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Link Love


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July #bodylove challenge via The Misadventures of a Darwinian Fail

How to create a printable in PicMonkey via The SITS girls

So cute:
I thought I was ok via Mom’s Little Running Buddies

A must read:
The one place i’m not healthy really hurt me via Foodtrainers

Think about it:
Phone fast and productivity via CHAARG

Great tip!
3 second tip for saving money on airline tickets via Neon Fresh


125 reasons why clean eating isn’t boring via Sprint to the Table & Run to the Finish

Great product ideas!
Creating a Healthier, Safer home environment via It’s Progression

Nut Butter Chocolate Ice Cream Cake via Olives N Wine

Think about it:
How to fully recharge yourself on vacation via Live Do Grow
How to prepare for the perfect, stress-free vacation via Huff Post Healthy Living

My Favorite alternatives to crunches via Your Trainer Paige

Cute idea:
Utensil holder with my favorite recipe via DIY Playbook


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Paula Deen Doesn’t Matter, here’s what does via The True Fight

Not all runners live in a size zero frame via Olive to Run

On protein:
Protein: Guide to meal planning via Live Well 360

Why not just put it on the menu via The Purple Giraffe

Great roundup of backyard workouts
Backyard workouts via Happy Fit Mama

So many great options for busy people:
Healthy Eating on the Go via Mommy Run Fast

Great idea!
Cheap, Easy Activity Binder for Kids via Neon Fresh

Savory Lentil Walnut Mushroom Burger via Char Eats Greens


On the true meaning:
Independence Day via Food Fitness and Family


Cute Idea:
DIY Bandana Tablecloth via The SITS Girls

Good reads:
Why catcalling has to stop via Greatist
A Learning Opportunity via NYC Urchin

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Normal barbie

Scenes from the Week

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Refrigerators can  be filled with TONS of gross bacteria, especially the produce drawers. Get in the habit of cleaning yours out weekly before you go grocery shopping, when it’s already empty anyways.

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Needed to roast some beets but didn’t want to heat up the house with the oven, so I threw them on the grill after we grilled our dinner and it worked like a charm! I left the cover off, used small beets and let them cook for an hour and they were def soft enough. If you put the lid on, i’m sure they would cook faster! And if your coals aren’t as hot, you could put them right down there in the bottom…but I left mine on up top because my coals were still pretty hot.

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Rockin’ my compression sleeves under my jeans!

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