Sweet Potato Falafel Rings

Hi Friends!

Just popping in to share my new favorite summer salad topper! Remember back in February when I posted a recipe for Sweet Potato Falafel? (CLICK HERE to check it out!) Well, last night I whipped up another batch, with a few minor changes. I was out of pepitas, so I mixed an ounce or two of goat cheese into the batter…and instead of just baking them free-form, I sliced up a couple red peppers into rings and pressed the batter into the pepper rings!

Photo1 5 Sweet Potato Falafel Rings


To get the recipe from my original post, click here. The first time I made these I mentioned they were a tad dry. Adding the goat cheese this time was an awesome fix for that!

Since summer = salad in my book, I used the falafel rings to top our spinach, goat cheese and raspberry salads!

DSC 0240 Sweet Potato Falafel Rings


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