Weekly Eats 33

Hi Friends!

Time to recap some weekly eats!

weeklyeats1 Weekly Eats 33

1. Grilled shrimp salad with quinoa
2. Our favorite pizza- red sauce, pesto, chicken, artichokes, feta, red onion and mozz
3. Salmon Quinoa salad
4. Leftovers

weeklyeats2 Weekly Eats 33

1. Loaded oatmeal
2. Chicken, asparagus and red pepper fritatta with applesauce
3. Post crossfit eggs & toast
4. Greek black bean burger with roasted sweet potatoes, red peppers and chips

IMG 6122 Weekly Eats 33
1. Oatmeal on repeat
2. Green tea!
3. Energy balls for snacks
4. Leftover salmon quinoa salad and lentil veggie mac and cheese

IMG 6134 Weekly Eats 33

Night out with friends!

1. Wings and red bean hummus
2. Froyo
3. Chicken bacon sandwich

weeklyeats8 Weekly Eats 33

1. Homemade chicken nuggets for hubby with roasted asparagus and sweet potatoes
2. Egg, nuggets, applesauce and carrots
3. Vanilla ice cream w/ berries, walnuts & dark chocolate chips
4. Date night at Brews- edamame dip & hummus, plus my fav dilla and wings for hubby

weeklyeats9 Weekly Eats 33

Some of our eats while away for the funeral.
1. Pulled pork sandwich for lunch in the airport. It wasn’t that great. I ate the pork & top bun, left most of the fries
2. Supplemental lunch- Chobani and a banana (woulda been better off buying lunch at the food kiosk in the terminal!)
3-5. Italian dinner with the family in Maine- Jumbo lettuce salad and pasta with fish & shrimp.
6. Breakfast at the B&B we stayed at. Apple cinnamon pancakes with bacon and fresh fruit! Delish!

Let’s chat: What’s the best thing you ate this week?