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Hi Friends!

First things first, a bit of sad news. We lost my Grandpa over the weekend.

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He was almost 94 years old and lived a long and happy life. Over the next few days we’ll be celebrating his life. He’s the one who taught me many important life lessons…like the value of a good jelly donut icon smile Bean Bytes 44 He will be missed. Love you Grandpa!

Because I was on top of my game last week, I still have some Bean Bytes to share with you today!

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Link Love


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Scenes from the Week

bb1 Bean Bytes 44
1. Loves his toys, even while sleeping
2. Marcus loves the new dresser we inherited
3. Wicked witch of the west?
4. Waiting for daddy

bb2 Bean Bytes 44

1. Playing catchup with my magazines
2. Weird moment of the week- Received that book and notebook in the mail with no note. No idea who they were from. Turns out they were from my internship director…In other news, approximately one million of you said that’s a great book so I guess I better read it icon smile Bean Bytes 44
3. Taste testing the top secret new Chobani flavors. You guys are in for a treat!
4. We’ve been majorly neglecting our flower beds this year. I finally spent some time pulling gigantic weeds while Abner hid on the mulch because he hates wet grass.

bb3 Bean Bytes 44

Hubby got his stitches out. Surgeon said he’s doing well, not tightening up. It’s been 2 weeks in a sling. 4 more in a sling to protect it before he can start physical therapy!
Can’t mow the lawn one-handed so Bean had to step it up and help with things like mowing the lawn!

IMG 6013 Bean Bytes 44

Love him icon smile Bean Bytes 44

bb7 Bean Bytes 44

1. Restaurant win!
2. The clouds are SO FLUFFY
3. Sunset family fetch time
4. Best friends

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Bonus: Two posts I’m featured in over on Self Magazine’s website:
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That’s all for today!