Roasted Cherry Goat Cheese

Hi Friends!

I have a busy day ahead of me today, trying to make some progress on a nutrition presentation I have to give next week during my internship orientation, but I wanted to pop in a share a super simple appetizer idea with you guys! I actually made this before the Survive on 35 Challenge and forgot to share it!

So here’s what you need:

Goat Cheese

That’s it.

Think you can handle that?

cherry1 Roasted Cherry Goat Cheese

Here are your directions:
1. Pit the cherries (I used Rainier)
2. Throw them in a pan and roast at 400 degrees
3. Stir occasionally until soft and roasted
(mine took 30 min but I had something else in the oven)
4. Get out your little food processor
5. Add about 3 Tbsp roasted cherries per 1 oz goat cheese
6. Pulse until well combined

Play with the ratio to get a flavor you like.
Spread on toasted slices of bread for an easy appetizer.
It’s not the prettiest, but I promise it tastes good. 

If you wanna get fancy, top each slice with half a fresh cherry icon smile Roasted Cherry Goat Cheese

IMG 6870 Roasted Cherry Goat Cheese

I had some leftover roasted cherries so I played around a little more and whipped up a basic balsamic vinegar dressing. Then I added a couple tablespoons of roasted cherries and processed until smooth. Delicious!

IMG 6831 Roasted Cherry Goat Cheese

Would you believe me if I told you i’d never even purchased cherries until a couple of weeks ago? Hubby and I saw them in the grocery store and determined that neither of us really had any idea if we liked fresh cherries! So we bought some.

Verdict is…we think they’re just ok when they’re fresh! Roasted, however, is a different story! Go ahead, call us crazy if you want to icon smile Roasted Cherry Goat Cheese

What’s your favorite way to eat cherries?