Weekly Eats 8

Hi Friends!

I hope your New Years celebration was wonderful! We had a low-key evening. We went to a wedding for one of our friend’s from college. It didn’t start until 7pm so we went for a while but wanted to be home early- hubby has a cold and we’re getting old icon smile Weekly Eats 8 We spent a few hours at the wedding and then came home to drink tea and watch the ball drop by the fire! It was wonderful.

IMG 0776 Weekly Eats 8

Then we cooked up a fancy dinner to eat at home last night for New Year’s Day!

photo 335 Weekly Eats 8

It was delicious! We had mini crab cakes for an appetizer, a delicious salad and then hubby made scallops for me and ahi tuna for him. (He’s the best at making scallops for me!! Love him!) We also had green beans, sweet potato with goat cheese and some black eyed peas for good luck! It was a feast!

So, what else have I been eating?

weeklyeats1 Weekly Eats 8

1. Our neighbor made us candied pecans- YUM!
2. I made more curried sweet potato soup and added some black beans
3. Carrots & hummus and some pesto & goat cheese stuffed mushrooms
4. Morningstar black bean burgers & homemade sweet potato chips

weeklyeats2 Weekly Eats 8

1. Tuna Quinoa Cakes on salad
2. Hubby made one of his best salads ever: Lettuce, quinoa, black beans, shrimp, cottage cheese, pomegranate arils & pecans
3. Taco salad w/ quinoa and black beans, tomato, red pepper, avocado, onion and cheese
4. PB toast, hb egg and a clementine for a light lunch

weeklyeats3 Weekly Eats 8

1. Hubby caught the cold my dad had at xmas so we’ve been drinking a LOT of hot lemon ginger water
2. Open faced egg sandwich, Frozen Greek Yogurt Trailmix Bar and a clementine
3. French toast with berries
4. Eggs and toast with a pear and blackberries


I’ve also been snacking on A LOT of these:

IMG 0777 Weekly Eats 8

Frozen Yogurt Trailmix Bars were posted yesterday in case you missed it!


I’ve also been enjoying the newest product from Love Grown Foods!

IMG 0703 Weekly Eats 8

There are 4 different flavors and they’re packed with protein and fiber. They also have NO SODIUM which is a huge plus for me! I enjoyed the peach almond vanilla for breakfast one morning.

IMG 0699 Weekly Eats 8

This product was just revealed last week. They will be in the following retailers as of January/February:

-Raley’s (Northern CA)
-Whole Foods – Southern CA
-Whole Foods – Rocky Mountain Region
-Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage
-King Soopers/City Market (Colorado)
-Sobeys (Canada)

But have no fear if none of those stores are near you! They’ll also be available on AMAZON.COM this week! So you can order them from anywhere!


And finally, the last thing I’m working on:

IMG 0675 Weekly Eats 8

That, my friends, is Greek Yogurt Bread. It’s delicious, but I haven’t quite perfected the recipe yet so stay tuned! I’ll share it as soon as I do icon smile Weekly Eats 8


That’s all I’ve got in the food department…but just as a reminder, you still have a couple more days to enter my giveaway to win these beautiful Oakley Sunglasses!

IMG 0756 Weekly Eats 8

And also remember that you only have 2 more days to sign up for Foodie Penpals if you’d like to participate in January. CLICK HERE to fill out the form. Remember that you have to sign up EACH MONTH if you want to participate.