Fitness Friday 39

Hi friends!

We’re gonna keep this short and sweet. I’m tired. We’ve been to crossfit five times this week and it’s kicking my ass…in a good way. Also, everyone please keep your fingers crossed that my parents are able to make it into town today! Of course we’ve literally had no winter weather yet this winter until the day they’re supposed to come into town. Anyways…if all goes well, they’ll be here (along with my sister!) for the weekend.

Before we get to workouts, I just have to show you my new tank top! I came across the Living Proof Fit Gear etsy store a couple months ago and finally got around to ordering myself a tank!

IMG 0393 Fitness Friday 39

Isn’t it awesome?! I’ve already got my eye on this Love Hard, Lift Heavy one for my next purchase! Plus Miranda (the owner) is just the sweetest! I love supporting small businesses! Check out the Living Proof Fit Gear etsy store or her Facebook page to see more cute tanks! And if you’re looking for the one I got, she said the purple ones will be back in stock in about 2 weeks.

(*Sidenote- I bought this tank with my own money. I’m not getting paid to review it. I’m just sharing it with you because I love it!)

Ok…workouts. The past two weeks have been mostly Crossfit…with a few random workouts and dog walks thrown in here and there:

IMG 0109 Fitness Friday 39

This is technically called Satan’s six….
Our coach changed it- as if that would make it suck less.
It didn’t.
This workout still sucked.

IMG 0174 Fitness Friday 39

This is one of my favorite workouts to do in the basement!
Here’s a prettier version in case you want to Pin It!

 Fitness Friday 39

Speaking of Pinterest…a few months ago, my pinterest account got hacked. It sucked. They went in and messed up a TON of links so pretty much everything I had pinned had URLs that no longer worked. I changed my password and stuff right when it happened, but never had time to fix everything else. Well, yesterday I sat down and did it. I had to delete a bunch of boards….but once I got everything cleaned up, I then spent several hours re-pinning things I had pinned previously and finding new things. So….I’m sorry if you follow me on Pinterest and got overloaded with my pins yesterday. I was making up for last time. If you don’t follow me, then you should probably start!

Anyways, back to workouts:

IMG 0205 Fitness Friday 39

I forced myself to skip the nap I wanted to take,
and take the dogs for a walk instead.
They needed it more.
We all enjoyed it.

IMG 0242 Fitness Friday 39

Client’s choice workout.
Our coach asked us what we wanted to do…
Then combined a bit of what everyone said.
Box jumps were my doing.
What can I say, I love them icon smile Fitness Friday 39 See, Lindsay?!

IMG 0430 Fitness Friday 39

Took the dogs on another walk.
They’re expressing opposite emotions about their walk being over.

IMG 0396 Fitness Friday 39

This was my lease favorite crossfit workout so far.
It was a partner workout & didn’t really get my heart rate up…
So I came home and did a circuit workout in the basement.
That’s me trying on my new tank right after I got it!

IMG 0436 Fitness Friday 39

This was my favorite crossfit workout so far!
Maybe because I was wearing my new tank???
Or because there were box jumps??
You got to choose between burpees and box jumps.
But really, who chooses burpees?
Only one girl did. She’s crazy.

IMG 0454 Fitness Friday 39

This workout also sucked.
But I liked it icon smile Fitness Friday 39

Ok, that’s all! What’s the best workout you’ve done lately?!