WIAW: Catching Up

Hi Friends!

Today’s the official kickoff of the #surviveon35 challenge!

sm graphic final WIAW: Catching Up

There was an interview posted on the Fitfluential blog yesterday that you guys should definitely check out with the CEO of Anytime Fitness. CLICK HERE to read it! It gives some more background about the challenge and also talks about his recent experience completing the challenge!

After lots of planning, I went grocery shopping yesterday. Here’s what I came home with:

 WIAW: Catching Up

I spent $56.87. My plan was to spend about $60 and have $10 leftover if I wanted to buy a few things over the weekend to make the last few meals. Looks like I’m off to a good start!

Be sure to come back tomorrow! I’m gonna show you guys my meal-planning strategy, talk about how I compared prices and then had to adjust my menu, and discuss my shopping trip! I’ll also show you all of the prep work I did in the kitchen last night to make it easy to throw meals together during the week!


Today, however, it’s WIAW.

WIAWbutton WIAW: Catching Up
It’s been ages since I did one of these so I have lots to catch you guys up on! I’ve been eating lots of tasty stuff that hasn’t made it onto the blog!


wiaw11 WIAW: Catching Up

1. Snackfest with Marcus after we got back from Hawaii.
2. Egg sandwich
3. A lovely weekend breakfast
4. Greek lunch out with hubby best friend and his girl
Greek salad, spicy shrimp pita and Jeni’s icecream
5. Yogurt mess with peaches
6. We went shopping for gravel and came home with peaches & wine
7. Whole wheat pancakes
8. Lunch
9. Falafel wrap

wiaw21 WIAW: Catching Up

1. Hummus party on 4th of July
2. 4th of July eats
Veggie burger, mac & cheese, salad & corn
3. Grilled corn = the shizzle
4. Lunch (clearly I adore pb toast & fruit)
5. Black Bean Guacamole 
6. Green monster with a hummus plate
7. Yogurt mess
8. Tuna melt
9. Frozen yogurt bites with choc chips, not chocolate dipped

wiaw3 WIAW: Catching Up

1. Foil packet bbq salmon with lentils & sweet potatoes
2. Whole Wheat Zucchini Banana Bread
3. PB and pear butter toast, frozen yogurt bites, fruit & veggies
4. Fish Tacos
5. Hummus plate weekend lunch
6. Fish Tacos and Sweet & Spicy Cucumber Salad
7. Loaded sweet potato
8. Lentil & Veggie Curry 
9. Sweet & Spicy Shrimp w/ Soba Noodles

wiaw51 WIAW: Catching Up

 1. Combined Amy’s low-sodium lentil veggie soup with brown rice.
Added spices and avocado to give it my own twist!
2. Homemade hummus
3. Applesauce, yogurt bites, pb & pear butter
4. Leftover curry for lunch
5. Pb and banana toast with chia seeds
6. Veggie kabobs
7. Hummus & roasted veggie sandwich with goat cheese
8. Summer
9. Popcorn!

wiaw61 WIAW: Catching Up

 1.  & 4. Fun snack. Slice banana. Spread pb between 2 slices.
Freeze and enjoy.
2. AMAZING cookies my Foodie Penpal sent me.
3. Best sandwich ever.
Homemade hummus
Grilled veggies with balsamic vinegar
Goat cheese
Farmer’s market tomato
Grilled Farmer’s market focaccia


Whew! So now we’re all caught up I think!
See you tomorrow icon smile WIAW: Catching Up