Fitness Friday 40

Hi Friends!

Time for another Fitness Friday!

fitnessfriday1 Fitness Friday 40

It’s been an exciting couple weeks of workouts! First of all, I just have to tell you guys this: I did my first legitimate handstand!!! I’ve been working on them forever and when I first started crossfit I wasn’t even close to being able to do one. But this past week, I did! So proud of myself. My goal for 2013 is to do a handstand pushup! I’ve got a long way to go…but at least i’m making progress! Before you know it i’ll be doing this:

ac Fitness Friday 40

Ok so it may be a while….but still icon smile Fitness Friday 40

Second exciting thing to share with you guys:

This past weekend, our gym had a little crossfit competition and guess what?! I got 3rd place! Here’s how it worked- there were 5 rounds. People were cut after round 2 and round 4 and then the remaining people did round 5. We got about 10 minutes rest between each round…and let me tell was brutal. Here’s what each round consisted of:

Round 1: 3 minutes of burpees
Yep…just as bad as it sounds. I did 43. I tried to just set a pace so i could do them continuously for 3 minutes without stopping. One guy did 69. WHAT?! Ridiculous.

Round 2: 10 air squats + 15 situps. 5 rounds for time.
It took me 3 minutes and 10 seconds. We had to squat down and touch our butts to one of the balls we use for wall balls and for situps you had to touch your hands behind your head and then sit all the way up and touch your toes.

There were 12 of us….so after round 2, four people were cut. The remaining 8 moved on.

Round 3: 15 kettlebell swings + 15 hand release pushups. 3 rounds for time. 
This one was brutal. It took me 4:04. Girls used the 35# kb which is heavier than i’m used to so that was tough for me.

Round 4: 30 deadlifts + 30 boxjumps
OMG this was killer. I did it in 2:13 which i was pretty darn proud of…but let me tell you, that first box jump after doing those deadlifts…I almost collapsed. My hamstrings did NOT want to help me jump. Girls did 85# deadlifts and 20 inch box jumps.

They cut 3 more people and then 5 of us went to the final round.

Round 5: 30 clean and jerks (girls did 65 pounds/guys did 95 pounds)
Prior to this, I hadn’t done a clean and jerk since high school. AND i’m still working on my upper body strength so while i could clean 65 pounds fairly easily, pushing it from a clean to over my head was RIDICULOUSLY hard. I almost gave up on this round, i must say. If I hadn’t had one of the trainers and one of the other competitors that had already been eliminated right next to me cheering me on, I wouldn’t have finished.

But I did! And that’s why I love crossfit. The community icon smile Fitness Friday 40 I ended up getting 3rd place and got a t shirt and a $25 gift card. Hubby got 4th place and he was sick! So proud of him!

IMG 0743 Fitness Friday 40

So, what I haven’t mentioned yet is that prior to this competition on Sunday, we had also worked out Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Thursday we actually tried out a new crossfit box. Our favorite trainer left the box we are at now and we thought about following him…This is the workout we did when we tried out the new box:

photo 7 Fitness Friday 40

The skill we worked on prior to this workout was ring dips which, let me tell you, are not my forte…remember how i said i was working on that upper body strength?! yeah…you definitely need that to do ring dips…so I just worked on negatives…Basically holding yourself up and then lowering down to the ground slowly. Also…I can’t do clapping pushups- let’s be serious icon smile Fitness Friday 40 I just did hand release.

So, this other box is a LOT bigger than the one we workout at currently and a lot of the people are much more serious into the competing side of crossfit. While we thought it would be good to challenge ourselves, we really love the people at our current box so we’re going to stay. PLUS they just hired a new trainer at our current box…and she’s pretty much a badass. Seriously. She finished in the top 25 at the Crossfit Games last year. SO excited to train with her!

The next day we went back to our box and did this workout:

IMG 0713 Fitness Friday 40

This is not my idea of a fun workout to begin with. But since I had just done ring dips the day before, doing pullups and working on ring rows was even more painful. I can’t do pullups…so I worked on negatives for those as well, which basically involves jumping up and then lowering yourself down slowly (4 seconds) and then repeating. Super hard for me but i’m getting stronger!

Sooooo that was Thursday and Friday…then we woke up Saturday and went in for the group workout. At our box the saturday morning workout is really big. It’s fun to see a lot of the people that all workout at different times during the week. Here’s what we did:

IMG 0719 Fitness Friday 40

We got into groups of 3 and did a tabata style workout. So for Round 1, one person in my group did deadlifts, one did pushups and one did box jumps…and then we rotated through so we each did the three exercises 2 times, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest. Then each group rotated and moved on to the next set of 3 exercised. We kept track of our total reps for each set of three and then added them together with our two teammates to keep track of scores between groups.

And then Sunday we had the competition. Then we took two much needed rest days icon smile Fitness Friday 40

On Wednesday I headed back for another workout. Hubby was sick so he stayed home to rest. I told him he made a good choice because it was brutal:

IMG 0817 Fitness Friday 40

First we worked on lunges. Then we got to the actual workout. Five rounds for time- burpees, squats, ground to overheads, situps and a down and back run. All while holding a 25 pound weight! I finished in 12:54. For those of you that don’t know, ground to overheads are where you hold a weight, touch one end to the ground and then lift it over your head, and then repeat!

Thursday I headed back for another workout:

photo 336 Fitness Friday 40

Holy hell you guys, I almost died. First of all, the skill was pullups. So hard for me…but I can actually do the kipping motion and I’m getting way better at pullups!! So exciting. Then the workout. I did 9 rounds plus 15 (the pullups and wall balls of the 10th round). I did jumping pullups for the workout but…just in case you don’t feel like doing the math- that’s 135 kettlebell swings with the 35 pound kb. ROUGH.

Here are some other random crossfit workouts that I’ve come across over the past few weeks and plan to try:

crossfit Fitness Friday 40

I should also mention that i’ve been rocking my Avia Maximus shoes for pretty much all my crossfit workouts and I love them. They’re so light and they have a low profile so my heels stay close to the ground! Perfect for cross-training and all non-running activities!

A1626WBLV Fitness Friday 40

Avia was one of our Elf4Health sponsors so all the winners get a pair. Hopefully they will love them as well icon smile Fitness Friday 40

And finally, I just have to show you guys one of my new pairs of workout pants! They’re Reebok and I’m pretty much in love with them. They’re perfect for crossfit, they weren’t that expensive and they are NOT see-thru when I squat which is hugely important!
And the best part?! They’re size medium…which I haven’t bought in literally 15 years! Proof that hard work pays off!

IMG 0815 Fitness Friday 40

Wheeee!!!! Happy Friday!