Hi Friends!

It’s been a couple of weeks so I figured it was time to catch you guys up on what I’ve been eating lately! It is WIAW after all!


Let’s review shall we?

wiaw11 WIAW

1. Snack time. I can’t resist quaker oat squares when they’re on sale
2. Veggie chickpea soup, green beans & an apple w/pb
3. Thinly sliced apples tide me over while making dinner
We celebrated hubby’s bday a couple weeks ago!
4. I made shrimp, avocado & goat cheese stuffed mushrooms
5. The meal- stuffed mushrooms, halibut and roasted green beans
6. Roasted green beans w/ balsamic vinegar- YUM!
7-9. I made a cake. I used this Eating Well recipe.
Quite honestly, it wasn’t the best ever. But it looked good!

wiaw21 WIAW

1. Quinoa w/ spinach, apples & red onions, a yogurt mess & triscuits
2. Salmon, salad & fruit at my medical conference
3. Lentil Veggie curry with quinoa & naan
4. Oatmeal with berries and almonds at FNCE
5. Got to try one of the new Chobani flavors at FNCE
They’re coming out with banana, pear & fig in January!!
6. My fav banana crunch pancakes from First Watch
We went out to get these, but when we’re at home,
I make them myself using this recipe:
Whole Wheat Banana Crunch Pancakes
7. Mexican Quinoa Bites
8. Crockpot Egg & Veggie Casserole- Recipe soon!
9. Lentil Pot Pies!

wiaw31 WIAW

1. Mixed greens salad w/ veggies & black bean salsa plus fruit
2. Veggie pizza
3. Repeat of #1
4. Lots of coffee & emails
5. Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies
6. Spicy Salmon Cornmeal Cakes, plus asparagus & sweet potato fries
7.  Saturday night dessert- half a warm cake donut w/ vanilla ice cream
8. Crockpot lentil and veggie lasagna- recipe soon!
9. An apple a day icon smile WIAW


Now that you’re all caught up, you tell me:
What’s the best thing you’ve eaten lately?