Fitness Friday 54

Hi Friends!

Just popping in for a quick Fitness Friday update for you guys!


Let’s play catchup, shall we?



We left off on 4th of July! Our box was closed for the holiday so I made up my own WOD to do in the basement. It was short and sweet but it got the job done.



Friday I headed in for a mid-morning WOD during open gym. I did it in 10:42 with 75# snatches and running.


We headed out for happy hour but were home pretty early so I grabbed the dogs and headed out to do some intervals. Walk 1 minute/run 1 minute.



Saturday morning we headed in to do Cindy. It’s a tough benchmark because it looks deceptively simple…but it leaves me sore for days EVERY TIME. This wasn’t my best effort. Got 16 rounds + 2.


THEN, I hit that 125# clean and jerk that I was struggling with last week. New PR :)


Saturday afternoon it finally stopped raining for a couple hours so I headed out for more intervals. This time I ran 1 minute/walked 30 seconds.



Another at home WOD. I did it in the backyard running back and forth between our fence posts and put a towel down for the pushups and situps. Finished in 20:24.



Another benchmark. Crushed it! 14:16 Rx. I love this one because overhead squats are one of my strengths and i’ve been working on my endurance so the running was easier than it has been.



I really pushed myself on this one and ended up doing the workout with no rest between sets AND I used a 20# wallball instead of a 14#. Finished in 12:44. Then I ran some sprints. Sprint 200 meters, rest 1 minute x 6:


We did deadlifts for the skill/strength and my coach took this fun pic of me!




This was supposed to be a rest day, but hubby had a bad day at work and wanted to go in so I dragged myself in after him. Turns out it shoulda been a rest day. It wasn’t my best workout. Walk walks are hands down my least favorite part of crossfit. I still can’t get my stomach all the way to the wall and I’m terrible at getting down from them. The clock started, then you did your 20 handstand pushups…which took me forever because I’m finally doing them with just 1 abmat…and then you started your wall walks/front squats (I did 105#). I got through 3 rounds + 4 and hated every minute of it.



Our coach said we had to do the deadlifts unbroken and my back was SORE so I opted to do 135# instead of 155#. Finished in 27:06. The worst part was the pullups. I tore my hands BIG TIME (i’ll spare you the picture) for the first time in like 6 weeks and it always sucks. I made it through 8 rounds of pullups no problem, but then BOOM! Round 9, rips galore. Here’s how I felt afterwards:


Hubby update: We’re over halfway through his 6 weeks in the sling and he’s totally over it. But he’s doing a good job of wearing it most of the time. He’s frustrated that he can’t do the WODS with us, but he’s been doing pretty well on his own! He’s been doing a lot of  squats, lunges and box stepups holding a medicine ball, plus sit ups and back extensions on the GHD…and he’s been riding the bike! I’m so proud of him.



And today, is a MUCH needed rest day! Can’t wait :)

Happy friday, friends! Any fun weekend plans? I’m hoping to get outside since it’s the first time we haven’t had rain in the forecast in 3 weeks!


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  1. I LOVE the picture of you through the kettlebell! :)
    Maureen recently posted..NKOTB Concert {The Package}

  2. I love reading all your workouts. I don’t do crossfit but I’ve been copying them at home (as best as I can)!
    Emma @ a mom runs this town recently posted..Flashback Friday Races

  3. Great pic through the kettle bell! You had some killer workouts…think I’m stealing some of your homemade WODs!
    misszippy recently posted..The games I play while MAF training

  4. Inspiring, lady! Enjoy your much needed rest day. It’s mine, too.
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..Scenes from the week

  5. you have the best cf pictures!! we are going to the zoo tonight with my family because a band is playing and it should be good weather & really nice and tomorrow we are going to our friends for dinner!
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted..Free Barre Class in St. Louis

  6. Love reading these and the pictures!! Get and enjoy that rest day, lady! You deserve it. :)
    Caitlyn @ City and the Cubicle recently posted..Back At It With Big Ideas, a Vengeance and a Partial Fail

  7. Looks like you had an awesome week of workouts!
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted..Power Foods Friday

  8. Awesome week! I love the “at home” WODs!
    Melissa @ Treats With a Twist recently posted..Cranberry-Orange Oat Muffins

  9. Your workouts rock! Love the at home WOD. Hope your Hubby has a full recovery. He’s such an inspiration to keep going, keep active :) oh your coach is quite the photographer, artist, love that picture
    Cheryl recently posted..Is the Schwinn Elliptical 420 Training Machine right for you?

  10. that was a cool picture with the kettlebell!!
    sara @ Fitcupcaker recently posted..6 Minute Plank Tabata & Giveaway Winner

  11. Those WOD look intense! Love the pick of you laying on the floor 😉 That’s a great feeling I bet!
    AmyC recently posted..Boston 13.1 – Race Entry Giveaway!

  12. Good Lord! I hate saying this because I’ve heard so many people say it about my running over the years, but I will. Just reading your workouts made me tired! Nice job! I think I’m most impressed with the intervals after happy hour! :-)
    Debbie @ Live from La Quinta recently posted..Food for Fitness Friday: Vegan Recipe & a Fast and Furious Workout

  13. Planning on hitting the gym this weekend. Just switched gyms (one that my son has more things to do) So he can play while I workout! Looks like you worked hard and deserve a rest day!
    Tanya recently posted..Three Key Characteristics of a Smart Social Media Policy

  14. It’s supposed to be gorgeous this weekend! Can’t wait to soak it all up! (Well, to add to what I’ve been soaking up today! lol)
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  15. How cool is that picture of you through the kettlebell! Love it.
    Michelle @ Eat Move Balance recently posted..Friday’s Five (Food, Wine, Yoga Ant and Apps!)

  16. Love seeing all of your workouts!!
    Glad that your husband is finding ways to stay strong while wearing the sling!!!

    What are wall walks?
    Kim recently posted..300

    • you lay on the floor with your feet against the wall, start walking your feet up the wall and move your hands closer and closer to the wall until you’re flat against the wall with your stomach touching it doing a handstand. SO hard!

  17. You always inspire me so much, Linds! I love your Fitness Friday posts. Have a great weekend!
    Dallas recently posted..turning envy into gratitude

  18. The photo through the kettlebell is awesome! I also love the one of you collapsed!

    One question – you went out for happy hour and then for a run? Tell me you weren’t drinking vodka martinis! 😉
    Carly @ Fine Fit Day recently posted..Fit Mama Friday – Meet Leighann

  19. Love that pic through the kettlebell. Super frustrating for your husband, but good for him!
    Corrie Anne recently posted..Cookie Friday: Petite Mint & Double Chocolate Chip Cookies!

  20. I’ve never done CrossFit, but your photos make me tired just looking at them :)
    Joanna @Makingmine recently posted..eleanor: 1 month


  1. […] said, lets get started! Don’t forget to check out Lindsay’s Crossfit workouts over at The Lean Green Bean for more inspiration! Oh and a big congrats to here husband who, despite having shoulder surgery […]

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