Sunday Food Prep Inspiration 51

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Time for more food prep inspiration!

sundayfoodprep Sunday Food Prep Inspiration 51

Here’s what I prepped last weekend:

IMG 2730 Sunday Food Prep Inspiration 51

Here’s what you guys have been up to:

Jackie –

  • Chicken bites!
  • Quinoa breakfast bars: I substituted coconut nectar for syrup ( was out) and used pomegranates instead of craisins!
  • Breakfast bar Prep for the week!

food Sunday Food Prep Inspiration 51

Maria at Lil Mys Ninja -

Snacks for the week:
HB eggs
Diced cheddar cheese
4 apple & cuties snack packs
Breakfast for the week:
Breakfast Casserole (made ahead to soak overnight then cooked it the next morning)
Lunches for the week:
Grilled chicken & Rice
Prep for dinners:
Browned ground beef for pasta sauce
photo Sunday Food Prep Inspiration 51

I started training for my first-ever 10K at age 50, this week! Was totally scrambling for meals because I didn’t plan and prep. I’m back in the game!

*Red Beans with Tofurky Kielbasa with Wild & Basmati Rice
*Spinach Quinoa Cups – for a snatch-n-run breakfast!
*Cilantro Hummus
*Fruit & Nut Bars – 3 varieties **My hubby actually said he had been craving these while he was in India, last week! That’s a win for the home team!**

*Pre-packaged kale (some with apples) for Green Smoothies & freezing!

*Boiled eggs & prepped veggies
Food Prep 01182014 Sunday Food Prep Inspiration 51
I made salmon burges, sweet potato carrot ginger cakes, mini fritatas, cilantro mustard chicken and broccoli cauliflower kale soup! I plan to divvy these up and bring them to work for my lunches, and the cooking meals separately after work when I get home. I prepped all this with a friend, which was a fun way to encourage each other to eat healthy and prep for the week, while getting to know each other better.
final meal Sunday Food Prep Inspiration 51
Tuna salad lettuce rolls, roasted butternut squash, drop biscuits, carrots pumpkin muffins, (not pictured hard boiled eggs, sliced and diced cucumbers, steamed spinach and kale, and baked chicken breasts!) phew! That was a big Sunday!
photo 75 Sunday Food Prep Inspiration 51
Kim -
(clockwise from top left) This weekend, I cut up some celery, zucchini,and green pepper. I take these with baby carrots each day in my lunch.
I also made some veggie stuffed peppers (stuffed with rice, egg whites, carrot, celery, onion, and mushroom). I ate two for dinner on Sundayand we might have them with another dinner this week or they’ll make great lunch options.
Made some veggie stock from leftover vegetable trimmings I had been saving in the freezer.
Finally, hard boiled some eggs. I kept half aside and the others went into an old pickle jar. In a few days, they will have that awesome dill flavor that I crave!

Kim Sunday Food Prep Inspiration Sunday Food Prep Inspiration 51

Lauren at Me & The Mountains

The food prep includes: chopped red cabbage (I put it in salads, roast it or just snack on it raw), cauliflower, broccoli (all in bags that I will rinse out and re-use), hard-boiled eggs, grab & go yogurts, Wholly Guacamole packets (I prefer plain, whole avocados, but these are great when I’m in a hurry!), roasted squash and red peppers (to put in salads for lunch), Balsamic Maple Roasted carrots (recipe to follow), Flapjacked pancakes, meat from a Whole Foods rotisserie chicken and this hummus (that is SO darn good).

food prep e1391622637352 Sunday Food Prep Inspiration 51


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