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Today is a big day here in Columbus. A new grocery store is opening and I am SO EXCITED about it! It’s called Earth Fare and it’s known as “The Healthy Supermarket”. Yesterday, the hubby and I had the privilege of getting a little sneak peek into the store on the day before it opened. We were given a tour and I took lots of pictures.

This store is a great representation of what I believe about food. Check out their mission statement: “To feed and inspire the healthy person inside you”. I mean really, could that BE any more up my alley? Their food philosophy is also amazing: All the foods in their store are free of artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and sweeteners. There are no trans fats, no antibiotics or growth hormones in the meat or dairy and no products that contain high fructose corn syrup.

The bulk section is amazing. Tons of nuts, seeds, grains, baking supplies and trail mixes. I was in heaven. They also have a grind your own nut butter section AND a bulk liquid section with honey and agave (SO COOL!). They provide containers but also allow you to bring your own containers. They can tare them for you at the customer service counter and reuse to your heart’s content!

All over the store they have special spotlight displays with items that are on sale or a collection of great finds or staff favorites that change monthly. They also have a large section of prepared foods. We spotted some pre-made sweet potato & black bean quesadillas that we are dying to try! And they’re all about letting you try their products. If you see something you want to try before you buy it, just ask a team member and they’ll open up a package for you.

They make it easy for gluten-free shoppers by gathering a lot of GF products and putting them on one section of shelves, marked by wooden rows of shelving instead of metal for easy identification. There are gluten-free products throughout the store marked with special tags, but these sections of shelving make it easy to find a lot of GF products all in one place.

They also have a self-serve fresh juice machine and a scoop your own freshly-made pasta section, which may or may not have been the highlight of the whole tour for me!

In the cafe section, you’ll find pizza by the slice, a hot food bar, a cold food bar and an olive bar. They also have a drink bar with kombucha on tap! Oh, and the slicer they have to slice your meats and cheese is totally old-school and cranked by hand just like the original ones used to be.

You can sign-up on their website to get weekly coupon emails, or set it up so they come straight to your phone.

Earth Fare also believes in building community. They have a community events calendar on display by door:

On Tuesdays they go back to the Good Old Days:

On Wednesdays they do a Sips and Snacks food & wine tasting.

And every Thursday night, kids eat free:

I have literally been waiting MONTHS for this store to open, so you know I’ll be there doing some shopping today. They were even nice enough to provide me with a giftcard to get me started. If you’re lucky enough to live near an Earth Fare location- there are stores in North Carolina, Indiana, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio, Florida and Kentucky–stay tuned because on Saturday I’ll be back to show you what I bought during my first trip to Earth Fare and a you’ll have a chance to win a $50 Earth Fare giftcard of your very own! 


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  1. I am ridiculously jealous!!! We had one in Athens (where I went to college) and I loved it. Their hot bar is the shizz!!
    Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table recently posted..Contemplating Carnivore + WIAW

  2. Sounds awesome, but why does it have to be at Polaris? I hate traffic!!

  3. you had me at COLUMBUS…
    Miz recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: RIP Rosa.

  4. New Jersey needs Earth Fare!
    Bex recently posted..24/7 Cardio Blast: Work It Out Wednesday

  5. That sounds AMAZING! To be honest, it reminds me a bit of the Whole Foods here…although we don’t get to scoop our own pasta! And I haven’t seen kombucha on tap since the Whole Foods in Austin (which is its own beast entirely). Lucky duck for getting a store preview. :)
    Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen recently posted..What I Ate (Excessively) Wednesday

  6. Please tell them to come to NY. Looks great, love the mission statement but adore that kombucha tap. Our coop in VT has one, I want one in my apartment. If only other stores took eating and quality as seriously as this one does.
    Lauren Slayton recently posted..Cooking Crew and Sensational Salad

  7. Toni@runninglovingliving says:

    Omg!! I want one of those near me, looks amazing!

  8. Ohhhh come on, Giant Eagle Market District is just like this (but better!) :)
    Ok, ok, I do want to check this place out..but…I’m still a MD fan for life (obviously….).
    Gina (The Candid RD) recently posted..Mushroom-Spinach Eggs Benedict

  9. I’m stoked to have this within a couple miles of where I live! Before, I had to drive to Hills or Sawmill for the good stuff. Had no idea when they were opening so thanks for posting/tweeting!

  10. Yayy!!! I’m like a kid in a candy store in those stores, especially whole foods :)
    Brittany @ GOtheXtraMile recently posted..WIAW–Picstitch

  11. Wow, that looks like some store! Wish they were opening near me :) I love the gluten-free shelving, and it’s incredible that they will open a package to let you sample it before buying. I had that problem at the supermarket just last weekend, wanting to try a new dressing before buying the whole bottle. If only I were at an Earth Fare… :) Sounds great. Enjoy shopping there!
    Meredith @ DareYouTo recently posted..WIAW: Healthy fats and Frozen treats

  12. Wow! NYC area NEEDS one of these! I am so jealous!
    Jillian @ sprinkle massacre recently posted..LUNA Fiber Launch (Giveaway)

  13. Um I am BEYOND excited to go to this place when I come home next month!!! And I love that it’s fairly close to where we live :D. YAY!

