Sunday Food Prep Inspiration 104

Hi Friends!

Time for another round of meal prep!

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Here’s what I prepped last weekend:

Many of you have asked about the edge pan i use for my Quinoa Breakfast Bars. The exact one I have isn’t currently available through Amazon but here are some similar ones that would give you lots of nice edge pieces like I enjoy:

Bakelicious Crispy Corner Pan, Black

Miles Kimball Black All Ends Baking Pan

Wilton 2105-0454 Brownie Bar Pan

And in case you’re wondering, this is the set of glass Pyrex containers I have:

Pyrex 20-pc. Storage Set with Color Lids


Here’s what some of you have been up to:

Heather at Hungry for Balance:

My food prep was a little light last week; my husband was on Spring Break and things were a little more relaxed than normal. However, I did prep: pumpkin muffins without chocolate chips (recipe on blog), lentil and collard green curry, brown rice, cinnamon raisin sourdough bread (recipe on blog), hard boiled eggs, raw coconut oil chocolate (recipe to come), and blueberry gelatin/gummies (recipe to come).

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Ruth at Recipe Tester –

One, I cooked a chicken following The Lean Green Bean’s recipe “How to Make a Rotisserie Chicken in a Crockpot.”

Two, made future breakfasts from Plaid and Paleo called Mason Jar Breakfast Casserole. They have all of my favorite breakfasty things so I am sure they will turn out tastey!
Three, made salad toppings from recipe found on Oh My Veggies: Butternut Squash, Lentil, & Kale Salad with Tahini Dressing. All I did today was roast the squash and cook the lentils. I cooked the lentils following The Kitchen’s directions using a rice cooker – it worked out great!

And almost finally, I made a pie crust to make Chicken Pot Pie In A Jar from Betsy Life. All that is left from the picture and for meal prep is to put the pot pies together!

food prep

Amelia at I Heart Kale

Just a portion of this week’s food prep. I like to prep everything ‘plain’ or just salt and pepper. That way I can create different flavors and meals throughout the week. Unpictured things are a roast chicken in the crock pot, bacon, and salmon cakes plus the typical raw veggies and fruit.

food prep

Genevieve -

I have been reading your blog for a while now and have always loved seeing everyone’s food prep inspiration, but until today I had never tried it myself. I am starting a brand new job this week, so I decided today was the perfect time to attempt food prepping for the first time so that I can focus all of my energy on training for my new job, instead of cooking all week. Although it’s not a lot, I think having this food already prepared will be a big help for me this week. I can’t wait to eat all of my yummy food, and it will also allow me to have extra time in the evenings to hang out after a long day of work. I really enjoyed food prepping today and I hope to make this an integral part of my weekly routine from now on! Pictured top left and going clockwise: No bake energy bites, omelet muffins, tuna pasta salad, freezer breakfast burritos, and beef and bean mix for tacos.

No bake energy bites: These will be great grab-and-go snacks during the week (or even a small dessert) because they contain lots of protein and they taste like oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough! Find the recipe here

Omelet muffins: These omelet muffins will be my breakfast this week. I always like having some form of eggs for breakfast because they are filled with protein and keep me full until lunch. I chose to fill my omelet muffins with bell peppers, onions, ham, green onions, and cheese. I will eat two of these in the morning with a clementine or a banana. Recipe adapted from here

Tuna Pasta Salad: I used to eat sandwiches EVERYDAY for lunch, so needless to say I got burnt out on them a while back. I am always looking for other healthy, quick, and yummy ideas for lunch, and I absolutely love this simple tuna pasta salad, which I will eat for lunches this week. I just swap out the dill in the recipe for cilantro because I am obsessed with cilantro! Find the recipe here

Freezer Breakfast Burritos:  Like I said already, I like high protein, filling breakfasts that I can eat quickly in the morning. I am from Texas, so breakfast burritos/tacos are basically a staple in my diet. I went ahead and made a big batch of 8 burritos to stock up in the freezer so I can just pull one out and reheat it on busy mornings or when I want to change my breakfast up. I followed this recipe but added a jalapeno to the veggie mix, used hot turkey sausage instead of regular sausage, frozen hash browns instead of real potatoes, cut down on the cheese, and used whole grain tortillas: get the recipe

Beef and Bean Soft Tacos: This is quite possibly one of the easiest meals to make because it uses a slow cooker, and it is so so so good! I will eat two of these tacos for dinner this week topped with some fresh avocado and plain fat free greek yogurt (in place of sour cream) with a side of steamed broccoli. Recipe here

food prep

Ashley at Fit Girl In Flight -

Who says eating healthy has to be boring?  This Mexican Quinoa Casserole certainly isn’t, and can be help you use up any leftover veggies you may have lying around. It’s packed with lean ground turkey, cottage cheese (for extra creaminess), quinoa, black beans, and fajita veggies. It comes in at 6f / 41c / 55p for 1/4 of the dish.  If you cut your serving size to 1/6 of the dish, then those macros are even better.


Are you food prepping this weekend? Send me your pic! (I’m all out!)

Here’s what I need from you:

Email me the following:
1. Your Name
2. Your Blog URL (if you have one)
3. A photo of your food prep
4. A short description of what’s in the photo. Tell me what you prepped and how you’re going to use it during the week!

Every Sunday, I’ll post a roundup of the photos I received that week so that you guys can see what others are preparing and hopefully get some inspiration and ideas! I’ll keep this series going for as long as I receive photos, so send one every week if you want to!

Send to: theleangreenbean <at> gmail <dot> com

Tweet and Instagram your pics as well to inspire others!! Use the hashtag #sundayfoodprep . Remember that in order for a pic to be included in the post, you have to email it to me! If you have more than one pic, please make them into a collage before sending!


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Let’s chat: Are you prepping food today? Whatcha makin’?

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