Sunday Food Prep Inspiration 3

Hi Friends!

Ready to be inspired?! You guys are ROCKIN’ the Sunday food prep and I’m loving every minute!

sundayfoodprep2 Sunday Food Prep Inspiration 3

So, here’s what I made last weekend:

IMG 2108 Sunday Food Prep Inspiration 3


And here’s what some of you guys have been up to:

Emily from The Good Era :

My photo is attached for this week, but please ignore my dog’s treats in the background icon wink Sunday Food Prep Inspiration 3 My husband and I take salads to work almost every day, so most Sunday’s a get everything together plus pack up two for Monday morning.  I chopped up some veggies for the rest of the week’s salads, roasted chickpeas,and hard boiled eggs.

I also prepped some brussel spouts for dinner tomorrow and made a batch of  No Bake Peanut Butter Bars for breakfast this week.

foodprepemily Sunday Food Prep Inspiration 3

Tracy from I’m Hungry :

foodpreptracy Sunday Food Prep Inspiration 3

Beth from Running on Empty :

Here is my picture of my prep… peanut butter oat balls, blueberry baked oatmeal cups, soaked and cooked a bunch of black beans and made vegetarian chili in the crock pot. My husband is also cooking a bunch of brown rice tomorrow for the week.

foodprepbeth Sunday Food Prep Inspiration 3


This was my first week getting back on track with my weekend food prep. I have been doing it through out the week as I go and it felt awesome to take the time today to know how much easier my week will be now. These are some of the items I will be using to throw together quick healthy lunches to take to work with me: roasted chickpeas, beets and tofu to make some healthy salad combos, quinoa to throw in the mix with lentils and other bean I have to get ready. Then lots of fruit that is washed and ready for grab and go breakfast snacks and side dishes! So excited to have all the hard work for the week done!

foodprepmillie Sunday Food Prep Inspiration 3

Kasey at Well of Health :

Since I don’t get back from work until 6:30 each night, I tend to snack too much if I don’t have a quick dinner planned. Here is what I have prepared for this week:

  • Spinach and romaine salad with freshly grated mozzarella cheese for lunches and dinner sides. I usually customize the salad for each occasion.
  • Batch of hummus for snacks and for Chicken Gyros on Tuesday night
  • Lara Meets Luna Bars for snacks
  • Tuna Quinoa Cakes for Monday night’s dinner to go on top of the salad
  • Chocolate Quinoa Pudding (Greek yogurt, cocoa powder, stevia, quinoa) for breakfasts on-the-go

foodprepkasey Sunday Food Prep Inspiration 3

Brittany at Healthy In Detroit :

Quiche, burgers, apples cut for salads, & pumpkin bread.. All Paleo!!

foodprepbrittany Sunday Food Prep Inspiration 3

Jen from Jen’s Best Life :

I prepped quinoa to mix with salad greens or as a side, Healthy Cooking Camp’s Special Sauce for the quinoa or salads, your breakfast bars for my boyfriend (they’ll be “snack bars” for me), chopped eggplant for my easy Indian vegetables recipe, chopped summer squash and zucchini for homemade pizza, hardboiled eggs for snacks and to add to salads, and homemade trail mix (almonds, peanuts, and raisins) as a snack.

Food Prep Sunday Food Prep Inspiration 3

Eliza from Eliza K Prints :

From left to right: pre-cooked bacon for sandwiches, hard boiled eggs for a protein fix mid morning, steel cut oats for breakfast, steamed broccoli, blondies (for a sugar fix and so I don’t buy last minute junk) and Ground Turkey Spaghetti (for at least two work lunches)!

foodprepeliza Sunday Food Prep Inspiration 3

Kelly :

Since I was out of town all weekend and didn’t get home until late last night, I had to prep all my food this afternoon.  Besides what I’ve got pictured, I’ve also prepped all my salad greens for the week, and organized my shelf in the fridge for easy grab and go snacks and meals for the week.  With everything I have prepared, there is absolutely no excuse for me to eat the candy, pita chips and Chex Mix we have at my work!

Clockwise from top left:

1.  The latest issue of Oxygen Magazine had featured a recipe for Pumpkin Cherry Protein Bars that I thought sounded interesting.  I gave it try, and love them!  It’s easy prep for a whole weeks worth of bars for pre/post workout snacks or even a quick breakfast to go.

2.  Fajita seasoned veggies and roasted veggies  – I’m trying to get all my veggie servings in every day, however, it’s really difficult when the veggies aren’t already cut and cooked.  Prepping two different types insures that I have no excuse for eating every single pepper, squash or sweet potato I’ve got in my fridge.  The fajita seasoned will go great chopped up in an omelet for breakfast, wrapped up in a tortilla for lunch, or served as a side with black bean burgers for dinner.  I’ll use the roasted veggies as sides for my lunches and dinners with the pork tenderloin or chicken I have planned for this week.  I’ll even eat them for a quick snack at work!

3.  Since I’m on my own for dinner on Tuesday and Thursdays (hubby and son at baseball practice), the broiled white fish will be great for fish tacos with the fajita seasoned veggies, or by itself with the roasted veggies.  I can even flake it and put it in my eggs in the morning for a seafood omelet.

4.  Kale chips – WHY HAVE I NEVER MADE THESE BEFORE TODAY?????  OMG, these things are so delicious and addicting.  Even my husband (who sometimes questions my “clean” eats) absolutely loves these.  Neither one of us could keep our hands out of the container while we were making dinner.  I’ll be making more kale chips Wednesday for sure.  What a great way to sneak in more veggies!

5.  I make Texmati wild rice blend (a blend of brown and red rices with barley) weekly.  I LOVE it in the morning with scrambled egg whites!  I’ll also eat it at lunch with my fajita seasoned veggies, and at dinner as a side.

foodprepkelly Sunday Food Prep Inspiration 3

Diana from Veggie Next Door :

For breakfasts, I made a double-batch of Oh She Glows’ Bananas Foster Baked Oatmeal with a bag of frozen blueberries mixed in.  For lunches, I added 2 cans of chickpeas and plenty of chopped celery to a batch of Daily Garnish’s Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Miso Sauce.  I individually portioned them so that my fiance and I can just grab a container of each as we head out the door in the morning.  Plus I chopped some celery and have some carrots and clementines on hand for some easy grab & go snacks!

foodprepdiana Sunday Food Prep Inspiration 3


How awesome are all those ladies?!! Be sure to check out some of those blogs!

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