Fitness Friday 44

Hi Friends!

Let’s keep this Fitness Friday post short and sweet, shall we?


We’ve been bouncing around to a couple of different boxes while ours is closed. So here’s what the workouts have looked like:



I had a snow day so I headed to a lunchtime class. Our skill work was squats…and then we did the workout above. Seriously? Remember when I did 150 wall balls the other weekend in our competition. Well, this time I did it a minute faster! I finished that part in 8:06 instead of 9:18. Then I did the double unders. This box had different jump ropes that I had a hard time adjusting to, but I finished them with 20 seconds to spare. I love how it’s a 12 minute AMRAP and hardly anyone even made it through one full round!



One of the boxes has a community workout on Saturdays that’s free for everyone so we headed over with several people from our box. It was a fun workout that was done in groups. It looks like a lot but when you split it up between 4 people it wasn’t so bad.

While we were at crossfit, the dogs finally reached their breaking point and expressed their displeasure with the fact that they haven’t had a walk in FAR too long and have barely been outside at all for the past month since it’s been so cold.


Long story short, Tucker got bored, ripped up the carpet and chewed up the carpet pad…as well as chewing on the baby gate. It’s hard to even be mad though, because it’s not really their fault. We’d been majorly slacking as dog parents.

We got the message loud and clear though, so we’ve been making an effort to walk them more!

**Rest Day**



Monday we tried out another box with some of our friends. Talk about feeling the burn. The 50 air squats between rounds was brutal. I used 65#. We had to pick a weight we could push press, even though it was pretty light for dead lifts. I finished in 10:03.



I had a long day of interning and class, but I still managed to squeeze in a walk with the dogs. I got home from class, spent 15 minutes throwing together dinner and sticking it in the oven, and then we headed out the door. Dinner was ready when we got back!


Rest day. I had an evening meeting and didn’t get home until late so we couldn’t go to crossfit…but hubby and I did take the boys on a quick walk.



I took the boys for a walk right after I got home from work.


Then we headed to crossfit. Another great workout. Those burpees were tough after the 1000m row! I finished in 8:01 and used 65# for the push press.

As for today’s workout? Hubby and I are planning to do a little partner workout that I put together.

I’ll let ya know how it goes! How was your week of workouts?


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  1. Your dogs crack me up. I love how animals let you know when they need something. Better than kids! 😉

    My workouts were awesome… I was worried with hotel gym and travel limitations but I had some good one AND my co-workers came for a little bit.
    Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table recently posted..Strange But Good Travels

  2. Seems like you’re really loving the crossfit! They sound like awesome workouts!
    My workouts this week were really good! I was pretty tired today and contemplated just not going to spin, but just made myself get up and it felt wonderful! Always good when it turns out that way instead of hating life the rest of the day because I’m too tired;)
    Lisa recently posted..That Girl

  3. Bummer that your dogs decided to take out their boredom on the carpet. Is it fun for CrossFitters to move around and try new boxes? I don’t do CrossFit, so I don’t knwo that it’s like, but I do know that I enjoy trying new yoga studios, but I’m not sure if its similar or not. My workouts have been good this week. My legs are a little sore right now, so I must have done something right. :) Have a great weekend!
    Beth @ Running with the Sunrise recently posted..Really Great Day

  4. I really need to check out a box here in Richmond but they’re so darn expensive! Maybe I can find a community work out day and give it a shot before I spend the cash.

    Our foster dog is getting super restless this week too! While I was at the gym on Monday he had an accident and ate the blinds! Now that he’s back in a crate he is eating the metal bars. It’s not good so I need to figure something out to ease his anxiety. It’s hard to be mad at our furry family members, isn’t it!?

    Happy Friday!
    Mallory @ Mal’s Miles recently posted..Fitness Friday: Lose 5lbs in February #2

    • we had trouble with Tucker chewing the metal bars on his cage also, which is why we now just leave them in the dining room with a baby gate. it’s always a learning process but now i make sure to let them out right before we leave to be every.single.time. and walk them at least 2 miles a day…and that seems to be helping. we also started leaving a bone in there for them to chew one, which we weren’t doing before…to help keep them busy and distracted

  5. My dog does the same thing…we had the reminder last week when he ate a few books. Gotta get those walks in!

    Way to improve your wall balls time!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..How To Achieve Arm Balances in Yoga

  6. Great week in workouts like always! Zoey gets restless in cold weather too but since she’s small we just play a couple extra rounds of fetch in our house :)
    Linz@ Itz Linz recently posted..Free Flow Friday

  7. Well guess they let you know huh? My week was crap in the running dept due to a sprained knee on Saturday, but I did finally join a studio so I’ve been LOVING hot yoga classes in the evening.
    Emily @ FitMamaInTheCity recently posted..Yoga It Up

  8. AWWW PUPPIES! Gotta love em!
    Krysten Siba Bishop (@darwinianfail) recently posted..Random Recovery Ramblings

  9. I just started a new crossfit gym and I love it!!
    Sara @ fitcupcaker recently posted..Thankful Thursday & I Joined A New Crossfit Gym!

  10. Haven’t been able to workout too much this week but…I did what I could and they were great :)

    I had one of the most incredible leg workouts last week though!
    Kierston recently posted..#RECIPEFRIDAY: Spicy Chicken Stir Fry

  11. I had to crack up at the dogs not-so-subtle hint they want more attention. It reminded me of when our dog was out of food. If she was really hungry, she’d go over to her bowl, flip it loudly on the floor then run her 6 lb rump over to us at give us the “my bowl is empty servant…fill it!” look. Awesome workouts this week! I bow to you!
    Anele @ Success Along the Weigh recently posted..Grocery store run in and Food Journal Friday

  12. My stomach literally just flipped seeing all those burpees that you tackled in ALL of those workouts. Do you ever add up how many you do weekly? You are insane, but in a good way!
    She Rocks Fitness recently posted..Bringing Back STRONG…

  13. Rocking it & the dogs too! 😉 Had a great workout week too – gotta love it!
    Jody – Fit at 55 recently posted..Two Push-up Moves for Core, Chest, Balance, Triceps & Body!

  14. Great post Lindsey. I love you posting about crossfit. A great idea and very motivating.
    Brad recently posted..Mmmmm….Sleep….

  15. I feel bad for zoey too (our dog). She’s been neglected so much this winter but tomorrow is supposed to be nice so taking her on a walk is definitely on my Fitness plan. 😉

    Looks like another great week! Nice work. Next week, will do you do an extra WOD for me?
    Katie recently posted..Featured Blogger: Sarah Canney

  16. Wow! Awesome week of workouts!!!! Burpees kill me.
    Jen@HealthyFoodandFamily recently posted..Snow,Pinewood Derby and a Challenge

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