Fitness Friday 30

Hi Friends!

So glad it’s finally Friday! That means it’s time to talk fitness :)

Before we review my past week of workouts, I have a fun workout to share! I actually did it a couple of months ago but realized I never shared it with you guys! It’s perfect for next time you’re at a park that has a baseball diamond.


So, for Round 1 you would start at home plate, sprint to first base, do 20 skaters, sprint to second base, do 20 squat jumps, etc all the way around to home plate. Then go to the pitcher’s mound and do a plank. Return to home plate and start round 2!

Let me know if you try it out!

Now let’s review what I did this past week!

Friday: A late night walk with the boys!

Saturday: We cleaned the house all day, which was quite a workout…and then my new Fitfluential tanktop came in the mail so I headed out for a run to test it out! I ran 1 mile, walked 5 minutes and then ran another mile. I’m still focusing on gradually building my distance so I don’t re-injure my shin. It’s hard for me to only run every 3rd day and to not run too far at one time, but I know it’s important so I’m trying really hard!

My shoes are still feeling good and I’m loving my Zensah compression socks! The tank top is fun because on the lower back, when you sweat, the word #PROOF shows up! I tried to take a picture but it was too hard :)

Sunday: Volleyball day :)

Monday: We kicked off another week of bootcamp. This week we’re repeating all the workouts, but the focus is on holding at the point of contraction for several seconds. KILLER, especially on the squats!

I did the weights workout and put together a little 5 min cardio burst to go in-between each superset. I’m still trying to avoid jumping a lot, but this definitely elevated my heart rate and helped break up the weights. We also took the boys on a walk!

Tuesday: I had a busy day but I still managed to squeeze in workout B….I decided to post-pone the cardio portion until Wednesday, but I got the weights done, even if i WAS doing them at 11:30 pm :) Plus I did 3 two minute planks! And then I collapsed into bed.

Wednesday: All I wanted to do was run…so I did!

I ran two consecutive miles which is the farthest I’ve run without stopping in about a month. I felt pretty good until the last .2 miles or so, when my shin started to ache a little. So I headed home to ice and stretch. My endurance has definitely decreased but I know it will come back! I also did some ab work.


Just what I needed after a long day :)

Anybody have any fun weekend plans?! I successfully survived orientation and I’ll be spending the weekend working on case studies and getting ready for my first rotation on Monday!


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  1. This workout is brilliant – wish I lived close to a ball diamond now!
    Charissa recently posted..Chocolate Magic Shell

  2. Love the diamond workout! Just so happens I’ve got a field right down my street.

    Glad your shin is feeling better!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..Boston Bound for #HLS12

  3. I love seeing your fro-yo snuggled nicely between the exercise photos!
    Erica { } recently posted..Sick and Happy

  4. The diamond workout looks great! I think that everyone needs to learn (and reminding myself) that with a few tools, you really CAN workout ANYWHERE! LOVE it! Have a fab weekend girly!!

  5. Lindsay, I HAVE to know, how do you put your pictures in those square “frames” like that, and how do you add captions like that? Is it a special program?
    Gina (The Candid RD) recently posted..Clean Eating’s Panko and Sage-Crusted Pork Cutlets

  6. This is PERFECT for when I take my boot camp outdoors. Pinning :)
    Paige @ Your Trainer Paige recently posted..Get Outta My Way! Workout + My Bar Problem

  7. Love the FitFluential tank and the Froyo!

    I got the grey one, can’t wait to get mine!
    Kierston recently posted..10 Weeks Out: A Pain in the Neck!

  8. Coming back from an injury is always so tough. I know endurance does decrease if you don’t work at it, but I think that mental indurance decreases a lot faster than physical endurance, at least in my experience. I hope your shin continues to heal itself and that you can run longer distances soon. :)
    Beth (Running with the Sunrise) recently posted..Back to Intervals

  9. Great week of workouts! You definitely deserved that fro yo! :)
    Maureen recently posted..Surprising Myself {Healthy Changes}

  10. That diamond workout may be the best one I’ve seen you post yet!! Of course, I am biased due to my love of softball. :)

    Good luck on those case studies. *shudder*
    Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table recently posted..Lemon Cardamom Granola

  11. That baseball diamond workout is so creative, I love your workout ideas!
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..Five ways to refresh your running

  12. I see you rocking that FitFluential workout shirt. GO GET IT! #PROOF! :)
    Katie @wishandwhimsy recently posted..FitFluential | The Power of a Uniform

  13. I don’t know what made me smile more .. The fro yo, or the inspiration I get after reading your workouts!! I just love your blog, I get so excited when there’s a new post to read :)

  14. You go girl! I need to get back on the exercise train…
    Rachel @ The Avid Appetite recently posted..Week 17

  15. Love your tank! The sweat shirts are awesome :) Definitely going to try your workout sometime, even if it’s just running around my apartment complex 😉
    Natalie @ FreshLifeFindings recently posted..Coconut & Sweet Potato Flavored Link Love + One Fit Foodie

  16. Yay for walking as opposed to driving! I’m trying to go it as much as possible this summer and into the fall!
    Michelle (Better with Berries) recently posted..This Is Really Happening

  17. I think I need to get in on the walk to get fro-yo workout. 😉
    Tina @ Best Body Fitness recently posted..Friday Features

  18. great photos. Keep running strong and recovering even stronger.

    FF tank looks great on you!
    Pavement Runner recently posted..Mika and I Train for the Olympics

  19. Can’t wait to hear about your first rotation!!! I’m so excited for you! That diamond workout looks awesome!
    Brittany @ Delights and Delectables recently posted..Friday Five

  20. Oh I love this workout Lindsay–this is totally my “ball game” for fitness! ha ha! You’re so inventive!
    Jess @ Blonde Ponytail recently posted..My Core is Sore! New Ab Circuit

  21. Working the FroYo…that’s how its done!
    Avery @ Texas Teen Keeps Lean recently posted..Already?

  22. You come up with some of the most creative workouts! Too bad I don’t live near a baseball field… At least, I don’t think I do. Not the biggest baseball fan! LOL :-)

    I really like the idea of adding five minute cardio bursts between supersets. That’s a workout I’ll try soon!

  23. Love the diamond workout, great one to keep in your back pocket for when the opportunity arises to work out at a baseball diamond. I’m sure it’s frustrating that you can only run every third day, but you sure are getting in a lot of good variety in your workouts. I remember when I was only allowed to skate for 20 minutes at a time when I was recovering from an injury, that was so frustrating, especially since the ice time is charged in 30 minute increments and they are not flexible with that.
    Mary@FitandFed recently posted..Summer Skating and Learning the Lutz

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