  14. UM, SO JEALOUS! A grind-your-own-nut-butter station?! That sounds like a dream. This store sounds like a healthy Wegmans from the looks of it :) The Whole Foods by us let us try things for free which is cool! Apparently the other one in town isn’t as nice. There was some product we wanted to try so they let us take it for free if we agreed to come back and tell them what we thought :) Earth Fare sounds amazing. Maybe Ann Arbor will be cool enough to open one up soon! 😀
    Aparna B. @ Not A Leaf recently posted..Spring Might Actually Be Here

  15. Oh my gosh that looks amazing!! Too bad there are none in Missouri! Boo!
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted..Itz WIAW

  16. so weird to see this in Ohio! Growing up, we had ONE natural grocery store and it sucked. This is awesome.
    Cat @ Breakfast to Bed recently posted..What I Did When I Wasn’t Texting.

  17. oh wow, take me there now. please! i could stay there for hours i am sure. Good finds linz!
    lindsay recently posted..Scenes from the “Sherpa” Side

  18. Oh man, I want an Earth Fare near me!!!! Wish they had one in Northern Virginia, it looks amazing!
    Lisa @ The Splattered Apron recently posted..Cooking with Clare…She’s Taking Over!

  19. They have one in Georgia! It’s a bit of a drive, but I just might have to check it out!! 😉
    Kristen @ notsodomesticated recently posted..Poblano, mango, and black bean quesadillas … and more fro-yo.

  20. Ooh, I didn’t think we had one here, but when you listed Indiana, I went to their site, and found out they’re opening one across town soon! Not as close as I’d like, but I definitely want to check it out!
    Kristin recently posted..WIAW: Take Two…

  21. Oh my goodness! That place looks awesome :)
    Nikki recently posted..WDIAW!

  22. Looks sooooo good! We’re getting one in Louisville soon, and I cannot WAIT

  23. WOW! That’s place looks amazing, I hope they come to my little part of the world! I love the scoop your own ravioli, that is totally my style!
    Samantha recently posted..Product Review: Zensah Women’s High Compression Shorts

  24. Wow that place looks great!
    Alex @ therunwithin recently posted..What the funk?

  25. So jealous! I was at my local Sunflower Market the other day and brought home 2 types of ‘healthy & expensive’ whole wheat fig newtons. Imagine my frustration when I got home and did a little label reading. Both brands have HFCS :/ We need more stores like earth fare so we don’t have to spend the ENTIRE shopping experience reading labels even at places we consider to be ‘health food stores’.

  26. Umm yeaa so I need one those in my town asap! Definitely checking out there website right after I hit post :)
    Sarah recently posted..Easy Comfort

  27. OH MY GOSH this is awesome! I’m going to text my cousin who lives in Columbus right now and tell her to go! I’m also checking out their locations in TN to see if any are close to me! I hope you enjoy it!!!
    natalie @ southern fit foodie recently posted..Lower-Sugar Homemade Strawberry Jam

  28. Wow, that is amazing! I so wish I had one of these where I live. Jealouussss. It sounds so neat!
    Lisa recently posted..WIAW #5

  29. so jealous of that store! i wish we had one here! it sounds like a larger version of our awesome co-op.
    sarah @ sarah learns recently posted..breathing again

  30. Is this a grocery store or heaven!? I would die to have one of these near me! Self serve juice, fresh pasta, any sort of food bar I could ever want! You, literally, have no reason to ever go to another grocery store!
    Colleen recently posted..New Shoes!

  31. Can you put one in Pickerington,Ohio we never get any health stores on our side of town I am happy they have another one…..but way up North where Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods already are….it’s a 45 minute or more drive and traffic to Polaris is terrible.

  32. I am so jealous!
    I have heard about Earth Fare! It looks just amazing as I have heard! :)
    Kristen @ Swanky Dietitian recently posted..Easy Stuffed Poblanos

  33. I am oh-so-jealous!!!
    Megan @ Weddings and Workouts recently posted..Cravings

  34. yay!!! i used to eat at EF an embarrassing number of days in the work week when we lived in charlotte. we are moving back this week and i can’t wait!! they also have the best email coupons if you get on their mailing list.

  35. That place looks absolutely amazing! I’ve never heard of it. Getting a new health food store is like a new mall coming to town for me :)
    StoriesAndSweetPotatoes recently posted..50 Thoughts About 50 Shades Of Grey

  36. Oh my gosh that store looks AMAZING!! So jealous! I love that all of their food is free of preservatives, etc. Plus the fact that they let you try anything, wow! Sold!
    Kristen recently posted..Taking a Break

  37. The only thing I can say is…I hate you. LOL Seriously…I’d go broke with one of these here.
    Melissa @ Live, Love, & Run recently posted..Back to Basics

  38. Oh…of course…I looked to see if the old UKrops store down the street from me was confirmed as a soon-to-be Whole Foods…and they’re now considering an Earth Fare. LOL I jinxed myself.
    Melissa @ Live, Love, & Run recently posted..Back to Basics

  39. Ooo, super jealous, I’ve heard of Earth Fare but we don’t have it here in NY! So neat that you got to tour it before it opened!
    Liz (Little Bitty Bakes) recently posted..Fajita Chicken and Rice Soup

  40. Holy cow–this looks awesome!!! Can you send one of these my way please? :)
    Lauren @ Lawfully Wedded Wife recently posted..Beginner’s Fitness: Workout Fuel

  41. That must have been torture to tour the store but not be able to buy anything YET! It looks fantastic – can’t wait to see what you pick out :-)

  42. Can’t wait to visit it! Thanks for showing us pictures! :)
    Cindy recently posted..April Foodie Penpals Reveal! #foodiepenpals


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