Fitness Friday 43

Hi Friends!

Time for another Fitness Friday! I have a lot to catch you up on, especially since we skipped last week for the post about Things Crossfit Has Taught Me!


First let’s recap the week we missed:


FRIDAY: One of the hardest crossfit workouts I’ve done so far. Here are the moves:

  • Broad Jump Burpee- A regular burpee but instead of jumping straight up at the end, you jump as far forward as you can.
  • Bear Complex- Start with the bar on the ground. Clean the weight, move straight into a front squat, stand up into a push press, lower the weight onto your shoulders, do a back squat, stand up into another push press and then move the weight back down to the ground. That’s one. You did 7 each round. It was brutal.
  • HSPU- Handstand pushups. I can’t quite do the pushup part yet, so I just did 5 handstands each time.

Finished in 10:38 with the prescribed weight for the bear complexes and modified HSPUs.

SATURDAY: Cindy. It looks simple. It sucks. I did 18 rounds + 13 reps of the next round and did jumping pullups. We also took the boys on a walk afterwards. That’s my exhausted face.

SUNDAY– rest day

MONDAY: This one was miserable. SUPER HARD but I loved it. It wasn’t really rounds for time. Instead, we counted our total reps. I got 186. For the skill/strength before the WOD we did Squats. I did 75 pounds  for 3 sets of 10, then 8 reps at 95 pounds, 8 reps at 105 pounds and 8 reps at 115 pounds.


TUESDAY– Another tough workout. Who am I kidding, they’re all tough. The kettlebell swings were the worst part of this one. We counted total reps. I got 137. Before this we did “death by pullups”. Every minute you do one more pullup. So minute one you do one, minute two you do 2, etc…for 15 min. They have to be consecutive and if you can’t do your number in a row, you start back at one the next minute. I was using the black band which is the least amount of resistance possible. So close to doing them on my own!!

WEDNESDAY– Rest day. Forced myself to take a rest day even though the workout had handstands and I REALLY wanted to go:


THURSDAY– We knew this one was coming all week and had been looking forward to it. Fight Gone Bad is another crossfit benchmark workout. It’s crazy hard. You do 1 minute of each exercise with no rest in between, then get one minute rest and then repeat 2 more times. You count your total reps- I got 244 reps.

Fight Gone Bad aftermath = Pure exhaustion.


Crossfit Scenes:
1. Gettin’ work DONE!
2 & 3. You saw these in last week’s post…just a couple crossfit progress pics for hubby & I. We’re getting STRONG!
4. I’m making progress on my handstands! You can see my hands are getting closer to the wall and I’m getting straighter up and down!

And now onto this past week:


FRIDAY: We did “Annie” for a warmup which is Double Unders and Situps 50-40-30-20-10. It’s quite a warmup but I’m proud to say that I have FINALLY mastered double unders! I can string together 20-25 in a row now! Afterwards we did clean and jerks for the skill and I got up to 85 pounds. Then, we did the two 5 minute AMRAPS. For the first one, I subbed handstands for wall walks because last time we did walk walks I hurt my hip flexor and it is still sore. I did 2 rounds + 15 for the first one and 3 rounds for the second one. Talk about feeling the burn during those jumping lunges!

SATURDAY: Isabelle. Another benchmark workout. The Rx for women is 95 pounds. I can’t even come close to doing that. I decided to take it easy since we had a competition coming up on Sunday so I did 65 pounds and finished in 2:38.

Bonus: Hubby and I got new shoes! He went with the Inov8 Bare FX 260. He has super flat feet so those were most comfortable for him. I went with the Reebok Nano 2.0.  I fell in love with Reebok after I got my Realfex transitions and I love these new ones as well!


SUNDAY: We had our second crossfit competition at our box. This one was a little different than the one last month. We judged each other instead of counting our own reps, and men and women were separated for scoring. I made it through 3 of the 4 rounds.

Here’s how it went down:

  • Round 1: jumping pullups, air squat and situps. 21 reps, then 15 reps, then 9 reps. I finished in 3:43. Hubby finished in 3:10
  • Round 2: Tabata sprints. There were cones set up. You sprinted for 20 seconds and rested for 10. Down and back was one rep. I did 25. And almost died. I can’t remember the last time I ran sprints. Holy lactic acid. Hubby did 24.
  • Round 3: “Karen” – Another benchmark workout. 150 wall balls for time. Girls used a 14 pound ball. It. was. miserable. Especially after the sprints. I almost didn’t finish, but I had a great friend counting for me and cheering me on. I finished in 9:18. Hubby used a 20 pound ball and finished in 12:58.


Crossfit Scenes:
1. The guys getting ready for Round 1. Hubby’s the one facing the opposite way.
2. Guys during Karen. Hubby’s in the middle.
3. Girls during Karen. I’m on the far left.

MONDAY: I was thinking about going in to do a shakeout workout but our box had some building maintenance issues and was closed. So I took a rest day.

TUESDAY: I had class so I did an at-home WOD when I got home. I had a little trouble pushing myself when it was just me, but I still got a great workout and worked up a sweat. I finished in 10:13.


WEDNESDAY: Due to maintenance issues, we found out our box would be closed for the rest of the week. So I took another rest day.

THURSDAY: Hubby and I headed to Anytime Fitness (it’s finally open near our house!) to do a WOD. Here’s what we came up with:


I finished the RFT in 8:10 and then ran my mile in 9:07. G2O is Ground to Overhead. You touch a plate (i used a 25 pound one) to the floor, then raise it over your head, and then back down. We held onto the same plate while doing our weighted lunges and then put them down to do the burpees.

