Bean Bytes 27

Hi Friends!

Time for another round of bean bytes!

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Link Love


Love this post by her hubby:
Why you should gain 5 pounds immediately via Lindsay’s List

So proud of her for having such an active pregnancy:
Prenatal crossfit WOD via Blonde Ponytail

Great post on meal prepping!
How to meal prep like a champ via Cherie Runs This

Great advice:
Surviving the third baby via Nice Girl Notes


Love this workout!
All you need is 30 minutes via Fit Foodie Finds

Such a great attitude:
Body confidence on vacation via A Healthy Slice of Life

Great ideas!
5 non-traditional ways to make time for yourself via Sprinkle Massacre

Uhh, yes please:
Grilled peanut butter rainbow sandwich via Bran Appetit

This girl is brilliant:
Avoiding the comparison trap via Katy Widrick

Great tips:
Be a better listener via On Tap for Today

Ask yourself:
What’s happiness to you via Shiawase Life


Loved this attitude:
Cultivating an attitude of gratitude via Love Life Surf

Definitely trying this:
Homemade almond milk via Side of Sneakers

Stop letting your age define you via The Sweet Life

So easy!
Homemade aromatherapy muscle soak via Erica D House

Are you?
My own worst enemy via Organically Mo

How to get shit done working from home via Greatist

So important:
RAD (Rape Aggression Defense) via CHAARG

An important muscle to keep happy!
IT Band School via Run to the Finish

Check out this virtual 5K. The two amazing ladies behind the race thought it up during our Elf 4 Health holiday challenge!! A fun event for a great cause.
Happy 5K via Race Happy

A different take on a common phrase:
On listening to your body via Losing Weight in the City


Couldn’t agree more:
4 tips for fostering body confidence in little people via Mizfit online

On weight:
The power of a number via Back to Her Roots

Great tips for transitioning runners:
5 tips for transitioning to a zero drop shoe via @runwiki

Love this girl:
Mistakes that I make via She Rocks Fitness


A fun National Nutrition Month Challenge:
Eat Right for National Nutrition Month via Nutritious Eats

National Nutrition Month: What it Means via The Candid RD

Beautifully written:
Love is louder than the pressure to be perfect via CHAARG

Great info:
Training and nutrition for the young athlete via Food and Fun on the Run

Love this crossfit story:
90 days of crossfit via Sporty Momme


Something important to think about:
Why all the Facebook Envy via Run Wiki

An interesting way to think about it:
Focus on what you eat, not what you delete via Nutrition Unplugged

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Introducing Fit Framed

Blogging friends, here’s a new website for you to check out. Fit Framed. It’s like Pinterest, but just for fitness-related blog posts. It’s another fun way for you to promote your content and get exposure for your blog. Fit Framed was just launched last week by Regan Jones. I was lucky enough to meet Regan last fall at FNCE. She also runs the website Healthy Aperture, which all of you food bloggers should be submitting to if you aren’t! I help moderate images for Healthy Aperture and am so excited to be helping Regan with another awesome website. Go check it out!

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Scenes from the Week

Hubby and I had plans to do the Arnold Survival Race with some of our crossfit friends on Saturday. It seemed like a good idea when we registered a few months ago. Turns out it was 30 degrees and snowing. They had to modify the course a bit and remove the water obstacles. I made a Saturday morning decision not to run because my foot is still bothering me and I knew the uneven terrain wouldn’t be good for it. But I went to spectate and everyone else rocked it!

arnoldrace4 e1362265060451 Bean Bytes 27 arnoldrace2 Bean Bytes 27 arnoldrace3 Bean Bytes 27

 Hubby and I both had the day off on Friday so we opted to go to the actual Arnold then when we knew it’d be less crowded. It was still crazy busy. We watched the Amateur Strongman competition for most of the time. They were doing crazy things like lifting cars and deadlifting 750 pounds.

IMG 2206 Bean Bytes 27

This guy tore his bicep on the first lift. It was ugly.

IMG 2197 Bean Bytes 27

And a few randoms for you:

beanbytes 1 Bean Bytes 27

1. Another day, another sunrise
2. Tucker nesting in my pillows
3. Cats
4. Enjoying our fav pizza place after the Arnold

In the News

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That’s all friends! Have a great week icon smile Bean Bytes 27


PS. Anybody recognize these guys?! Hubby met them at the airport. They’re so tall! Hubby is 6 ft.

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