Banana Soft Serve

This one is for my dad.

A few days ago, I read Gracie’s post about banana soft serve, and I immediately thought of my dad. When I was little, my dad used to always get banana milkshakes when we went to Dairy Queen. I thought it was weird. But now I see the error of my ways. The original recipe for banana soft serve comes from Gena at Choosing Raw. It’s easy….simple….GENIUS! If you read a lot of blogs, you’re probably tired of hearing about it. But just in case you don’t, I wanted to share it with you!

It requires only one ingredient: frozen bananas.

That’s right…ONE INGREDIENT! It’s amazing. Watch this:

1. Break a banana or two into small chunks and freeze them.

2. Let them thaw on the counter for a little while, then add them to your mini food processor. Blend for 2-3 minutes, until you have something that looks like this:

Can you believe it? Just a banana can turn into that bowl of creamy goodness! I confess, the main reason I made this was because I didn’t really believe it would actually work. But it does!

Since there’s no actual ice cream in it, it has a pretty strong banana flavor, so I added some chocolate chips. I really wanted to add some oreos, but of course we didn’t have any.

It would also be delicious on graham crackers, pancakes, cookies…pretty much anything. Jessica likes to eat hers with peanut butter, coconut, pecans and other goodies! Kristin at Iowa Girl Eats likes it too!

So tell me, have you tried this phenomenon? What do you think of it? If you haven’t made it yet, do you plan to?


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  1. Your next challenge? Try it with OATMEAL! The cold/warm combo is so delicious.

    • ohhhh that sounds SO good! i love eating cold yogurt with hot oatmeal so i’m sure i will love it! thanks for the idea…just in time for breakfast tomorrow 😉

  2. I keep hearing about this but for some reason I can’t wrap my brain around it…maybe its because I am used to lots of heavy cream in my ‘ice cream’. :-) But I think I just need to get over it and try it! Because it looks delish!

  3. LOVE banana soft serve! Not going to lie… I had EDY’s Slow Churned last night though :)

  4. I saw this on 5 Ingredient Fix this past weekend. She added in some peanut butter. Sounds delicious.

  5. i want to get a food processor only to make this soft serve! well i guess i’d probably use it for other things, but i’d get it so i can make this…. looks so good!

    i have a magic bullet – think it’d work in there?

    • it’s worth a try! i took my bananas out and they were too hard to work in my food processor…then i forgot about them on the counter for about 2 hours and when I remembered, they blended up just perfectly. let me know how it goes!! but you should definitely get a mini food processor…i use my all the time!

      • i think i’ll wait to get a food processor. i checked about the magic bullet this morning and it said to never leave it running for more than a minute at a time because it can ruin the motor. so i guess i won’t risk it and start saving my pennies for a real food processor!

        • probably a good idea. good news is they’re only $40 or so, cheaper if you use a bed bath and beyond coupon! and i use mine all the time to make pureed sauces, hummus, and now fake ice cream :)

  6. What?! This sounds amazing and super easy. I have about a biggillion bananas in my freezer right now just waiting for me to try this with…

  7. Hahaha, I know, isn’t it so shocking?! It’s so hard to believe that it *actually* does taste like soft serve!! 😉

    • i know! i’m bringing it with me to a party this weekend to show people. my hubby doesn’t like banana stuff so he was not nearly as excited as me :)

  8. Renee Cloyd says:

    I have been freezing my bananas all day. It is going to be snack for family movie night…of course with a few dark chocolate chips to make it even better! Your blog is amazing! I love the ideas I get from your awesome cooking!

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