WHEW…there’s your recap! How was your week of workouts?


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  1. Your back is looking amazing!!! I’m totally inmpressed with you guys getting to the gym for a WOD – don’t you love it when exercise becomes a happy habit? :)
    Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table recently posted..Strange But Good Fruit

  2. Man, reading this makes my workouts look like crap!! :) Eventually I’ll get to the point where I want to join a group or a class or even a gym of some sort…..but for now my Jillian videos, runs, and elliptical training keep me going strong! I’m about to do a new Jillian Michaels 45 minute video…with intervals and the like. Joy!
    The Candid RD recently posted..How Do I Make Kale Taste GOOD in a Smoothie?! (FAQ Friday)

  3. You da (wo)man!! Those look crazy hard! It’s amazing to see your rapid progress! You are such an inspiration. I’ve looked at crossfit in my area and would so join if I wasn’t doing dance and didn’t have a gym membership haha. But I did sign up for the WOD emails that they offer! Definitely want to try some!
    This week I’ve been going to regular dance classes which have been great. On Monday, since weather was bad, I did a workout at home instead of the gym. I was sore even through Thursday! We’ve also been going to the weight room for phys ed at school which is nice.
    Thanks for the awesome post!

  4. Thanks for posting the At Home WOD’s. I don’t have access to CrossFit right now, so it’s nice to have some at-home options to try in order to participate in the sport. Thanks, Lindsay!
    Avery @ Southern Belle Living Well recently posted..I Am a Quantity Eater

  5. WOW thats a lot of crossfit lol… I like at the at home versions too…I try to make up my own and do them at the gym also, if I have the equipment :)
    Sara @ fitcupcaker recently posted..Carrot Cake Muffins

    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted..Protein Powder Lovin’

  7. WOW!!! You guys looks amazing!

    I’m pooped after reading this post 😉 lol
    Kierston recently posted..#RECIPEFRIDAY: Chicken & Broccoli Muffin Bites!

  8. I am in awe of how committed and consistent you are. You’re looking so strong, too! Great workouts!
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..Friday Favorites and Sparkly Soul Headband Giveaway

  9. You are looking SO strong. This post makes me want to exercise now! Too bad it’s my rest day…haha.
    Melanie @ Nutritious Eats recently posted..Eating Healthy When Dining Out

  10. Your progress from crossfit is amazing! I was just talking about that with my hubby – I’m always nervous about recommending crossfit, because there are so many boxes out there with coaches who don’t really know what they’re doing – but it’s AWESOME when they are good! :)
    Heather @ Better With Veggies recently posted..February Fun: 28-Day Blog Challenge

  11. I understand that you are all into CrossFit now but I miss the workouts you would do on your own and post.

  12. Your Crossfit wods are looking intense! No wonder you guys are getting so strong :) We did Filthy Fifty for our benchmark wod this week and it almost killed me. I keep telling myself that the good thing is that my time can only get better…. I’m jealous of your pullups, I can’t seem to get those down. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Great post! I love to see what workouts people are doing and how they mix in rest/active rest days. My boyfriend is a CF trainer so I see lots of these workouts! :)
    Moi Contre La Vie recently posted..{Fitness Friday} Guest Post: Food & The Daily Battle

  14. Wow! Lindsay you look incredible! These workouts make me want to find a box and start NOW. However, the $$ and time thing gets in my way always. Hopefully by the fall I will have a new plan (unless I get into school which will just make things even harder!)
    Thanks for the at-home WOD! I am totally going to try it. Do you think I could do weighted lunges and the like with my kettleball (I don’t have any plates).
    Amalia recently posted..Changes

    • Absolutely!! A dumbbell or a kettlebell would work just fine! If you have a kb you could sub kb swings instead if you want! There are tons of crossfit workouts you can do at home with minimal equipment if you like this style of workout!

  15. You are one tough girl! I’m exhausted just seeing what you did! Crazy CrossFit girl. The benefits are certainly paying off, you look gorgeous!
    Lisa @ RunWiki recently posted..Friday Favorites and the Kyle’s Krusade Virtual Race Kick off

  16. Looking at your muscles makes me so jealous that I didn’t jive with the box I participated at. I need to find a new one! :)

  17. All I have is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing!!!!!!
    Jody – Fit at 55 recently posted..1 Move for Core, Chest, Triceps, Balance & more!

  18. looking strong lady!!! sound like amazing workouts!
    Purelymichelle recently posted..So what do we think of our 30 day healing journey

  19. I have a total girl crush on your abs.

  20. You and your husband ROCK! Looking good!
    She Rocks Fitness recently posted..He ROCKS! Guest Post with Howard Penney…

  21. Lindsay! You guys are totally rocking it and getting super strong!! I too am exhausted just reading your workouts. haha.
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Friday Round-Up: Giving it your all

  22. In order of least to most reistance, I believe Black bands actually give you the most resistance, thereby making the pullups the easiest of the assisted ones. When I do assisted pull-ups, I use black or a combo of the other colors.

    • Actually, at our gym the bLack band is the thinnest and gives the least amount of help. However, I know at other gyms the black is the thickest…that’s just not the case for us.

  23. Wow! Great job to both of you! I have yet to get the chance to try crossfit but it looks amazing! Keep up the hard work. You are motivating us all!


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