time to stock up on these reusable bags and test them out with all your yummy new lunch ideas :) Stay tuned!!

About Lindsay

Lindsay Livingston is a Registered Dietitian and new mom from Columbus, Ohio. On her blog, she shares simple, healthy recipes, nutrition tips, workouts and snapshots of her life. Follow her on Twitter @LeanGrnBeanBlog and Instagram @TheLeanGreenBean and be sure to subscribe via RSS or email so you never miss a post!


  1. Your lunchbox submissions look awesome! I love the snack plate idea. I often do that at the end of the week when I’m trying to use up odds and ends!

  2. The spring rolls are gorgeous! And I’m going to checkout that chile chicken chowder recipe now! Love your lunchbox posts!

  3. so many awesome ideas this week! :) thanks for posting my spring rolls, lindsay!

    and i have to say, how cute are those reusable bags?!? i love them.

  4. Love the reusable snack bags! And I let time slip by without sending you my lunch :) [I can totally relate to the other Sarah with her “snack all day” mentality though….]

    I have always wanted to make spring rolls…one day….

  5. This roundup looks so fantastic Lindsay! I want to try everything!!

    And thank you for trying the pancakes :)

  6. Like Amy, I also have a BYO lunch box. Best purchase I ever made! And, Santa brought me some reuasble snack bags for Christmas. Weird question, but if you use them for the same snack everyday (i.e. pretzels) how long can you go before you wash them?

    • not a weird question :) i don’t wash mine all that often. especially if i just have crackers or something in them that doesn’t make them messy! i’d say just wipe them out if they start to look gross 😉

  7. My lunchbox is an open refrigerator door and individual sized bag of popcorn :) cute post!

  8. Your pancakes look fantastic! Love the idea of using whole wheat flour. Oh and ALWAYS love the idea of having breakfast for dinner! So fun!

  9. Thanks Lindsay for including me!
    I am actually going to make that chickpea salad like Carrie did on Sunday. Can’t wait to try it in my lunch next week!

  10. What a great idea! I have my eye on that wonton soup – sounds good for anytime of the year and for dinner too!

  11. I LOVE your lunchbox submissions! The veggie fried rice spring rolls sound delish!!!



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