Fitness Friday 38

Hi Friends!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a proper Fitness Friday hasn’t it?!

fitnessfriday1 Fitness Friday 38

I thought I should pop in to tell you guys I haven’t totally fallen off the workout bandwagon over the past month! So what have I been doing??


crossfit e1354851323520 Fitness Friday 38

Hubby and I have been using our Groupons and we’ve been trying to go to crossfit on Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings when we can. We both really enjoy the workouts and love working out together!

Walking & Running

runwalk e1354851434970 Fitness Friday 38

I’ve still been running occasionally, plus taking the boys on some nice long walks. As the weather starts to get colder, I’m really missing my treadmill that broke a few months ago. Luckily, an Anytime Fitness is opening up 1/2 a mile from my house in January so we’ll be getting memberships there!

At Home Workouts

weights e1354851565693 Fitness Friday 38

When we can’t get to crossfit, Hubby and I have been doing some crossfit-type workouts in the basement. I’ve also been trying out some of the workout videos on GaiamTV and lifting weights! Plus I’ve been rocking my Sparkly Soul headband icon smile Fitness Friday 38

Making Up My Own

workout1 Fitness Friday 38

You guys know I love making up my own workouts…so I’ve been doing that occasionally as well! Above is one I did earlier this week. The idea is to hold the moves at the point of contraction, so you squat down and hold it for 10 seconds, then come up…and repeat. Then you press your dumbbells up, hold for 5 seconds when your arms are extended and then bring them back down. You get the idea. Give it a whirl!

workout3 Fitness Friday 38

This is the workout I did last night. My shoulders were so sore from crossfit so I wanted to focus on legs. I did 10 split squats each leg, 10 deadlifts each leg, then 10 scorpions each leg…then repeated that two more times before moving on to round 2. The elf4health challenge for yesterday was to do a new exercise in your workout. I picked scorpions even though I had done them once already, they’re still fairly new to me. Thanks to Tina for introducing me to them!

So there you have it!

Now, I’m sure all this talk of workouts has caused you to work up quite an appetite, right? Well you’re in luck! Remember when I posted this pic:

IMG 9723 Fitness Friday 38

 Those are healthier Peanut Blossoms. I created them for a free eCookbook from Anytime Health! To get the recipe, along with 8 other healthier holiday cookies, click the photo below!!

peanut Fitness Friday 38


PS. If the link above doesn’t work, click here to get the recipe.