Sponsor Shoutout #2

Hi Friends!

It’s time for me to give a little shoutout to some wonderful ladies who sponsored The Bean this month! They all have great blogs and you should definitely check them out!

First up:

Melissa from Treats with a Twist!

treatswith Sponsor Shoutout #2

She’s a baker by heart and loves putting a healthy spin on her favorite baked goods, but she also has all sorts of other amazing recipes on her blog! Check it out:

Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter Yogurt Dip

 Sponsor Shoutout #2

Uhhhh, yes please!

 Healthy Coconut Almond Granola

 Sponsor Shoutout #2

Vegan Peanut Butter Blondies

 Sponsor Shoutout #2

Want those!

Even gluten-free all purpose flour mix!

 Sponsor Shoutout #2

 So, head on over and check out her blog for those treats and more- with a twist!


Next up: Azia from Mama’s Got a Big Belly.

c 1024x401 Sponsor Shoutout #2

She’s a mom of two who is working hard to get healthy and be a great role model for her kids! On her blog she chronicles her weight loss journey and also share some fun recipes like:

No-bake granola bars

 Sponsor Shoutout #2

Protein bars 

 Sponsor Shoutout #2

and Apple Cinnamon Water!

 Sponsor Shoutout #2

Head on over to check out Azia’s blog if you have a minute!


And finally, Katie of From Ice Cream to Marathon!

icecream Sponsor Shoutout #2

Katie is running her first half marathon today! So proud of her!

 Sponsor Shoutout #2

She’s on a mission to lose 50 pounds and just recently reached the 25 pounds lost mark! She chronicles her running journey on her blog but also dabbles in cooking and making!

For example:

Chocolate drizzled strawberry and pound cake kabobs

 Sponsor Shoutout #2

Plus she went on a missions trip to the Honduras over the summer!

 Sponsor Shoutout #2

 So go leave Katie some half-marathon love!


Huge thanks to all of you ladies for being so supportive of my blog!

If you’re interested in sponsoring The Bean for October,
check out the SPONSOR page for more details!


Happy Saturday!