WIAW: Farmer’s Market Finds

Hi Friends!

Time for another WIAW post icon smile WIAW: Farmers Market Finds

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Lots to share with you this week so let’s dive right in!
What have I been eating lately?

wiaw1 WIAW: Farmers Market Finds

More packed lunches:

Leftover Salmon & Farro Salad w/ a yogurt bowl and popcorn
Tuna salad wrap with hard boiled eggs and carrot sticks
Lentil veggie spaghetti, red peppers and applesauce
Tuna salad with triscuits and pb & J

wiaw2 WIAW: Farmers Market Finds

LOTS of coffee!

Coffe with crockpot steelcut oats- recipe soon!
Coffee in my new thrift store mug
Coffee for hubby with a jalapeno cheddar bagel

wiaw3 WIAW: Farmers Market Finds

Snacks and breakfast!

My new fav spicy black bean dip
My favorite restaurant hummus
Healthy bites!!! CLICK HERE for more info about them
My fav flavors are mint choc chip and pb banana cinnamon
Baked apple cinnamon french toast for a weekend breakfast

  IMG 7941 WIAW: Farmers Market Finds

Blueberry banana fro-yo for dessert

IMG 8012 WIAW: Farmers Market Finds

We went to the farmer’s market on Saturday and loaded up!
I got tomatoes, beans, potatoes and a baguette.
I used the baguette in my overnight baked french toast!

Then we went to another market and stocked up on
Honeycrisp apples- my all-time fav – and lots of bell peppers!
I turned some of the apples into crockpot applesauce.

But the best farmer’s market find was mini bell peppers!
I used them to make a yummy appetizer:

IMG 8015 WIAW: Farmers Market Finds

So simple, yet so delicious.
I mixed together goat cheese and pesto,
then stuffed it into mushrooms and mini peppers.
I baked them for 12 min at 400 degrees
And then we devoured them!

Mini peppers are my new favorite thing.


Also, my post about National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month is live!
CLICK HERE to go check it out & spread the word!


So there you go! I think you’re all caught up!