WIAW: School Lunches

Hi Friends!

Time for another edition of WIAW!

WIAWbutton WIAW: School Lunches
As you guys know, last week I started orientation for my internship. That means I had to start packing my lunch again! Ugh. I’ve been spoiled for the past few months and was able to eat at home so it’s definitely taken a few days to re-adjust to packing up everything I want to eat for the day. But I’m getting back in the groove! Here are some of the things I’ve packed for lunch the past few days!

IMG 7509 WIAW: School Lunches

A giant burrito salad

IMG 7526 WIAW: School Lunches

Leftover Lentil Veggie Curry

IMG 75272 WIAW: School Lunches

Yogurt Bowls

IMG 75771 WIAW: School Lunches

Chips & Salsa
Yogurt Bowl
Hummus & Carrots

IMG 7608 WIAW: School Lunches

Beans & Rice w/ leftover salsa
Yogurt Bowl
Red Pepper strips

Please remember the above pictures don’t necessarily
represent everything I packed!

So, besides lunch, what else have I been eating?

wiaw WIAW: School Lunches

Sweet Potato Chips
BBQ Shrimp Tacos
Scrambled Eggs w/ tomatoes & avocado
Lentil Veggie Curry
Homemade Trailmix
PB toast w/ fruit
Loaded Sweet Potato

wiaw2 WIAW: School Lunches

 Lots and lots of coffee
Sweet Potato Puffs
Peach Ice Cream from Graeter’s

wiaw3 WIAW: School Lunches

We had all of my fellow interns over on Sunday!
I made:
Pretzel bites
Veggie Rollups
Spicy Feta Dip
Sweet Potato & Red Pepper Hummus
Corn & Black Bean Salsa

Plus everyone else brought something,
so we definitely had lots of good eats!

And finally…this was dinner Saturday night:

IMG 7566 WIAW: School Lunches

 Cereal & Beer.
It happens icon smile WIAW: School Lunches

What’s the best thing you ate this week?