Lindsay’s Lunchbox #3

Happy Friday everyone!

apple 300x277 Lindsays Lunchbox #3

How cute is this lunchbag? Check out some more great patterns at Carried Away Bags!

Also, I’m in love with this bag:

pb 300x250 Lindsays Lunchbox #3 {source}

Anyways, it’s hard to believe we’ve made it through the first three weeks of the year already! If you enjoy Lindsay’s Lunchbox, please remember to snap a picture of your own lunch next week and email it to me at: so I can include it in next week’s edition! I want this to be a weekly gathering of some simple, healthy lunch ideas that people can use to break themselves out of the boring lunch rut that grabs so many of us! Help me inspire other people to eat healthy lunches!

Here’s what I’ve got for you this week:

1) Quesadillas
Dillas are probably one of my all-time favorite foods. They’re quick and easy to make and you can put pretty much anything inside. This week, I used the leftovers from my Homemade Chipotle to make myself a tasty dilla. Pack yours with veggies and meat or beans and a little bit of low-fat cheese. When I pack mine in my lunch, I either put it on the Foreman the night before, or just microwave it enough to melt the cheese. Then I wrap it in foil and reheat or enjoy cold the next day!

DSC 7137 150x150 Lindsays Lunchbox #3 DSC 7138 150x150 Lindsays Lunchbox #3 DSC 7139 150x150 Lindsays Lunchbox #3

DSC 7141 Lindsays Lunchbox #3

2) Apple Slices & Peanut Butter
Easy, healthy and filling! Slice your apple the night before and squirt a little lemon juice over the slices to keep them from turning brown. At lunchtime, dip the slices into the pb and enjoy!

DSC 69091 Lindsays Lunchbox #3

3) Oatmeal
Unless you like your oatmeal cold, this one is limited to people who have access to a microwave. I like mine hot, so I usually only eat it once or twice a week, but it’s super filling, easy to make and customizable icon smile Lindsays Lunchbox #3 I love coming up with new combinations! I buy the packets of plain, instant oatmeal to keep the salt and sugar in check and then dress it up however I feel like it!

Here are a few of my latest creations:
-Elvis Oatmeal- plain oatmeal with peanut butter, sliced bananas and a few chocolate chips!

DSC 6995 300x200 Lindsays Lunchbox #3 DSC 7001 300x200 Lindsays Lunchbox #3

-Blueberry Muffin: Plain oatmeal with a crumbled blueberry muffin, apples and strawberry chobani

DSC 7062 300x200 Lindsays Lunchbox #3 DSC 7064 300x200 Lindsays Lunchbox #3

4) Homemade Breads
Use the weekend to bake up a couple loaves of banana or zucchini bread. I make mini loaves and freeze the ones I’m not eating. When I finish one loaf, I thaw out another. I love making my own quickbreads because you can adjust the recipes to make them pretty healthy and I like mini loaves because then I can eat two slices icon smile Lindsays Lunchbox #3 I make mine with extra bananas, greek yogurt instead of butter and very little sugar. Then I add in some wheat germ or ground flax seeds for an extra nutritional punch! When I’m home, I love to grill my banana bread with a little bit of butter.

DSC 7134 150x150 Lindsays Lunchbox #3 DSC 7136 150x150 Lindsays Lunchbox #3 DSC 7143 150x150 Lindsays Lunchbox #3

DSC 7144 300x200 Lindsays Lunchbox #3 This week I also made another loaf of Super Simple Dutch Oven Bread, except this time I used 1 cup whole wheat flour and 2 cups bread flour. It turned out great! Add some peanut butter and you’ve got yourself a hearty sandwich icon smile Lindsays Lunchbox #3

DSC 7148 150x150 Lindsays Lunchbox #3 DSC 7153 150x150 Lindsays Lunchbox #3 DSC 7151 150x150 Lindsays Lunchbox #3

Reader Submission:

John, from Tasteful Tidbits sent me this yummy looking lunch idea!
He said, “This chickpea salad is a lunch staple in my diet. It is easy and
delicious.” You can see the recipe here!

Chickpea Salad Sandwich Small Lindsays Lunchbox #3

Alicia from AliGirl Cooks sent in this super easy recipe for Red Quinoa Salad! You can see the recipe here.

quinoa1 300x225 Lindsays Lunchbox #3

Keep the submissions coming please!!!!!

For more ideas, see:
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Happy eating icon smile Lindsays Lunchbox #3

About Lindsay

Lindsay Livingston is a Registered Dietitian from Columbus, Ohio. On her blog, she shares simple, healthy recipes, nutrition tips, workouts and snapshots of her life. Follow her on Twitter @LeanGrnBeanBlog and Instagram @TheLeanGreenBean and be sure to subscribe via RSS or email so you never miss a post!


  1. I am in love with both that lunchbox and that bag. Perhaps I shall switch from apron collecting to lunchbag collecting (which is perhaps more appropriate as a teacher, no?)

    I definitely will send you some lunch ideas! I have to be a “packing pro” in elementary school. :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning!

    Your blog looks great, keep up the good work. The quesadilla looks amazing!

  3. Love the lunch box collections! My husband got me a sweet Built lunchbag for Christmas and I carry it everyday, even if its only to cart a banana :) So fun. So happy I found your blog!

  4. Hey Lindsay, love your lunch bag!! I take pretty much the same lunch every. single. day. Pretty much just a vegetable salad and some fruit. I will take some pics for you next week so you can see why I need to have all these creative dinners!! Have a super weekend — and thanks for the shout out on Twitter… I’m still learning how to use it!

  5. CUTE lunch bags! I love quesadillas. I actually made some for dinner last night. They’re such a great, no-fuss meal. And apples and peanut butter <3. Brings back memories of my childhood every time I eat it! Have a great weekend

  6. Your quickbreads look amazing – so moist, which of course is the only way to eat banana bread!

  7. I love these lunch box posts; they are so inspiring! I don’t know why I’ve never thought to do quesadilla lunches; they are frequently a quick go-to snack or meal for us. Great idea!

  8. I love your grilled banana bread idea! I am going to have to search your site now for that recipe made with extra bananas and yogurt :)
    I usually just take yogurt and fruit for lunch at work (its easy to throw in my lunch sack at 530am), but contantly looking for inspirations on lunch ideas!

    • thanks! the grilled banana bread is a childhood favorite of mine. the recipe i used is the one posted in the recipe section with the following changes: i added an extra banana, cut out the butter completely and used 6 oz container of non-fat plain greek yogurt instead of 1/3 c regular yogurt. it’s a little chewier and not as sweet as some recipes but i like it :)

  9. Loving those lunch bags – I need one! I usually pack my goodies in a small Marshall tote – i need to up the style a notch and get with the program, b/c those are really cute!
    Quesadillas are truly amazing. I love mine filled with a ton of veggies, and i usually opt for grilled chicken, too. Oatmeal is something else I dearly LOVE, although I haven’t tried it Elvis-style. I’m completely missing out!

    Have a fantastic weekend!

    • haha, i’m sure your stylish clothes make up for your unstylish bag— but you should still upgrade :) tons of cute ones out there! you have a great weekend too! and give elvis a try ;)

  10. that bag is adorable! i’m a sucker for cute prints. :)

    your ‘dilla looks bomb. i really really want one right now even though its 11pm and i’m still stuffed from a big family dinner at my aunt & uncle’s house!


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